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SM64: Ssenmodnar 7 (TOAST Edition)
SM64 ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ 7 (TOAST edition)

SM64 ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ 7 (TOAST edition)

Season 4, Episode 19
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date May 18th, 2014
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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SM64: Ssenmodnar 7 (TOAST Edition), more often simply called Ssenmodnar 7, is the 179th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4. It's also the eighth installment in the Ssenmodnar series.


Plot (start of the video)Edit

The blooper opens with a fan anxiously awaiting SMG4's next blooper. Unbeknownst to him, a strange masked figure breaks into his home. The fan finally finds a new SMG4 blooper called "NEW VIDEO!" from ten years ago. He opens the video only to find out that the video is a simple "Oh hey guys, oh sorry I can't make a video this week end. Thanks for watching" message from SMG4 before switching to a random clip of Mario and Luigi dancing for what appears to be an hour. Then, the figure confronts the man, revealing himself to be Mc Shy Guy the helping Toast fairy. Suddenly, the angry fan throws his monitor at him and jumps out the window. The Shy Guy is knocked to the floor and lets out a weak, "YEAH TOAST!", and the monitor suddenly turns on to show the title, and the skits begin playing.

Plot (middle of the video)Edit

1. A child is annoying his mother, and after a while, the mother punches her son unconscious.

2. Mario finds a human-sized blue mushroom, and consumes it. He then begins to have vivid hallucinations of what appears to be "Yoshi sex dungeon land". Luigi then appears and causes Mario to panic.

3. The leader of a government party is making an announcement to a group of people. Suddenly, Mario shouts that they are gay. The leader then announces that they are giving out free spaghetti to supporters, leaving Mario heartbroken and regretful.

4. A show on the "Animal Channel" shows the life of the "Luigi Doll". It films two dolls that look exactly like Luigi doing their daily business, until they begin having sex.

5. Dr. Mario finishes putting a large Bandaid on a crumbling Whomp, and this Whomp's brother advises him to be very careful. The Whomp then runs around recklessly, toppling himself. Then, a feather gently lands on the Whomp's crack, causing him to violently explode. The Whomp's brother is horrified, while Dr. Mario laughs.

6. A man walks up to a group of women (Peach, Daisy and Stacy) and asks Stacy if she wanted to go out with him. The girls start laughing hysterically, and the man sadly walks away. His friends try to cheer him up, and the man suddenly pulls out a bag of Skittles. They start cheering as if it somehow solved the problem. The man downs the bag and confidently walks over to the ladies, who are still laughing hysterically. He suddenly begins brutally beating Stacy, and after finishing, he charges after Peach and Daisy. They try to run away, but the man catches up and starts beating them too, while the man's friends charge after him screaming for him to stop.

7. An "ordinary" day in the life of a man in the Mushroom Kingdom, which appears to be very chaotic and insane.

8. SMG4 puts on a very disturbing puppet show for Mario and XboxFan997.

9. Mario plays Through the Fire and the Flames with an electric guitar.

10. Wario and Waluigi keep going "WAH!!!", and Luigi joins in, creating much anger in Wario and Waluigi.

11. Enzo asks Mario to hold a bag for him. Mario asks what it is, and Enzo tells him it was "food for the Toad Birds", and quickly runs into another room of the castle. Mario yells after him that Toad Birds aren't actual creatures, and told Enzo to come back, only to be attacked by an aggressive pack of flying Toads.

12. Moments With Steve returns! In this episode, Steve goes around helping people as a superhero known as "Captain Steve". This includes punching a Koopa into oblivion when the Koopa was torturing a Goomba.

13. Waluigi pranks Wario by saying that Nintendo has given him an official theme song. After finding out it was a prank, an enraged Wario throws Waluigi out of the house.

14. Bowser is finally being charged for his various crimes against the Mushroom Kingdom, so he jumps out a window, but not before brutally murdering a couple bystanders.

15. Mario walks out of the castle during the night, to find a giant, horrifying and disfigured Mario face in the sky (and Majora's moon too).

16. "God" takes MarioMario54321 to heaven, much to MM54321's horror.

17. A viewer requests a scene in a blooper, which SMG4 very lazily peforms.

18. Dr. Eggman rocks DDR while Mario and Sonic watch, screaming "YOLOOO!"

Plot (end of the video)Edit

Suddenly, the video malfunctions, and the computer freezes, so the Shy Guy flies out the window, into the house of a young Toad, who was crying in his bed. The Shy Guy then climbs into the Toad's bed, and begins to have a dance party with it. Suddenly, the Toad's dad walks in, and shouts "MOLESTER!!!!", thinking they are actually having buttsex. Suddenly, the police, backed by "Captain Steve", storm into the house. The Shy Guy is then seen in a jail cell, being taunted and scolded by Steve, still in his superhero outfit. Steve walks away, and the Shy Guy lets out a quiet, "F**k". Then, the blooper ends.



