SM64: Mario VS Pokemon GO
SM64 Mario VS Pokemon GO06:15

SM64 Mario VS Pokemon GO

Season 6, Episode 24
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date July 18, 2016
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Mario VS Pokemon GO is the 283rd video by SMG4. As the name suggests, this video is about Mario playing the new game Pokemon Go.

Synopsis Edit

Mario started to play a new app called "Pokemon GO", and he is actually having fun playing outside capturing many Pokemon, but things can go way out of hand when he caught them all...

Plot Edit

The blooper begins with Luigi entering Mario and Luigi's house. Luigi then sees Mario staring at his phone, making Luigi nervous. Dramatic music intensifies, until we see that Mario was only playing Flappy Bird. Mario then gets mad because he lost. He then thinks Pokemon Go is crap, and asks why it's so popular. Luigi then explains the app Mario was playing was called SUPAH POKEMON GO. Mario says it explains the virus ads. Suddenly, an image of Bowser sleeping pops up, saying "Find single bowsers in your area!", with a phone number called 69696969-6969696. Luigi then starts screaming and darts out of the room, terrified. Mario checks the description of the game, finding out he has to go outside to play. Mario gets mad because if he goes outside, then he will be social and exercising in the process. Mario asks Luigi to play the game, but Luigi can't hear Mario because he was trying to burn his eyes. Mario finally tries to play the game, but there was a bad network. Mario then gives up. Then, a fake ending occurs with no annotations. Pokemon Go then works. Mario is asked if he was a boy or a girl. Mario states he is THIS close to burning his phone. Luigi tells him to get in line, still burning his eyes. Mario walks outside and starts playing. Then, Mario finds a Zubat. The Zubat had a CP of 70. Mario throws his phone at the tree, with the phone coming right back at him and knocking him unconscious. Mario then learns to throw the Pokeball. Mario is amazed by the good technology. Mario starts throwing his Pokeballs, repeatedly missing until a Pokeball finally hits the Zubat making the Nice Throw. While throwing Pokeballs at Zubat, 25643 balls were wasted, giving him no balls left. Mario gets annoyed, calling the game stupid for making him walk around.

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