Roprinplup14 (better known as Enzo) is a "friend" of SuperMarioGlitchy4 who resides at the castle. He was arrested on his birthday in the blooper "Birthday Freakout" and was plotting his revenge to "kill Mario and SMG4 once and for all". He later reappears for revenge in the blooper "The Visitor.", which was made a year later once again on his birthday, but seems to get arrested a second time.

He makes a few appearances afterward, with his most recent (and prominent) appearance being in Christmas Crazies, in which he (and the Villager) escapes prison once again to exact bloody vengeance against Mario and co. for ruining his birthday. Roprinplup14 is now named (on his YouTube Channel) PrinPlup14.

Color code Edit

Roprinplup14's color code is old: it was made years ago, before the color code generators. Here is it:

  • Blue sky overalls,
  • Dark blue cap, arms and shirt,
  • White gloves (like Mario, Luigi and several other guy's),
  • Brown shoes (like Mario's),
  • Normal skin, (like Mario's),
  • Brown hair (like Mario's).


Murder VictimsEdit


  • Oddly enough, he wasn't insane in Ssenmodnar 7, where he gave Mario some seeds for the Toad Birds, meaning he went insane after getting reminded of Mario ruining his birthday party.

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