  • This is the first Ssenmodnar blooper made by SMG4 to not have the traditional static transition. Instead it is replaced with a very quick showing of Mario and Luigi's face in different colors and effects.
  • This is the first Ssenmodnar video to have a signature tune during the intro.
  • When the Toad Birds are attacking Mario, they are heard saying "Mine!" repetitively, which is a reference to the seagulls from the 2003 Disney and Pixar film, Finding Nemo. This skit is also supposed to be the revenge that Enzo said he vowed to take in "Birthday Freakout" after he got arrested by a Police Man.
  • "Captain Steve" could be a reference to "Captain America", a famous Marvel superhero.
  • In the video's intro, several Easter eggs can be seen, five of them are in the guy's room (referencing previous bloopers) watching the guy anxiously waiting for SMG4's next blooper, including:
  • When the Whomp is horrified that his brother exploded, his face is that of Patrick from a scene in the Spongebob Squarepants Movie. This scene is very popular on the Internet.
  • When the man runs to beat Stacy in the 6th skit, he says "YOU SON OF A B*TCH", but Stacy being a girl, he should have said "DAUGHTER" instead of "SON". However, it is a common term for use even with women.
  • At the end of the 7th skit, a guy can be seen just killed apparently by the main man of this skit. This dead guy may be Igiul, Luigi's doppelganger (created by MarioMario54321 for one of his movies), or the machinimist SuperMarioJoe.
  • This video foreshadowed the week that followed after it was released, that SMG4 was not able to make a video.
  • This blooper was the very last blooper to use the editing method from previous 2014 and 2013 bloopers, as well as the last one to majorly use the Verdana and Super Mario 256 fonts. Every blooper from then on (actually, even a bit at the end of this blooper) has since used the Arial font and the Sony Vegas text presets, respectively (similar to the 2011 and 2012 bloopers), and the outlines around the dialogue text have been reduced.
  • This Ssenmodnar video is the only episode with the 8th (150k special) where FightingMario54321 doesn't appear.
  • When the guy refreshes the page in the intro, there's a Google Search tab next to the "YouTube" tab that reads "how to cook baby".
  • When the guy sees the video "NEW VIDEO!", the timestamp says it was made 10 years ago, which is impossible because YouTube was made in 2005, this blooper was made in 2014, SMG4 joined YouTube in 2009 and The Cake Is A Lie! was released in 2011.
    • In addition, the timestamp in the bottom-right corner of the thumbnail says the video is 7 minutes and 7 seconds, while when the actual video is playing, the time is 1 hour, 10 minutes, and 1 second.
  • The scene where Wario throws Waluigi into a wall is a scene from JonTron's (a popular web celebrity) review on Nightshade, where he furiously throws the game at the near end of the video.
  • Captain Steve can be seen when McShyGuy Fairy flies outside.
  • Skit 6 is a reference to widely known ridiculous 80s-era Mentos commercial of the same premise. The same theme is used as the original commercials.


  • When Mario becomes shocked after noticing the Toad Birds flying towards him, the door behind him moves towards him as well.



[Open to the view of a house in the middle of the night. Cut to the inside, where we see a man at his computer. He types into the YouTube search bar "NEW SMG4 VIDOOSSSSS"]

[but the screen just says "sorry no new vids"]


[Cut back to outside of the house, the silhouette of a strange figure accompanied by heavy breathing walks up to the door and enters the house. The fan types "WHERE'S THE NEW VIDEO SMG4>!>!r>3T435Y" in the comments, but to no avail.]


[The figure walks up the stairs. The fan keeps refreshing the home page, until he sees a video titled "NEW VIDEO!" 0 views 10 years ago. All it is is SMG4 telling the viewer he forgot to make a blooper.]

SuperMarioGlitchy4: Also, I couldn't make a video this weekend. Thanks for watching!

[Cut to SMG4 outro on screen. Suddenly, the figure jumps in full view of the fan, and large text appears saying "MCSHYGUY THE HELPING TOAST FAIRY!" The fan throws his computer monitor at the Shy Guy and jumps out the window. Sparks are heard coming from the monitor and the Shy Guy lets out a faint "yeah toast" as we zoom into the monitor, after which the words "Ssenmodnar 7 (TOAST edition) appear on the screen, accompanied by someone screaming "NO GOD PLEASE NO! NO! NOOOOOO!", static plays.]


