SM64 Bloopers: Casino, Cards and Chaos
SM64 bloopers Casino, Cards and Chaos

SM64 bloopers Casino, Cards and Chaos

Season 5, Episode 23
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date July 19th, 2015
Idea by Thecaptain64000
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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SM64 Bloopers: Casino, Cards and Chaos, more often simply called Casino, Cards and Chaos, is the 236th video released by SuperMarioGlitchy4.

Synopsis Edit

Mario buys a Spaghetti Machine, but he has to pay 9,999,999,999 coins for that or else he will be dinner, so he decides to go to Casino with Luigi to win the coins.

Plot Edit

Mario searches something on eBay and calls Luigi. He shows him a spaghetti machine, which costs 9999999999 coins. Luigi doesn't want him to buy it, but Mario buys it thinking he accepts. Then Parakarry arrives next to their house with the machine. Mario approaches it, but a Bully responsible for creating this machine appears, saying that they must pay him money. At first, Mario gives him Luigi, but the Bully says they must pay him money and they have only until evening or else he along with his friends will kill Mario. After the Bully leaves, Luigi gets the idea to dance for coins, however Mario declines that idea and thinks of something else.

Mario and Luigi are shown arriving at a casino, while several people react to Mario's swag. Later, Mario is riding on a roulette wheel, much to the shock of a dealer and much to the disappointment of an Old Man. Mario then notices many slot machines, and decides to give it a shot. He doesn't make it the first time, instead receiving some toast (in which Shy Guy takes it from). He then gets 3 Mario faces, which results in the machine spawning an Ugly Mario, who proceeds to rape Princess Daisy. Mario tries one more time, and ends up getting 2 Lucky Sevens and a Dr. Robotnik face. This causes Dr. Eggman to appear flattening him while dancing to a rickroll.

Mario is then shown at a table with the Dealer, Toad and Steve. The three put down their trading cards (though Steve just puts down some spaghetti), and the Dealer claims Toad wins the bet, the latter deciding to bet the spaghetti. Mario gets shocked over this, forgetting the reason he went to the casino in the first place. He uses an ATM to get all the money from Princess Peach's bank account and gets back to the table. However Toad wins the bet again. Mario then goes back to Luigi, and tells him that he "lost all his money and the Mushroom Kingdom's budget to Toad"; Luigi gets surprised and tells Mario that he has a curse, a curse which makes him win any kind of casino game. Mario interrupts Luigi and tells him "if [they] doesn't want [their] butts on a plate tonight then do [Luigi's] magic". The two proceed to keep winning at the casino.

Later, Luigi is shown at another table, rolling a dice on it. The Dealer says it's a Lucky Seven again and that Luigi wins, again. King Bob-omb and a Whomp are jealous and confused saying it's the 20th time Luigi won. When Luigi decides to go get a drink, King Bob-omb tells the bartender to drug him. When Luigi gets drunk from the drink, Mario approaches him and tries to get him to the table again. Luigi imagines Mario as having a giant head and faints. Mario is surprised and tries to think of something.

Later, Mario is shown knocking out the Dealer. By the time he gets back, he has the Dealer's overalls. He announced to the players that they would be doing a card battle. But King Bob-Omb was not enjoying this because he summoned a monster crab as his enemy, was completely terrified at the way the cards looked and because Luigi won even though he didn't join in but was part of the game. The king told the Whomp to get Mario. Mario knocked him out by using the casino machine where the Whomp got knocked on the floor by the Shy Guy who wanted the toast and the second time the casino machine worked, Eggman fell on him and destroyed him. As for the king, Mario tricked him by putting the fake, ugly Mario there. Then, Mario got the king's attention by giving Luigi a 1-Up, so Luigi could attack the casino machine wildly and get so many coins that the king got knocked out by that. Mario and Luigi took the casino machine ride all the way to their house, where the Bully was waiting for them.

Mario brought out the bag of coins and the Bully left them. Luigi didn't know what happened during the past 9 minutes. Mario told him that they get to make free spaghetti, but when he presses a button, the spaghetti machine made a crackling sound and blew up. The blooper ends with Mario freaking out.

