SM64 Bloopers: The Hangover
SM64 bloopers The Hangover

SM64 bloopers The Hangover

Season 5, Episode 21
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date July 6th, 2015
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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SM64 Bloopers: The Hangover, or just The Hangover, is the 233rd video released by SuperMarioGlitchy4.


After waking up, SMG4 notices many weird shenanigans going on around Peach's Castle, and he doesn't remember anything from the previous hours. He must try to figure out how they were caused through his memories.


SMG4 awakens to a sore neck and chaos. He finds Toadsworth is blue and flying in Bowser's Clown Car, Mario is naked, and Po is professing her love for him while shooting him. Bowser is dressed as a princess and bound to the celling, more Teletubbies and Hagrid are running amok, Steve is playing video games with a demon, Luigi is trapped in a Yoshi egg, a Gourmet Guy is running around demanding food, and in the foyer an apparently dead Peach has been precariously stuffed into a cannon. Outside, Yoshi is using his tongue as helicopter blades and flying around. SMG4 runs to Mario's aid as events from the last few hours start to come back to him.

He first remembers blue Toadsworth flying around in the Clown Car with a still-naked Mario as his prisoner. Soon, Mario is given some Pingas chips by Po, and complains his hate about them. SMG4 matches up the words from his phrase, and this leads to him remembering Toadsworth, perhaps unintentionally, shot Mario at SMG4 while the Teletubby was trying to rescue the former, explaining his unconsciousness and neck pain. Mario, still trying to escape from the Teletubby, falls through a hole in the floor, SMG4 then notices a rocket ship lodged in the ceiling, and remembers that he and Po climbed on to the rocket in the basement and shot up through the castle and finding Toadsworth. SMG4 and Po jump through the hole, and after crushing Mario (twice) find Hagrid is there. Po's continued advances on Mario causes SMG4 to remember that after scolding Mario for being fat, they met Po and she started falling for Mario's butt, but Toadsworth came barreling down into the cellar and kidnapped Mario, causing the Tubby and SMG4 to board the rocket.

Around the corner, they find a partially flattened Toad, who causes SMG4 to remember that he and Mario crawled into the castle vents to escape from something, and Mario's sheer weight caused the vents to collapse, where he then landed on Toad. They backtrack through the vents and come out in the mirror room, where the trio finds the wizard rock. SMG4 remembers that immediately after Bowser is tied to the ceiling, Mario inadvertently summoned Rocks to help take care of the situation. Instead of helping, Mario ends up throwing Rocks at a wall, where he opens a portal, where the Teletubbies, Steve, Hagrid, and the demon emerge, causing Mario and SMG4 to panic.

Coming back to reality, SMG4 tries to coerce Rocks into helping them, but Rocks says he needs money in return. This reminds SMG4 that, in their panic, Mario and SMG4 ran into the mirror room with Rocks. Mario demands Rocks fix what he did, but Rocks again asks for money. Annoyed, and scared, after hearing the demon looking for the summoner Mario undresses himself and disguises Steve, and presents him to the demon as the summoner, as he and SMG4 escape through the vents. The two leave the room before SMG4 remembers why Bowser is tied up; as SMG4 and Mario were running from the Gourmet Guy for some reason, they used an unconscious Bowser (for some reason) as bait and the Gourmet Guy was distracted.

The trio visits the kitchen, where they find Chica. Upon finding the animatronic, SMG4 remembers that they lead a hungry Shy Guy into the kitchen while they were trying to get food for some Toad, and he ate everything, turning into a Gourmet Guy, and after facing off against Chica, turned violent and started chasing SMG4 and Mario. They come back to the foyer to try to find out where the Shy Guy came from in the first place. As Mario approaches the cannon Peach is stuffed in to, a pipe shoots out of the end, and SMG4 remembers that, after finding Peach unconscious and cornering Toadsworth in the clown car, the latter presses a button that drops a nuke cannon. Panicking, Mario stuffed Peach into the cannon to stop it from firing, and the nozzle was shot outwards for backup help, revealing the Shy Guy. As he was trapped for days, the Shy Guy says that he's starving and asks for food, his request backed by Toadsworth, explaining why the duo went to the kitchen in the first place.

The tubby fixes the cannon and Peach is launched out and tumbles down the stairs. SMG4 remembers that the reason Peach was unconscious in the first place was thanks to the Luigi egg, which scared her and she tumbled down the spiral staircase from jumping. The trio corner the egg, who tells them that a "Yoshi helicopter" trapped him in the egg. The tubby calls bs and tries to shoot the egg with his shotgun, when SMG4 starts to remember stuff again.

As blue Toadsworth was proving more and more difficult to handle, Mario called Luigi and asked him to bring Yoshi to the castle. As Toadsworth's rapid movements proved too much for Yoshi to handle, Mario fed the latter a Golden Mushroom, which made it freak out, instead turning on Luigi and trapping him in the egg. Yoshi's tongue then began to spasm, causing it to flap around like helicopter blades. Yoshi barreled through the castle until making it outside, where he caused Bowser to crash into the castle as he was flying his clown car. With Bowser unconscious and the car unattended, Toadsworth stole the flying machine and continued to terrorize the castle. With everything figured out, SMG4 says this must have all begun with Toadsworth, and tries to remember what caused him to go on a rampage. Mario asks him to quiet down because he's trying to eat his spaghetti, in which this word causes SMG4 to remember that Mario brought drugged spaghetti that Toadsworth got high off of, and everything comes into place.

