SM64 bloopers Casino, Cards and Chaos

SM64 bloopers Casino, Cards and Chaos

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The Transcript for SM64 Bloopers: Casino, Cards and Chaos.


(SMG4 intro. Mario says "Lucky!" this time. Cut to Mario's house, then to its interior. Luigi calls for Mario. Cut to a surprised Mario using an HP laptop.)

Mario: Luigi! come check this out!

(Luigi looks in the laptop. It turns out to be an eBay page about a spaghetti machine which costs 9,999,999,999 coins. Cut to Luigi, who is putting on a depressed face. Cut to Mario with sparkling eyes.)

Mario: can i have it?

(Cut to Luigi, still depressed.)

Luigi: No.

(Mario thinks it's a yes, this leading to the main plot of the blooper.)

Mario: Okey-dokey! Here we go!

Luigi: Wah! Mario!!!

(Cut to the laptop screen. "Sold!" appears over the page. Cut to the outside of Mario's house. Parakarry appears from the top side of the screen.)

Parakarry: MAIL MOTHAF**KER! You got mail!

More to come