SM64: Super Mario RUN RUN RUN!
SM64 Super Mario RUN RUN RUN!

SM64 Super Mario RUN RUN RUN!

Season 6, Episode unknown
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date December 18, 2016
Idea by SuperMarioGlitchy4
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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SM64: Super Mario RUN RUN RUN! is a blooper by SMG4. It involves Mario under a spell trying to run away to get the spell broken. As suggested by the title, the blooper is based on the game Super Mario Run, which was released on December 15, 2016 for iOS and eventually in 2017 for Android.


Mario is under a spell where he can only run! How is he ever going to undo the curse?!


Mario is running with Kamek's wand hoping to make infinite spaghetti but Kamek is chasing him for his wand. When Mario reaches the park, he tries to use it but instead he turns Luigi into a cake, Daisy into a real daisy, Shy Guy into a toast and Toad into a kettle. Mario sees Kamek so Mario tries to zap him but Kamek dodges the attack, reflectes from Toad (kettle) and hits Mario. Mario falls over and drops the wand so Kamek picks it up and leaves.

Mario gets up but his legs start going like crazy and he runs off. He runs to SMG4 for help so he makes Mario trip. However, he kept moving on the floor so SMG4 took Mario to a doctor and being tied to a table by rope. Dr. Mario told Mario he's going to die from exhaustion but also prostate cancer so it will be a quick death. Mario ended up untied by the ropes and ran out of office. Believing he's going to become skinny, Mario notices Kamek in the distance and follows him to the city.

During Mario's chase after Kamek, he angers Dr. Eggman, Waluigi and Shy Guy who follow him. Kamek arrives at the Shopping Centre, parks his broom and enters the building. Mario follows Kamek to a aisle with cereal but Dr. Eggman appears and fires Pingases at him which crush him. Kamek leaves the aisle and goes to a food court to order food. Mario comes but Waluigi interrupts him and throws Bob-Ombs while singing "We are number one".

Waluigi chases Mario to the Restrooms and Mario locks himself in a stall. Shy Guy appears, breaking in with a tank. As Mario is running away from Waluigi, Shy Guy and Dr. Eggman, Kamek is heading to his broom. When he gets there, there's a parking ticket on it causing Kamek to get mad. Meanwhile. Mario flies off of a building. He gets up and sees Kamek around the street. Mario runs to Kamek only to get run over by a cop for Jaywalking.

Kamek burns the parking ticket and takes off but Mario's not giving up. The latter found himself at Bowser's Castle but when he reached the entrance, the Guard Dog: Ugly Sonic was released. Sonic knocks Mario who is holding the bridge to avoid falling in lava. Ugly Sonic points a gun at him but Mario throws a onion ring to the lava which Ugly Sonic mistakes as a real ring. The hedgehog jumps off to grab the onion ring, falling into the lava.

Meanwhile, Bowser is doing yoga while the radio is playing. Mario enters the same room and is surprised because of Bowser's actions. The Koopa King realizes Mario's here and punches the radio. Mario ignores him, jumps out the window and walks on the walls to Kamek while Bowser is upset. Kamek is watching TV when Mario breaks into his room. Mario demands Kamek to undo the curse but Kamek doesn't care.

Mario knocks over a nearby table which angers Kamek because he'll have to clean up. Kamek prepares to blast Mario but he starts to pick up speed and punches Kamek. Kamek drops his wand so Mario uses it to stop running. Mario thanks Kamek to make him go through that adventure and runs out off the room.


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  • This episode ties into the new mobile app game Super Mario Run, as SMG4's own attempts to promote it.