SM64: War Of The Fat Italians 2016 (900k Special)
SM64 War Of The Fat Italians 2016 (900k Special)

SM64 War Of The Fat Italians 2016 (900k Special)

Season 6, Episode 25
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date August 15, 2016
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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SM64: War Of The Fat Italians 2016 (900k Special) is a video by SMG4 and an instalment in the War of the fat italians series. This is a special video for reaching 900k subscribers.

Synopsis Edit

SMG4 and Mario duke it out to see who is the...BEST, SEXIEST MAN who is worthy of...being the best? Yet again, it's that time of the year, for The War Of The Fat Italians begins once again, with more random challenges from the YouTube subscribers.

Plot Edit

The video starts with Mario and SMG4 staring at each other. Mario says that it's only a year and SMG4 thinks he's better than Mario. SMG4 says that the final challenge will end the war, with SMG4 winning. Mario brings it on

IMG 1500

Bring it on!

 with the scene cutting into an educational Mario game called "Mario's Early Years" that shows a cow, a cat, and a duck and asks which noise makes the following sound, a cat meowing. The mouse is moved to click on the duck resulting the computer saying that the duck was clicked, leading to the scream of "WRONG!" showing a Pingas head over an X on the center of the screen. SMG4 then screams at Mario to suck it because he was right, declaring himself number one, then, they started a fight. X enters, saying that Mario and SMG4 shouldn't be fighting. Then SMG4 and Mario start dancing, singing that they're friends. X remarks that ever since X threatened SMG4 and Mario, they have been getting along very well. Toad appears, saying that either SMG4 or Mario has to take out the trash but how SMG4 and Mario saw Toad was him saying that the sexiest, bravest, best man take out the garbage. Mario and SMG4 then charge at Toad trying to take the garbage. Mario declares there is only one way to settle the fight. So Mario and SMG4 come up to him, X sadly starts the 2016 War of The Fat Italians. Mario and SMG4 then start cheering. Then, the War of The Fat Italians 2016 shows up in gold, followed by Wario screaming, "YES! OH MY GOD!" before blowing up.

Kaitlyn Kip: Who can survive the longest after stealing Shy Guy's toast.Edit

The scene cuts to Shy Guy with his toast. Shy Guy starts making pancakes. Shy Guy looks back to see his toast is gone. Then, Shy Guy gets insanely mad. This follows with Mario and SMG4 running for their lives with toast in their hands. Shy Guy blocks the way, with the duo screaming splitting up. Mario then finds a banana and uses it as a disguise while Shy Guy runs pass him. SMG4 jumps on houses and finds a pipe. He jumps to go in the pipe, but Shy Guy kicks the pipe away while SMG4 falls to the ground. Then, Mario running with his toast who notices a showing the direction to the exit which Mario rushes towards but Shy Guy cuts him off with a war tank and a ton of guns while the scene is shown in slow motion. Then, we see an explosion with Mario screaming.

Johan Rodriguez: Go one day without eating spaghetti.Edit

Mario says "YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!" while darting out of the room following a window being broken.

Jessica Sugimara: Who would win a staring contest? Toad and SMG4 or Steve and Mario?Edit

Mario faces Toad and SMG4 faces Steve . Mario uses eyeglasses so he can sleep and still win. Meanwhile, Steve and SMG4 are doing their staring contest. 1 week later, SMG4's eyes are on fire. X comments he probably should've told SMG4 that Steve lacks eyelids, making it impossible for Steve to blink.

Cydni Crawford: Who can endure eating 10 bowls of tubby custard, and give a GOOD compliment to tubby chef!Edit

The scene cuts to the duo trying the custard. Mario tries to switch the custard with spaghetti sauce, but the tubby chef knocks it away while holding a rifle. SMG4 tastes it and starts puking rainbows while Mario is also throws up. Mario gets a tubby custard sandwich while SMG4 gets a tubby custard thingy. Then, the tubby chef appeals for comments. Mario hates it because it doesn't have turkey in it and throws his sandwich at the chef. Then, Mario is lit on fire. The chef asks for SMG4's opinion. He says he hates it as much as Mario. The chef stares at him so SMG4 quickly gives it a 10/10.

Josiah Thomad Magnet: Who can help an old lady fcross the street faster?Edit

The challenge starts Mario and SMG4 looking angry with the ladies next to them, next it shows X parodying the Lakitu from the Mario Kart games, then Mario and SMG4 are seen shouting to the ladies while they cross. Mario is seen pushing one of the ladies and SMG4 is seen shouting to the other lady to cross the street. A car is seen coming and Mario kicks the lady, sacrificing himself and saving the lady, then SMG4 is seen putting rockets to the other lady, but the other lady crashes with the lady that Mario was helping, making the lady crash with a building and making Mario win the challenge.

