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SM64: Meet the Bowser
SM64 Meet the Bowser

SM64 Meet the Bowser

Season 6, Episode 4
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date January 31st, 2016
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Retarded64: The Spaghettipocalypse SM64 Bloopers: The Great Yoshi Race.

SM64: Meet the Bowser, often more simply called Meet the Bowser, is the 262nd video released by SuperMarioGlitchy4, and the 4th episode in the Meet the Cast series.


Ever wondered who that really weird fat koopa is? well now you can meet and learn why he likes that princess so much!

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The video starts off with the intro. Flames show up with Bowser's face, reading "Destruction and despair". 2 seconds later, a Super Mario Galaxy clip of Bowser's Airships flying around the Mushroom Kingdom appears. Soon, the fire appears again with Bowser's face again. Only this time, it's reading "One evil turtle...". Another Super Mario Galaxy clip shows up, but it's of Bowser talking to Princess Peach. The flames and Bowser face show up again, reading "his love for one princess...". It then cuts to Bowser twitching by a Peach poster. A goomba checks out bowser Goomba: lord koopa! HOLY SHIT! Bowser stops looking at the Peach poster. Bowser: JUST GIVE ME FIVE MINUTES MAN COME ON! The thumbnail of the video shows up. It cuts to Bowser at his boss battle area Bowser: uhh...yo, i'm bowser. ...uhh destroyer of worlds...yeah. Flames show up, with Bowser wearing a hat, dancing. Bowser: Sometimes i try and conquer the world. you know, standard villain stuff. It cuts to Mario at his house wearing a Bowser mask. Mario: Look at me! imma bowser! imma love kidnapping little girls! and love rubbing my butt in public MAMA F***ER Mario takes off his mask Mario: Pretty good impression huh? :D It cuts to Peach at her castle. Peach: I know Bowser can be a total...douchebag sometimes... Peach: But I just know deep down, he's a nice guy... It cuts to Bowser looking at his peach merchandise Bowser: I got peach dolls, magazine, posters... Bowser holds a Cat Peach figure from Super Mario 3D World Bowser: OH! And check this out! A limited edition cat peach figure! It cuts to Lakitu with an emoji replaced for his face. Then, it cuts to King Whomp. King Whomp: That bowser guy sucks! HE MAKES ME MOONWALK HERE UNTIL MARIO COMES! I'VE BEEN MOONWALKING HERE FOR 45 YEARS! SOMEONE KILL ME! It cuts to Peach again Peach: let's see...I was stolen how many times?... It cuts to Peach outside her castle by the enterance. Bowser flies by and steals Peach. It cuts to Peach on the wooden bridge, getting kidnapped again. It cuts to Peach at a pet shop looking store, with SMG4 behind her. Bowser flies by, and kidnaps peach, leaving SMG4 shocked. It cuts to a Super Mario Galaxy 2 clip of Peach on Bowser's hand. Peach: Help me!!!! Bowser: gwahahaha It cuts to Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr.: papa is such a great guy! He's always so tough and fighting for whats right! It cuts to Bowser and Bowser Jr. at the store, fighting with the cashier. Bowser: WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE COUPON HAS EXPIRED? Bowser is twitching. Bowser: I AM THE EVIL KOOPA KING! I WILL RUPTURE YOUR ANUS WITH MY ARMY! Cashier: Sorry bro, you're gonna have to go see the manager. Bowser breathes fire out of his mouth, burning the cashier. Bowser Jr.: Woohoo! It cuts to Kamek standing outside his castle. Kamek: OH MAH GAWD! Lord Bowser is my senpai! he is so GODDAMN KAWAII! I TRY AND SING A BEAUTIFUL SONG FOR HIM EVERY MORNING! It cuts to Bowser walking out of his castle. Kamek comes out of nowhere holding a crane. Kamek: GOOD MORNING TO U!! Bowser is shocked and twitches. It cuts back to the steal count, with the number 51236324 at the top left. Peach is at the toilets, going to the restroom. Bowser steals peach again. It cuts to Peach in the clock tower room, with bowser stealing peach again. Peach goes in SMG4's computer room, and sees bowser inside her bathtub. It cuts to Peach outside on the grey bridge again, with bowser stealing her. Peach: Uhh...I think I lost count... It cuts to Mario in his house. Mario: well bowser isn't all bad. I mean he does cooking shows with me and he just sucks being evil :D. He even accidentally stole me once. Oh what sexeh times we had. It cuts to Bowser next to a bag Mario's in. Mario pops out, leaving Bowser shocked. Mario: hoo hoo, hey stupid! did you steal me so we can have a sleepover! Bowser: AHH! I can't make love with you!... ahh screw it, its the best i'll ever get. It cuts to Naked Mario and Bowser inside a disco room, with Mario spinning around in circles, and Bowser drooling. it cuts to bowser Senior. Lakitu: I SAID, HOW WAS BOWSER WHEN HE WAS YOUNG!!!!? Bowser Senior: Ah! Why didnt you say so!!! he was a great pain in the ass! Bowser: Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Bowser Senior: SHUT THE FUCK UP! Bowser then cries and jumps off. It cuts to Bowser again Bowser: Hey, i'm not a total douchebag all the time. Bowser: I sometimes party and do stuff with the crew! :D It cuts to Bowser and Yoshi. Announcer: Congratulations! Let's see what you won! Bowser spins the wheel, getting Bowser gives 1000 coins :D Bowser is about to cry, but then the wheel spins to death Game (or Bowser): OH SNAP! Yoshi: WHAT? Yoshi burns in flames It cuts to Mario playing Soccor, with Wario and Bowser. Mario shoves Wario, and kicks the ball, but the ball gets on Bowser's chest instead of goal. Mario: MAMA F***ER! It cuts to Mario racing with Koopa, Morton, Luigi, and Bowser, who gets last place. It cuts to Goomba and Koopa. Goomba: The boss? he's a uhhhh evil guy...yeah... Coming Soon...

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