Retarded64: Stupid Smash Bros is a blooper by SMG4 and the 23rd episode of the Retarded64 series. The name of the video itself is a pun on the game Super Smash Bros, which this video is mostly about.

Synopsis Edit

The Super Smash Bros roster fights Mario... Only they're all retarded.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Mario being a lazy fat a*s resting on a chair, saying things like: "Ravioli" and "Boobies". Until suddenly, a fiery smash ball directly lands on Mario. Mario touches the ball in curiosity thinking that it's a meatball and starts dancing, until he unintentionally unleashes a blaze that effectively roasts Toad.

Mario figures out that it's a great way to heat his spaghetti instead of using a microwave, but suddenly the Master Hand lurches towards Mario , demanding that he gives it back to it's respective owner. Instead, Mario keeps it, saying it wasn't his fault that Master Hand couldn't hold the smash ball. In turn, Master Hand pursues Mario through a hallway shooting his finger gun at him, yet it stops to try to control Mario (it doesn't work because Mario is to stupid to be controlled).

Coincidentally, Luigi walks down the hallway and Master Hand mind-controlled him instantly. Luigi uses his Green Missile (which Mario mistakes for crapping on the floor) but Mario dodges and Luigi crashes into the door. As Mario runs to the main room of the castle, he finds Peach , who has also been mind-controlled.

Mario asks the smash ball for powers again but it needed to cool down before it can be used again. Peach then hits Mario with her rear end in slow-motion, knocking him into the wall. Peach then throws turnips (which was from the ground) at Mario but he used a cape to reflect one of the turnips. Peach took out Toad for a shield to block that turnip.

After Mario complained about Peach's Toad , Bowser arrived (from the ceiling) also mind-controlled, he started breathing fire at Mario. Mario tried to shoot a fireball at Bowser but it had no use. Bowser then charges at Mario but he jumped over Bowser who crashes into Peach and Toad .Mario celebrates his victory but Master Hand still wanted the smash ball back. He decided to teleport Mario to the Battleship Halberd.

Master Hand first send Fox and Falco but Fox chose to use his blaster which doesn't do much damage and Falco just flew in the air. Thinking the game broke, Master Hand sends Captain Falcon, who was screaming "Show me your Boobs!" Mario grabbed Falco and threw him at Captain Falcon in an attempt to stop him but that didn't work. Out of the blue, Kirby crashed his Warpstar into Mario and Captain Falcon. Kirby was hungry, so he wanted a small snack, he then sucked Mario and Captain Falcon. After entering Kirby's stomach, Captain Falcon looked around trying to find out how to get out, he then punched Kirby's uvula causing Kirby to barf out Rainbows and everything he ate.

Kirby also barfed out Ness and Lucas who instantly got mind-controlled by Master Hand , Ness and Lucas used their PK attacks on Mario but then suddenly, King Dedede dropped by and called out "BIG GAY DANCE!" This caused everyone to dance to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" except Master Hand Annoyed by how he was just "Rickrolled, Master Hand teleports Mario to Onnet and summons The Pokemon Trainer, along with Pikachu , Jigglypuff , Charizard, Squitle and Ivysaur. Pokemon Trainer commanded Pikachu to use Thunderbolt at Mario but he ended up frying himself. 

Jigglypuff fell asleep before Pokemon Trainer can give an action and Charizard, Squitle and Ivysaur won't battle because he forced all three of them to attack the same time (Pokemon Rules) so Pokemon Trainer took out a minigun and started fireing. Mario ran away before Pokemon Trainer started shooting but Master Hand followed him. Using his new "Rent-A-Fighter" He summons Link who was repeatedly performs the Spin attack while approaching Mario but he deflected him.

Master Hand then summons Samus and Ike. Samus started charging her Arm Cannon but Mario jams it with a Magic Rock and sends Samus flying. Ike draws his sword and says "I fight for my friends". Mario ask is he is a friend and Ike smiles, nodding his head so the two start dancing. Master Hand became furious so he teleport Mario to Final Destination. Ganondorf , Mr. Game & Watch and Olimar were there to beat him up while Ganondorf sing "Like for Mean Green Mother from Outer Space". Mario trick Ganondorf to hit Mr. Game & Watch and Olimar off the platform.

Master Hand decided he'll get the smash ball by himself. After he did major damage to Mario , the smash ball ringed."Recharging complete. Smash those Motherfuckers". Mario raises the ball to use it but Ganondorf steals it last second and transforms into Beast Ganon. Then he charged at Mario but he dodged it and Beast Ganon hit Master Hand. Ganon and Master Hand fell off the stage. so Mario took the smash ball to his house as a trophy.

However,next to Mario's window,Sandbag shows up, and gives the viewers a dirty look as the screen goes red and the blooper ends.

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0:04 - Mario Party 1 - Playing the game

0:24 - Super Smash Bros - Vs. Master Hand

0:35 - Super Paper Mario - Mega Starman Music

1:01 - Earthbound - Apple Kid Theme

1:19 - Super Smash Bros - Fighting Polygon team music

1:56 - Super Smash Bros Melee - Battlefield music

2:33 - Super Smash Bros - Master Hand battle

2:50 - Earth, Wind and Fire - September

3:08 - Super Smash Bros 4 - Title Sequence music

3:36 - Super Smash Bros Melee - Green Greens

3:52 - Super Smash Bros Melee - Final Destination

4:18 - Super Smash Bros Brawl - How to play music

4:37 - Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up

4:54 - Super Smash Bros Melee - Onett music

5:25 - Rhythm Heaven Fever - Greetings

5:52 - Super Smash Bros 4 - Menu Music

5:57 - Beyblade theme

6:19 - Super Smash Bros Brawl - Ike's Theme

6:27 - Spongebob - Award Winners A

6:33 - Shalamar - Friends

6:57 - Mean Green mother from outer space

7:54 - Super Smash Bros Brawl - Versus Master Hand

8:39 - O Fortune (Carmina Burana)

8:56 - Super Smash Bros - Battle results

9:01 - Paper Mario - Toad Town Theme

9:12 - Terminator 2 theme