Ariel Salazar Alvarado: Who have the longest PINGAS?Edit

After SMG4 sees the comment he says "OH MY GOD!", and Mario's pingas comes out, kicking off SMG4 (the image is not a actual pingas, but rather a image of the head of Dr. Eggman) while Mario is seen celebrating his victory from the previous challenge.

elitebeast123: Who can make the best imitation of Peach?Edit

It shows two Peaches with the heads of Mario and SMG4 while doing random things such as saying they're princesses and trying to make people kidnap them. Mario and SMG4 then chaseing while creeping Bowser out causing him to get scared and go crying.

Timmy Bass: Who can capture the pokemans Pingaz first?Edit

It starts by showing the pokeman walking by, but Mario appears and yells "Get it motherf**ker!" then SMG4 is seen standing in a giant Pokeball while trying to catch the pokeman, but it runs away and SMG4 fails to catch the pokemon. Pingaz enters a store, with Mario is seen in a tree, next he takes out a Pokeball that repeatly opens and closes like Pac-Man, then Mario is seen running towards the pokemon across the store in a Pac-Man styled board, then the Pokeball cuts off the head of an employee. Pingaz is seen running towards a tunnel while SMG4 and Mario are running towards it, then a close-up towards the tunnel is done while the Thomas The Tank Engine theme song plays, but with the words "Pingas" being said, while train noises are heard. SMG4 and Mario starts to run away from the tunnel as the next question appears.

Ariel Salazar Alvarado: Who can stop the pingas train?Edit

Thomas the Tank Engine but with the face of Dr. Eggman covering Thomas's face with Pingaz on it came out of the tunnel, which ends up crushing SMG4 and Mario.

DahWolf14: Fashion show\CostumeEdit

SMG4 is dressed in summer costumes and Mario is dressed as food (except for a fairy costume he wore), with the judges being Steve and a guy resembling Mario. They didn't like their costumes so they dress up, causing Mario to become a burger and SMG4 to burn to dead.

Goken Yukido: Who is the best wallet inspector?Edit

SMG4 is then seen along with a goomba, scaring him while SMG4 stoles the wallet, then SMG4 appears in-front of a car, causing the driver to crash while SMG4 stoles the wallet. The next victim is the girl from the bathroom scene of Psycho, but the murderer is revealed to be SMG4, then SMG4 is seen riding a ice cream cone truck that has a sign that says: 1 wallet = 1 Ice cream. This causes a bunch of Toads go running towards the truck, then SMG4 finds a wallet store which in the next shot, it is seen that SMG4 has infinite wallet. Meanwhile Mario is seen saying that inspecting wallets is stupid, so he decides to inspect penises from people, his first victim is Dr. Eggman, but he dip Mario in a lava pit and buring Mario to death.

Triple Round:Edit

Arron Byron: Who can last the longest in a Tea party with Toadsworth?Edit

Addy Waddy: Who can survive an encounter with Sherk the longest?Edit

Brison TrueBlue Vergaga: Who can last against Bowser talking about Justin Bieber the longest?Edit

Mario and SMG4 are doing the three questions with Mario mad who shouts "Ma ma F*cker!"

Peter Giese: 10-Man wrestling match! Mario teams with Luigi, Yoshi, Frankie, & Toadsworth, SMG4 teams with with Bowser, Steve, Shy Guy and the Old ManEdit

The 10 fought, until Toad interrupted them to tell that they need to take the garbage. SMG4 tells Toad he is an asshole.

Mario tells they need to do something to end War Of The Fat Italians 2016 so X then decides to make a rap battle. They keep raping until Bowser appears, but they three guys are still raping until Mario and SMG4 unite forces, they defeat Bowser, congratulating each other, ending War Of The Fat Italians 2016.

After the outro, Toad decides to just leave the trash.

Rap BattleEdit

It's time for the rap battle of the big fat Italians


      Let's beat this b**ches Mario's back to slay
      You think you can beat me I can rap all day
      Time to Time, you try to beat my rhyme
      Your so bad, it should be a crime
      You think your funny Mr. SMG4
      If you ask me, your SMG snore
      Mario can help you for being a pathetic little nerd 
      But you know what they say you can't polish a turd


     Oh, it's time to wreck a big fat Italian
     Maybe after this I can get a big Medallion 
     It can be a pendant for the men I really hate
     Lazy, annoying and overweight
     You try to act big while I'm already famous
     All you are alone shoving spaghetti up your anus
     Now sit back and relax and enjoy this show
     Now I'll teach you what a proper rap goes.

Characters Edit


  • The poll on the video declared SMG4 as the winner.