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Tubbie Wonka in the factory

The Retarded Spaghetti Factory (or fresh spaghetti tubbie) is a spaghetti factory that opened in the Mushroom Kingdom on February 2nd, 2014. It is owned by Tubbie Wonka. On the day of its opening, Mario blew it up but it was later rebuilt. It serves as the main setting of the Guards N' Retards series, but has appeared in other bloopers as well.




  • It is unknown whether this factory has a monopoly over the Mushroom Kingdom's spaghetti industry.
  • In Retarded64: Mario and the Retarded Spaghetti Factory, the exterior of the factory is shown in Garry's Mod, but the interior is based upon the Facility level from Goldeneye 007.
  • They use Tubby Custard to make spaghetti.