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Cultural referencesEdit

  • Every time Dr. Robotnik appears flattening someone, he is dancing to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up (or Rickroll).
  • The ugly-looking Mario character as seen in the blooper was originally a parody version of Mario from The Simpsons Game. However, he speaks with a different voice in that game, whereas he has Mario Head's voice in this blooper.
  • This video has a reference to the meme Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing where Luigi always wins while doing nothing in Mario Party games.
  • When Luigi says something about his weird powers with great responsibility, this is a reference to the Marvel character Spider-Man, whose catchphrase is "With great power, comes great responsibility."


  • Unlike his previous appearances, King Bob-omb speaks with a normal Bob-omb's voice in this blooper.
  • When Luigi approaches the bartender, he asks for a glass of water. The glass he receives is coffee for some reason, and not water. However, this is most likely a trick to drug him, which succeeds when Luigi passes out shortly afterwards.



(2015 SMG4 intro)

SMG4: Ahahow!

Mario: Lucky!

(In the Mario Bros house, Luigi calls for Mario. A surprised Mario was using an HP laptop and looking for something)

Mario: Mama mia! Eek! Luigi! Come check this out!

(Luigi looks in the laptop. It turns out to be an eBay page about a spaghetti machine which costs 9,999,999,999 coins. Luigi was depressed. Mario's eyes were sparkling.)

Mario: Can i have it?

(Luigi was still depressed.)

Luigi: No.

(Mario thinks it's a yes, this leading to the main plot of the blooper.)

Mario: Okey-dokey! Here we go!

Luigi: Wah! Mario!!!

(On the laptop the word: "Sold!" appears over the page. Outside Mario's house, Parakarry appears from the top side of the screen.)

Parakarry: MAIL MOTHAF*CKER! You got mail!

Mario: Lucky! Yeah!!!

Luigi: Ohhhh...

(Parakarry poops out the spaghetti machine. Mario arrives at the machine.)

Mario: Yippie! Oh you so good!

(Mario starts humping the machine until a Bully appears.)

Mario: Aaah! Mama-mia!

Bully: HEY! I made this! And I haven't gotten paid yet!

Mario: Hmm.

(On the eBay spaghetti machine page, the camera zooms in on the price. Mario only has 24 coins)

Mario: Ooooooooohhhhh! You can have Luigi!

Bully: No! I don't want your italian wife! I want my money!!!!! don't...HAVE THE MONEY...

(Several Bullies appear. A women even gets a Bully's face while a Bully appears from a carriage. The Mario Bros were scared)

Mario: Mama mia! We got the money! Just...give us time!!

Bully: Ok fine! You have till tonight! Or else! We're having Italians tonight!

(The bully rises up into the air)

Mario: Mama mia! Hey Luigi! Well any ideas...Luigi?

(Luigi had put up a sign that says: "Will dance for coins". He was dancing already)

Mario: Grrr! No Luigi! We need a faster way to get coins!... And there's only way how...

(Mario and Luigi come to a place called Casino Star. They make a interesting entrance. Mario put on his sunglasses. The other people in there look horrified)

Mario: Ha ha ha! Wow! May we enter?

(Donkey Kong, who was in the booth looked very crazy. After making his donkey noises he exploded)

Mario: Waha! Let's a go get rich! Yeah! Ha ha ha!

(Mario was in another room with tokens inside. Facing them was the dealer and a old man)

Old man: Hey! You're holding up the line! Jesus!

Dealer: you even know how to play?

Mario: Grrr! Hey stinky! Oh yeah!

Dealer: Then please hurry up and place your chips!

(Mario brought out a bag of Doritos)

Old man: Come on!

(Luigi came in the room in time to see Mario riding on the roulette wheel, much to the old man and the dealer's shock)

Luigi: Mario? Mario!

Mario: Wheeeeeeee!

Old man: Get the f*ck down from there!

Luigi: Mama mia......

Mario: Luigi!!!...I just remembered...that I don't know any rules to any of the games. Mama mia!

Luigi: Then why did you suggest coming here?

Mario: Hey stinky! I just wanted to look cool when we came in!

Luigi: Look I'll just teach you all the rules.

Mario: Screw that! We don't have-a-time Luigi!!

(Mario was in the arcade looking surprised at the games that surrounded him)

Mario: (In slow motion) Whoa! Oh! This-a-looks easy!

(Mario got one coin, his own head and a piece of toast. He had to try again. A Shy Guy took his toast)

Mario: Mama mia....

Shy Guy: Yeah toast!

Mario:(Shrieks) Oh come on!