[A mother is with her child]

Child: Mommy! Mommy mommy mommy mommy! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY!!!!!

[Mother punches child unconscious, static]

[Mario turns around and sees a giant mushroom]

Mario: La-la-la-hm-hm-hm! [Sees mushroom] Ooh-who-who-who-who! [Eats mushroom, begins having hallucinations of Yoshis, and begins enjoying it, until he sees a sign that says "Yoshi Sex Dungeon Lair", with a beckoning Luigi, static]

[Cut to a stand with political signs promoting a party and a man standing in the center]

Mushroom Kingdom Party Leader: We are the Mushroom Kingdom Party. We will reverse this p|ace of it's retardedness.

[Cut to Mario, standing next to a sign that says "join mario party. iz gud!"]

Mario: HA! GAY!

Mushroom Kingdom Party Leader: We also provide free spaghetti!

Mario: Aw sh*t! [Blows up Mario Party fliers]


Narrator: Welcome back to Animal Channel.

SMG4: [Whispering] Today, we're looking at, the wild Luigi doll!

[Cut to a small Luigi sitting in the distance]

Narrator: Wow! There's a wild Luigi!

Wild Luigi: Nintendo!

[Cut to two wild Luigis]

Narrator: Look! They're communicating!

[The Luigis shout gibberish, cut to a wild Luigi eating a mushroom]

Narrator: It's amazing.

[Cut to a view of a field]

Narrator: Ooh, what's going on over here?

[Camera pans to show to wild Luigis having anal sex, static]

[Dr. Mario is standing next to a box of Band-Aids next to a cracked Whomp]

Dr. Mario: There! Good as new!

Whomp 1: Thank you doctor!

Whomp 2: Be careful bro! Anymore cracks and you're gone.

[Whomp 1 runs around, laughing]

Whomp 2: Hey! I said be careful!

[Whomp 1 falls]

Whomp 2: !!!

[A feather gently lands on Whomp 1's back, causing him to explode violently. Whomp 2 has a horrified expression on his face]

Dr. Mario: Hahaha you fell down!


[Three women (Peach, Daisy and Stacy)are walking down a road, when they are approached by a man]

Man: Hey Stacy, do you go out...sometime?

[The girls start laughing hysterically, the man sulkingly walks back to his two friends]

Friend: Cmon bro. Don't give up.

[The man takes out a bag of Skittles, upbeat music starts playing]

Both friends: Yeah!!! Alright!

[The man downs the bag, and confidently walks towards the girls, who are still laughing hysterically, he stops a few steps in front of them]


[The man punches Stacy, Peach, Daisy and the man friends look at each other in shock. The man starts beating the other two girls, his friends race towards him]



...this next scene is a bit hard to describe...


[Guy spazzes on bullet bill]

[Cutting back to the castle, he is crawling on the grounds]

Random guy: CHEEEAAAA!

[Guy confronts a goomba]


[Cut to house, he burnt his toast]

Random guy: F***!

[On his lawn]


[In Lethal Lava Land, he killed someone]

Random guy: I-I-yuh-er-uh-fu-er-YEAAAAAAAAA!


[Mario and Luigi paper cutouts are pasted on popsicle sticks like puppets]

Luigi puppet: Mario? What are you doing today Mario?

Mario puppet: Oh hey Luigi, I'm'a just here being the FAT person I am!

Luigi puppet: Oh really Mario? That's so cool, I wish I could be fat like you!

Mario puppet: Oh, trying to copy me huh? HUH?! YOU LIKE IT IF I DO THIS!?! [Mario puppet is bashed against the Luigi puppet, the Luigi puppet keeps screaming "no!". It is then revealed that SMG4 is putting on a puppet show for X and Mario]

Mario: [To X] He was dropped on his head as a kid.

SMG4: Now kiss! Oh yeah, that's right!


[Mario is surrounded by fire playing an electric guitar, static]

[Cut to outside Peach's Castle. Wario and Waluigi appear]

Wario: Waah!

Waluigi: Weeh!

[Wario and Waluigi are shown in front of WarioWare Inc. (from WarioWare series)]

Wario: Waah?

Waluigi: Weeh.

[Wario and Waluigi are shown walking in front of Wario's House (also from WarioWare series)]

Wario: Waaaaaah!

Waluigi: Weeeh!

