Retarded64: Stupid Mario Party
Retarded64 Stupid Mario Party

Retarded64 Stupid Mario Party

Season 7, Episode 17
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date April 1, 2017
Idea by Kevin Lerdwichagul
Directed by Luke Lerdwichagul
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Retarded64: Stupid Mario Party is a blooper by SMG4 and the 25th installment in the Retarded64 series. In this video, Mario and his crew plays a game of, well, Mario Party. Only this time, it's the stupid and retarded version of it.


Mario and the gang play stupid ass mini games in order to get the SUPER STAR.


Toad called Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi to make money by playing Mario Party. After showing the prize (a star, which Mario goes insane for) for who collect the most coins and letting Koopa Troopa explaining the rules, the party starts. Toad takes Latiku's cloud after slaughtering him with a shotgun. As the game begins, Mario rolls the Dice Block which moves them three spaces, gaining three coins and causing Kermit The Frog to appear as the mini-game host.

Kermit said "Smash each other with these crowbars! Last one standing wins!" Peach thought that it was insane but Mario took out everyone in 8 seconds so Mario earned 10 coins and everyone got back in the Clown Car. Mario rolls the dice and lands on red space, losing 3 coins and getting yelled by Toad. Kermit appears again for another mini-game and teleport the gang to a rock surrounded by lava.

Kermit explained that they must "chill"...while trying to stay out off the lava while he tries to shoot them. Mario, Luigi and Peach run when Yoshi just stand still. Mario picks up Luigi and use him as a umbrella but Luigi ended getting burned to death. Mario ask Peach to be him umbrella but Peach jumped in the lava in rejection, Kermit shoots Mario down, causing him to fall in the lava. Yoshi wins (by doing absolutely nothing!) and earned 10 coins but he said "But I wanna die!" so jumps into the lava. Someone rolls the dice and lands on a green space. Luigi asks what it means and Toad replies with they are screwed. Suddenly men with dynamite start running at Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi. Everyone panicked so Mario come up with a plan about food. The men with dynamite surrounded the gang and launched them to Kermit's backyard causing them to play another mini-game.

The mini game in question is a remake of Shy Guy Says, which takes place in Isle Delfino's Airport. The Shy Guy uses two pieces of toast: one of them cooked and one of them burnt. Kermit instructs the gang to copy what McShyGuy does with his toast. Yoshi, Peach and Luigi first hold up their burnt piece of toast, but Mario munches on the cooked one, resulting he gets sat on by a Gourmet Guy. McShyGuy then continues the minigame, Luigi and Yoshi then reply with the correct pieces of toast. Peach on the other hand is psyched out, causing her to be eliminated. McShyGuy then clarifies that "It's High TOAST!" With Luigi and Yoshi remaining, only one can win... McShyGuy rapidly raises both toasts back and forth, confusing Luigi and causing Yoshi's head to explode. In a panic, Luigi holds up a cooked piece of toast; but McShyGuy is holding a burnt piece. Both Yoshi and Luigi are eliminated, ending the mini game in a tie; which enrages Toad because nobody won a coin.

The gang get back to the board and Mario rolls the dice. Mario lands on Bank, causing the Koopa running it to chomp off his head, losing 5 coins. Luigi rolls a 6 and lands on a Bowser space. Causing Bowser to appear and forcing the gang to play Face Lift. The rules of the game is to copy the center Bowser face with the smaller stretchy Bowser faces. Any faces that do not resemble the one shown will result in the loss of coins.

The game starts, after a few seconds Mario starts playing with the face pretending it was talking while Yoshi almost copied Bowser's so Bowser wore it. Mario say that he need something more accurate so he messes up Bowser's actual face only to get punched. The minigame ended afterwards. Afterward, Bowser declared Peach the winner because she his "bae" and the others get burned and lose their coins.

Toad isn't happy with everyone losing their coins so he extends the game by 5000 minigames so they can make up. Kermit The Frog appears again so they play minigames. 3 weeks past and it's the last turn. Mario rolls the dice lands on a ! Space triggering Chance Time where someone gives everything of something to someone else. When the boxes stopped spinning, the results are Mario, Peach and Yoshi give all their coins to Luigi which means he wins (by doing absolutely nothing). Toad gives Lugi the star but Mario realizes it's a fake so he askes Toad if it's real. Toad denied the truth which Mario knew so Toad ended up being hang on the roof of Peach's Castle by his underwear. The gang runs off to go burn Toad's money while Kermit laughs at him before the video ends.

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0:04 - Mario Party 1 - Opening

0:34 - Mario Party 2 - Mini-game Park

1:01 - Mario Party 1 - Adventure begins

1:25 - Mario Party 1 - Minigame Stadium

1:34 - Mario Party 3 - Battle room

1:51 - Mario Party 2 - Blue Skies Yonder

2:08 - Mario Party 2 - Western Land

2:28 - Pokemon HG - Goldenrod city

2:44 - Mario Party 1 - Faster than all

3:08 - GTA san andreas theme song 

3:14 - Mario Party 3 - Woody woods

3:30 - Mario Party 2 - Not gonna lose

4:00 - Mario Party 1 - wide, wide ocean

4:27 - the Good, the Bad and the ugly theme

4:38 - Lockstep - rhythm heaven

4:56 - Mario Party 3 - Waluigi's island

5:16 - Mario Party 3 - Rules map

5:26 - Mario Party 1\2 - Bowser theme remix

5:36 - Mario Party 9 - Bowser Jr.'s Mad

6:08 - Mario Party 2 - Way to play

6:15 - Mario RPG - Victory theme

6:21 - Mario Party 3 - Foolish Bowser

6:34 - Mario Party 2 - Keeping on the path

7:05 - Mario Party 2 - move the music

7:16 - Chris brown - Look at me now

7:26 - Mario Party 3 - The Adventure begins

7:45 - Mario Party 2 - I can do it!

7:54 - Mario Party 3 - Chance time

8:16 - Mario Kart 64 - Trophy Presentation m

8:33 - Paper Mario 64 - Goomba village

8:56 - Mario Party 3 - Inside the castle


  • The mini games during the montage are as followed: Bumper Balls, Crazy Cutter, Bowl Over, Filet Relay, Bobsled Run, Bash 'n' Cash, Mario Bandstand, Mushroom Mix-Up and Move to the Music. Said games are from the first two Mario Party games.
  • Because all four players sit in the Clown Car and take turns in there, this game plays much like the Wii's Mario Party 9 and the Wii U's Mario Party 10.
    • However, the players use coins, spaces and minigames like Mario Party to Mario Party 8.
  • This is the marks the first time SMG4 uses the PPAP joke in his videos.
  • The "Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing" joke is reused again.