Ruffman8890, or RM for short, is a blooper maker and a friend of SuperMarioGlitchy4. He first appeared in the video "Awkward Weddings", in which Rocks accidently spawned him while trying to create a love potion. He later appeared in several other episodes.

Color code Edit

Ruffman8890's color code somewhat resembles MarioMario54321's and mostly Skelux's because of the three colours orange, white and blue.

  • White overalls
  • Orange cap, harms and shirt
  • Blue gloves (often blue sky, sometimes dark blue)
  • White shoes
  • Clear yellow face
  • Yellow hair

Ruffman8890- Awkward Weddings

Trivia Edit

  • He currently has over 170 subscribers on YouTube.
  • He originally had a different color code from the ones in SMG4's videos.
  • He's hyperactive.
  • He is a pro at ping pong, according to the blooper "Crystal Funhouse".
  • He makes a cameo appearance as FightingMario54321's landlord in the episode "Two Great Friends!".
  • He has stopped making bloopers and is attempting to make more gaming videos. He does, however, still watch bloopers on a regular basis.
  • His color code was used for the Prince Big Whoop in the video "Castle Royale"
  • He's a cat person.
  • He has seen and edited this wiki page :3