(Mario got three of his own heads. He looked surprised since he was the winner. But suddenly a fake, ugly Mario emerged from the game machine)

Fake Mario: Hoohoo! Hello! It's a me, Mario!


Fake Mario: Have you seen the Princess? Hmmmmmmm.....

(Fake Mario suddenly sees Daisy in the distance)

Daisy: Alright! Yes!

Fake Mario: Princess! Okie dokie! Get ready to move your penis! (Singing)

(Fake Mario runs all the way to Daisy, who is freaking out. An explosion occurs)

Mario: Maybe...just one more...

(This time Mario gets 2 lucky sevens)

Mario: Come on!

(But instead of getting one more lucky seven, a Pingas head appears)


Mario: What?

(Mario gets crushed by Dr Eggman. Eggman starts dancing to the soundtrack called: "Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up", Later Mario was back in the room playing cards. Toad and Steve are both playing too. Mario isn't happy though)

Mario: Grrr! Dammit! Why does everyone here have good poker faces! Mama f*cker!

Dealer: Ok! Place your bets!

(Toad bet lots of tokens, Steve bet some spaghetti)

Steve: I hope you've made lots of spaghetti!

Mario: WOW...ok Mario...he just bet calm and bet...

(Mario bet on coins)

Dealer: Alright! Place your cards!

(Toad and Steve had normal cards, while Mario had Pokemon cards)

Mario: Take-a-this!

Dealer: Looks like Toad wins!

(Toad claimed Steve's spaghetti and Mario's coins)

Toad: Woohoo! Yeah b*tch!

Mario: Ah crap! I just lost all my money!

Toad: Why do I have spaghetti? Bleh! I'm betting that crap!

(Mario crashed into the money machine and typed "Princess Peach Bank Account" and tried to withdraw 9,999,999,999 coins)

Mario: Screw paying the guy! Imma get dat spaghetti!!! Wahoo! Yeah! Let's go! Wahoohoo!

Dealer: Sweet merciful crap!

(Mario brings out some more Pokémon themed cards)

Mario: Take-a-that!

Dealer: Oh well...looks like Toad has the best hand...again!

Toad: Yay! Yay! Yay!

Mario: Luigi!! D: I really suck at these games! (Crying)

Luigi: Really? Mama mia! What makes you say that?

Mario: I lost all of the money and the Mushroom Kingdom's budget to Toad D:

(Luigi was horrified)

Luigi:...This means I don't have any other choice then...

(Mario was confused)

Luigi:...I have some sort of curse where I keep winning any casino game...

(Luigi got three sevens in the machine. Coins started falling out of the machine)

Mario: Whoa!

Luigi: Which is why you haven't seen me play anything...because with great power comes great responsibi-

(Mario scares Luigi by running at him)

Mario: Shut the f*ck up! We need the money Luigi! If you don't want our butts on a plate tonight then do your magic! Also, go wipe Toad's face while you're at it.

(Toad was laughing and money was raining from the top)

(At the big room)

Luigi: Hoo hoo! 25 please! Ha ha ha ha ha!

(The ball was on 25. Mario and Luigi celebrate by doing funny gay poses. In the arcade when Luigi went past 6 casino machines, the word "Winner" appeared on each one. Mario did his gay pose again)

Luigi: Go Weegee! Go Weegee! Go Weegee! Go Weegee! Go Weegee!

Dealer: Alright! Show your cards!

(The dealer was terrified when Luigi got close to him. Then Luigi did his gay dance and cards came out when he did his humping animation. The cards crashed into the dealer and he fell on the ground)

Dealer: Ahahow! Luigi wins...full house...

Toad: Oh no!

Steve: Oh come on!

(Then Mario(Mario was moving about as he did his pose)and Luigi did their funny gay poses at a horrified Toad)

Toad: This is bullsh*t!

(In the next game, Luigi rolled the dice and got lucky seven again)

Dealer: Woah! Lucky seven! Again!! Luigi wins again!

(King Bob-Omb and the Whomp were playing against Luigi)

King Bob-Omb: (Jealous) What!? That's the 20th time now!

Whomp: Methinks something's fishy!

Luigi: I'll be right back...imma just gonna get a drink!

King Bob-Omb: That little punk thinks he can just keep winning in this casino?! Well he's got another thing coming!

(Luigi went past Mario, who was praising him)

Mario: Oh yeah! Luigi, the winner!

(King Bob-Omb followed Luigi into the drinks room. A regular Bob-Omb saw Luigi and gave an exclamation)

King Bob-Omb: (Drug. him!)

