Robot Clone

Robot Clone

Robot Clone is a robotic version of Mario that appears in SuperMarioGlitchy4's videos "4 Clones, 1 Italian", "Bowser and the Nightmare Stone", and "Smg3's plan to destroy Smg4 because he felt like it". Originally there were four of them created by Bowser, but in SMG3's Plan To Destroy SMG4 Because He Felt Like It only one was revived.


Robots were made by Bowser to torment Mario, so they came to the castle and bullied him. When Mario went to Bob-omb Battlefield, the clones revealed their true form, which they have angry red eyes. The first one was squashed by Mario, the second was smashed when Mario jumped out of a cannon, and the third malfunctioned because Mario kept saying tongue twisters that the robot couldn't process.  Finally, the last clone was at the summit and switched to alert mode, where it gains Hall-9000-like eyes.  It started shooting missiles but accidently shot itself and the robot blew up.  One later was revived by SuperMarioGlitchy3 to help him on his schemes.

The four

The four clones created by Bowser


Robots can switch modes, shoot missiles, and fire lasers.

Trivia Edit

  • The voice it uses in '4 Clones, 1 Italian' is from the Spyborg boss character from Star Fox 64.