A SM64 Fairytale
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Season 3, Episode 17, 20, 26 & 30
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Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers

Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Part 1: Like a bowser (like a boss parody)
Part 2: Taken (like an idiot)
Part 3: Long Jump
Part 4: Castle Creepers
Part 1: How to make spaghetti

Part 2: The Swap
Part 3: Tale of a bob-omb
Part 4: Hotel Mario

SM64: A SM64 fairytale is a series of videos made by SMG4. Only four videos in this series was made.

Videos in the seriesEdit




The tale begins introducing the audience to our main character "el Gay" (Mario), the village hobo that resides in the well, the princess and Prince William "The Retarded". It was the 50th anniversary of the town, and Mario, envious of the prince and his kingdom. The prince was celebrating the anniversary, as Mario forges a plan to take over the kingdom along with his friend "Gustavo". The plan consisted in throwing a fridge on the Prince, and murder him that way. The plan failed, and Mario accidentally kills the princess with a fridge. Mario is led in the royal court, where he's confronted with the king of Glowshire, who sentenced him to death. Our "hero" flees from the castle, only to be interrupted by the king screaming, since the "Mark of the Dragon" appeared behind his throne. The king then charged Mario with the duty of saving the just now kidnapped prince (and the stolen cake), promising him fame in town. We're then introduced to the villain, the "dragon" (Bowser), who proceeded to dance along with the captive prince. Meanwhile, Mario entered the "Legit Cave" where the "Magic Man" sold him a magical and powerful sword that was full of magicalness and it cost him 900 coins to pay for the sword.


Mario sees a castle in the middle of the ground where he found a wizard who has no wand or hat, only uses magic with his hands. And then, Link went crazy, shouting "CHOCOLATE!!!", making Mario and the wizard come out running. Meanwhile, in Bowser's Castle, Bowser found that Mario is coming into his castle and needs something to stop it. In his cell, the prince enjoyed the show very happily dancing, but Bowser told him to shut up. A subject came to the throne room and said that Mario has a magician close to him now. Bowser says that this problem is and he thinks about a plan. He had an idea: transform a spaghetti into a monster or something. The subject found his idea to genius and left the castle very happy. Bowser does not want the subject to leave, because his butt is stuck. And the prince said he loves butts, dancing in his cell. Bowser was calming with his talk.


During his journey, Mario says that this is a good day at the wizard. In the village, fire attacks all the people. The magician took a look at the map and do not know where they are. Mario told him to give the map because the map it's better than yours. And the wizard says that this is a stone, but Mario sent him to shut up and talked about his map. For the wizard, he has no time for that and think the beast will devour the prince. In the castle Bowser, Bowser and the prince are playing chess and there, the prince shouts "xequemate". But Bowser says he hates chess, startling him.




  • The plot of all 4 videos is has a similar plot to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "w:c:spongebob:Dunces and Dragons". It features Plankton as Bowser, SpongeBob as Mario, Patrick as the wizard, the prince as Princess Pearl, the princess as the buffoon and King Krabs as the king.

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