Luigi: Hello! Can I have a cup of delicious water!! Oh yeah!

(The Bob-Omb served Luigi with a cup of water. But when Luigi drank it he felt dizzy. Mario came in all of a sudden)

Luigi: Waaaaaah!

Mario: Luigi! Hmm? Luigi come on! We we're close to paying off the guy! Yipeee! Continue the game! Luigi! Youhoo! (In slow motion) Hey Luigi!

(As Mario was talking to him, Luigi's eyesight view showed that Mario got fatter, then it showed Mario again, looking surprised. Luigi collapsed on the ground)

Mario: Luigi?! Ah crap! Don't fall asleep! Mama mia! I need you to make moneys!...NOOO! Ah crap...what do I do..Mama mia!

(The dealer was in the hallway whistling when Mario got hold of him and beat him up)

Mario: Get over here!

King Bob-Omb: Ha that Italian probably ran off!

Whomp: Ha! Yeah!

(Luigi fell on the ground suddenly, much to the horror of the Whomp. The Whomp screamed and exploded. Mario was wearing the dealer's overalls)

Mario: Hoohoo! Let's a go!

King Bob-Omb: What!? What is the meaning of this?

Mario: Oh yeah! The old dealer said he was pregnant and had to leave. So I'm here now! Mario number one! Ok who's ready for some SUPER MARIO FUN CARD BATTLE!

King Bob-Omb: Whatever! I can probably beat all of you!

Mario: Alrighty! How about you Luigi?

(Luigi was dazed and couldn't say anything. His head touched the game)

Mario: Wonderful! Okie dokie! Roll the dice when you're ready!

(King Bob-Omb got a one on his dice)

Mario: Oohh! Snake eyes! You summon a monster crab!

King Bob-Omb: What?

(A monster crab lands near King Bob-Omb's statue)

Mario: Cmon! Get 4 cards and see your attacks!


(The king looks at his cards)

King Bob-Omb: What in the f*ck was that? Say whaaaat?

Mario: Baaam! Sorry, time's up! You're dead!

(The monster knocks out King Bob-Omb's statue)

Mario: Which means Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing! The winner! Let's a go!

(Luigi farts)

Mario: Luigi wins 15 billion coins! Yeah! Ha ha ha!

King Bob-Omb: Get that mother f*cker!

(The Whomp started chasing Mario. He went into the game machine room)

Mario: Aaaah! Aaaah! Noooooooo!

(He hit the casino machine. The Whomp caught up to Mario. Mario flipped over to the other side of the Whomp. The casino machine shows three slices of toast. A piece of toast was on the floor. Then a shy guy with wings popped out and knocked him on the ground)

Shy guy: Yeah toast!

(Mario hit another machine which shows three of Dr Robotnik's heads)




(Dr Eggman fell on the Whomp and blew him up, dancing to the same soundtrack)

King Bob-Omb: Dammit! I gotta do everything around here! Come out, come out where ever you are!!!

(The king gave three exclamations when he heard Mario singing)

King Bob-Omb: I GOT YOU!

(But the fake ugly Mario was there instead of the real one)

Fake Mario: Hey stinky! Are you ready to Mariocise?

King Bob-Omb: What!?

Fake Mario: Okie dokie!

(A voice suddenly caught the king's attention)

Mario: Hey! Surprise, mother f*cker!

(Mario gave Luigi a starman which caused him to go crazy and get a lot of lucky sevens on the casino machine. A lot of coins came out from the casino machine. The king was knocked out by the coins)

Mario: Yippee! Let's go!

(Mario hangs on to the casino machine as they broke out of Casino Star. Meanwhile back at the Mario Bros' house)

Bully: ...I swear...if they don't come right now!

(The casino machine, followed by Mario and Luigi and lots of coins, falls on the ground)

Bully: Ah! Took your sweet time didn't you! Now where's my money!!

(Mario groans as he takes the bag out)

Mario: Here we go!

Bully: (Amazed) YES! WOOHOO! Enjoy the spaghetti machine!

(The Bully leaves)

Luigi: Ugh..what happened these past 9 minutes?...(In slow motion) Mama mia.....

Mario: We get to make free spaghetti now!!

(Mario pressed a button and there was a sound of crackling resulting in the spaghetti machine exploding. Mario freaked out)


(2015 SMG4 ending appeared)