[Cut to a bathroom. Wario is on the toilet]

Wario: WAAAAAAAAAH!!! [grunts and then sighs]

[Waluigi pops out of the sink]

Waluigi: Weh.

[Wario is shown in front of a car. He has sunglasses and a hat that says "swag" on it]

Wario: Waah!

[Waluigi is shown in front of a Sonic level. He has bigger sunglasses and a golden "$" chain]

Waluigi: Weeh!

[Luigi appears in front of a light turquoise background]

Luigi: [lamely] wuh.

[Cut to the Sonic level. Wario and Waluigi give looks of extreme displeasure, static]

[Inside the castle, Enzo is standing next to a yellow bag]

Enzo: Hey Mario. Hold this for me.

[Mario takes the bag and grunts]

Mario: What is this crap anyway?

[Enzo is suddenly on the opposite side of the room]

Enzo: It's food for the Toad Birds! [runs into another room]

Mario: Hey! There's no such thing as a Toad Bird!

[Mario turns around to see a group of flying Toads rapidly approaching him]


Mario: OH F**K! [Mario turns around and trys to run, but he is knocked over and visciously attacked by the Toad Birds, static]

[The words "Moments with steve!" appear on the screen, followed by "THERE IS ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE US ALL. AND HIS NAME IS...". We then see Steve flying through the air with a mask on, and an S on his shirt, and big letters spell "CAPTAIN STEVE". He beats up villians, humps a pig, a cop car, and Bowser Jr. We then see an old woman, a Koopa, and a Goomba]

Koopa: Huh! You're just a gutless fatso!

Goomba: [Crying]

[Captain Steve comes down, and punches the Koopa into the sky]

Old Lady: OH MY GOD!

Steve: Yeah, let that be a lesson to you. Dipsh*t.

[Static, Wario and Waluigi are still in the Sonic level. Waluigi approaches Wario]

Waluigi: Hey Wario! Nintendo is finally giving you a official theme song!

Wario: Oh...reeaaally?

[The theme song is a god awful fandub of the original Super Mario Bros. music from World 1-1, that sounds like a 5 year old is screaming right into his microphone. Wario throws the computer, we then see Wario's head plastered onto JonTron, with Waluigi in his hand]

Wario/JonTron: I'M SICK OF YOUR SH*T! [throws Waluigi]

[Static, Bowser is in a building with a cop]

Cop: OK, they got you for...18 cases of vehicular manslaughter, 9 charges of... [Bowser turns around and sees Zelda]

Bowser: Hey lady! Help me get out of here!

[Zelda screams and runs away]

Bowser: Come back!

[Sounds of struggle and screams]

Cop: ...possession of military grade explosives, possession of firearms without a license...

[Screaming, Bowser is hanging over a counter top, attacking a Teletubby]

Bowser: Just ignore me, just trying to get through

Cop: ...possession of military explosives, vandalism, desecration of public property...

[Sounds of flames and screaming, Bowser is burning an innocent bystander]


Cop:...speeding in a School Zone running over 11 students in the process. That'll be $85.

[Bowser jumps out a window, static]

[Mario walks out of the castle during the night]

???: Hey down there.

Mario: Hmmm?

[Mario looks up and is shocked to find a giant, perverted, deformed Mario face in the sky]

Mario: Oh my god...

Mario face: (Something very hard to understand, but something about rape)


[A fully white figure descends from the sky]

God: It's time to go to Heaven, my child.

[God picks up MM54321, who screams. Static]

[A comment appears]

Announcer dude? SMG4? I don't know. I don't care: Hey SMG4! Let's do an idea where Luigi get's hit!

[Luigi ragdoll is lazily tossed]

Ad? SMG4? Idk. Idc.: GENIUS.

[Static. It is then shown that someone is doing great at DDR. It's then revealed that the player is Dr. Eggman, being watched by Mario and Sonic]


[Suddenly, an error message appears on the screen, and the computer breaks. The Shy Guy flies out a window, into the room of a crying Toad. Toad mistakes the Shy Guy as the Tooth Fairy, and they have a dance party in Toad's bed. His mother walks in, and mistakes the party as Shy Guy raping her son.]

Mother: MOLESTER!!!!!!!!!!!

[Police cars crash into the house]


[The Shy Guy is shown still in the room. The background then turns into a jail cell, then the Shy Guy is shown being locked in a jail cell by Steve, still in his "Captain Steve" outfit]

Steve: ...AND LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU! [Walks away] ...dipsh*t.

Shy Guy: .......F**k.

End of Transcript