Mario's drugged blue spaghetti caused Toadsworth to get high and turn blue himself. SMG4 and Mario tried their best to capture Toadsworth but when they found they couldn't, Mario made Luigi bring Yoshi to the castle. After Yoshi failed, Mario drugged him, causing him to use his tongue as propeller blades and trap Luigi in the egg and causing Bowser to crash losing consciousness, with Toadsworth stealing the clown car Bowser crashed the castle with and starting to push buttons. As the Luigi egg in a panic caused Peach to fall down the stairs and lose consciousness as well, Mario and SMG4 ran down to protect Peach, but when Toadsworth spawned a nuke cannon, Peach was stuffed into it to prevent it from firing. The backup cannon instead shot out the Shy Guy, who, upon Toadsworth's request, was brought to the kitchen to find food. Upon eating all the food and turning into the fat Gourmet Guy, the fact there was no more food to gorge on made him violent, and he chased Mario and SMG4. Using Bowser as bait, the Gourmet Guy is distracted as Bowser comes to, but Mario uses Rocks to inadvertently open a portal which brought the tubbies, Steve, and the demon into the castle. Scared, Mario got naked and put Steve in his clothes and used him as bait as well, while he and SMG4 escaped through the vents. Mario's weight tore him from the ventilation shafts and flattened Toad, where Po noticed Mario's butt and started chasing after him. Toadsworth arrived in the clown car and kidnapped Mario, causing Po and SMG4 to give chase with the rocket. Toadsworth then shot SMG4 with Mario, knocking him out, hurting his neck and causing him to forget what happened.

With everything figured out, Mario tries to vouch for the spaghetti that started it all and force feeds it to SMG4. SMG4 blacks out again, and wakes up to find he's strip tease for the Teletubbies.



  • With 13 minutes and 37 seconds of length, this is currently SMG4's longest video since "My Best Friend Slenderman" from September 2012. However, to this date, his longest blooper since his debut on YouTube is still "The Babysitters" from March 2012, with 15 minutes and 7 seconds of length.
  • This is the first SMG4's blooper that featured a new outro, which was similar to the previous one in appearance, except in post-June 2014 style.
  • This blooper heavily references the The Hangover film trilogy.




(SMG4 intro)

Mario: Yknits, yeh! ("Hey, stinky!" backwards)

(The intro cuts to a one-frame shot of Smexy Town, then becomes black. The screen blurs to form a shot of SuperMarioGlitchy4 waking up.)

SMG4: oh...wa...what neck hurt...really badly... and...why the heck is there a hole in the floor?

(Toadsworth riding on a Koopa Clown Car with his face blue appears.)

Toadsworth: Hellooooo!

SMG4: (voice dialogue) JESUS! (text dialogue) TOADSWORTH! WHY......are you a smurf?

Toadsworth: (acting crazy)

SMG4: no wait! come back! can you explain-! ah screw it.

SMG4: hello?...anybody? help me? wait...mario?

(Cut to Po and Mario naked.)

Po: I'm sorry my love.

(Mario starts saying inaudible words, which causes Po to shoot him.)

SMG4: uhh...well it can't get any weirder than this at least.

(Cut to Bowser in a fairy costume.)

Bowser: I am pretty princess!


Bowser: Pretty little princess is here to KILL YOU!


SMG4: ok...umm well there's that...

(Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa are running and laughing.)

SMG4: hey you! wait! stop!!!

(Hagrid appears.)

Hagrid: Harry, you are a wizard!

SMG4: what!? no! go away!

(Luigi appears screaming in the form of a Yoshi egg.)

SMG4: wha- luigi? that you?

Luigi: (shivers) Help me!

SMG4: Don't worry Luigi! I'll get you out!

Shy Guy: OH MEH GED FOOD!!!!


(A Gourmet Guy crashes into Luigi. SMG4 evades him.)

Luigi: WAH!!

(Cut to SMG4 in the background and Steve in the foreground. Steve is wearing Mario's clothes.)

SMG4: huh- steve!?

(Cut to Steve playing the Nintendo 64 against a demon. The demon is having a yellow controller while Steve has a grey one.)

Demon: come on! you think you can beat a demon god like me!?

(Cut to a TV, which shows they are playing Super Smash Bros. Steve is playing as Mario and the demon is Kirby. Kirby is defeated, initiating Game Set. Cut back to Steve and the demon.)

Demon: GRRRRRRRRR (voice dialogue, throws off his N64 controller) DAMN IT! YOU MUST DIE!

(Cut to Steve being levitated.)


(Cut back to SMG4.)


(The camera changes angles and Steve is shown flying from the right side of the screen with SMG4 below him.)

Steve: YEAAAAAH!! (crashes into glass offscreen, presumably a window)

(Cut to the upper floor of the foyer. SMG4 is running from the door, while Toadsworth is flying past him laughing.)

SMG4: wow! jeez!! :O oh no peach!!!

(Cut to the lower floor of the foyer, where Peach has been stuffed into a cannon. SMG4 goes to the cannon.)

SMG4: what have they done to you!!! you became a plug! D:

(Cut to outside the castle.)

SMG4: man, what the heck happened in there? i don't even...

SMG4: god!... please give me answers!...

More to come.