Season 7, Episode 4
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date January 14, 2017
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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SM64: THE BOOTLEG DIMENSION is a blooper by SMG4. Here, Mario is about to take it to a far away dimension, and it is a pretty retarded one, with tons of weirdness to encounter along his way.


Mario stumbles across the BOOTLEG dimension and... GRAND DAD?!


The episode starts with Mario flying before he finds Peach, whom is about to share spaghetti. Just before this, we realize that this is a dream, with Peach yelling at a disobedient Mario to get rid of the trash. When he goes outside to obey Peach, Professor E. Gadd is seen throwing away a strange painting. Mario asks about that, to which Gadd replies that it's about a failed experiment about recreating the castle's paintings (the worlds from SM64). Gadd warns Mario not to ever enter the painting, and the latter promises. As soon as Gadd goes away, an incredibly disobedient Mario enters the painting, and discovers a new world inside it.

Said world is the Bootleg Dimension, a dimension consisting of dank Mario memes. Mario quickly starts to dislike the world, but, at that moment, a bootleg inhabitant exits a castle, who presents himself as "Grand Dad" (he is merely based on the main character from the infamous bootleg game "7 Grand Dad"). Grand Dad asks Mario if he can join him to the main world, Mario says yes, and Grand Dad enters the core dimension.

Upon arrival, Grand Dad immediately excites about the world, and starts doing retardnesses with Mario. They enter the castle where Mario introduced Toad to Grand Dad, who freaks out at the sight of seeing two Marios. When Grand Dad tried to shake hands, he accidentally turned Toad into a bootleg version of himself, which amazes Mario, who begs him to do more.

Mario and Grand Dad are then walking down the road, with Grand Dad turning Toadsworth, Princess Peach, Shy Guy and other people into bootlegs versions of themselves. Mario is impressed and asked if they can be returned to normal, but Grand Dad wasn't happy about Mario's request. He laments that bootlegs have to suffer endless teasing due to their appearances and now that he came to the normal world, he will punish the normies and make them suffer the way bootlegs suffer. He then use his bootleg magic thunder to turn the entire Mushroom Kingdom into a bootleg version while repeatedly chanting "Bootleg Supremacy".

As Mario look in horror, Luigi begs for help, but Mario kicks him away, disgusted by his bootleg appearances. Professor E. Gadd reappears as a Fleenstones and yells at Mario for touching the painting even though he promised not to. Mario said that it's not that bad as it looks and that Peach became a bit prettier, with Peach, as Mario in Madoka Kaname's outfit from Madoka Magica, screams who the hell she is, with Toad answering that "she's a b*tch."

Professor E. Gadd says that the only way to restore the world is to push Grand Dad back into the painting and destroy it, and Mario is his only hope. Grand Dad is celebrating how bootlegs are ftw (for the win), while Mario heads to the castle while avoiding bootleg people. The Toads tried to shoot Grand Dad with a tank, but he turned the bomb and the Toads into bootlegs, with the bomb exploding the cannon that would launch Mario to the top of the castle.

Grand Dad laughs that everything is hopeless, but Mario is determined to get to the top himself. He enters the castle where he finds the lobby surrounded by bootleg pookachus. Mario sneaks through them hoping he won't make a sound. He almost made it at the door when all of the sudden his phone rang with Luigi begging for him to hurry up. This really angers the pookachus as they started to chase Mario. While running away, he thought he saw an unaffected Sonic the Hedgehog and begs for help, but Sonic revealed that he became a bootleg, causing Mario to scream like a p*ssy. Mario managed to run up the stairs and go through the door with the pookachus chasing after him.

As Mario head to a room and closed the door behind him, he thought he saw a silhouette of a Transformer looming over him. The pookachus yells at Mario to run and the Transformer is revealed to be Thomas the Tank Transformer, which makes Mario scream like a Slendytubbie and jumps really high up the room and crashes on the castle rooftop. Thomas, who was watching him jump up in fear, later remarks that Mario's "an a**hole". Grand Dad appears, having finally caught Mario. He is planning to make Mario one of the bootlegs in order to feel their pain, with Mario fearing that his beautiful face will be ruined.

Grand Dad shoots his magical lightning beam at Mario and he became a bootleg. However, he likes his new appearance, saying he doesn't look half-bad. This surprises Grand Dad, as he thought he would be horrified. Mario then started singing, complementing on his beard being soft and feels comfortable in a deformed body. Angered that Mario is mocking the bootleg people, Grand Dad attacks Mario, but was punched by Mario.

Mario demanded that Grand Dad stops, but he refuses. After 1 million slaps, Mario pushes Grand Dad into the garbage bin where the painting was. As Mario tries to push Grand Dad into the painting, he pleaded that all he wanted was for him and the others in his bootleg dimension to be loved and be understood. Mario empathies with him (in his own way) saying it's a hard world as he pushed Grand Dad in the painting, lamenting farewell to the cruel world. Mario later used a Bootleg Bob-omb to finish the deal.

As soon as the world returned to normal, Mario cheered that he saved the world, but Peach yelled at him for almost destroying the world and that he threw the trash at Old Man Hobo. Mario responds by tossing HER into the trash.