Retarded64: Mario's Road Trip
Retarded64 Mario's Road Trip

Retarded64 Mario's Road Trip

Mario is on the car's top, SMG4 holds on the engine, Toad shows a Crazy Face.

Mario is on the car's top, SMG4 holds on the engine, Toad shows a Crazy Face.
Season 7, Episode 7/Number 4
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date January 28, 2017
Idea by Kevin Lerdwichagul
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Retarded64: Mario's Road Trip is a blooper by SMG4 and the latest video in the Retarded64 series. Here, Mario, SMG4, and Toad take a road trip to try to reach Didney Worl (a parody of Walt Disney World), although the latter two are not excited about it.

Synopsis Edit

Mario gets SMG4 and Toad hopelessly lost on a road trip. How the hell will they get to Didney Worl in time?

Plot Edit

The episode begins in Smexy Town, where Mario, SMG4, and Toad are walking towards a Mario-themed car in the middle of a parking lot. Mario announces that he plans on taking the other two on a road trip to Didney Worl. Although SMG4 and Toad both show disinterest in the idea (with Toad even suggesting suicide), Mario refuses to take no for an answer and prepares to take off, getting into the driver's seat. This alarms Toad, considering how dangerous Mario can be even when he's not behind the wheel, but Mario insists that he has plenty of driving experience (although it is revealed in a cutaway that he's referring to his experience with riding a car-themed kiddy ride at the mall). SMG4 decides to drive instead for the sake of everyone's well-being in case Mario screws up, forcing Mario to get in the passenger's seat, and the trio take off on their road trip.

On the way out of Smexy Town, SMG4 asks Mario if he has a GPS that can give them directions to Didney Worl. Mario decides to use his new, rare GPS that he bought online; unfortunately, they find out that the GPS's AI is Fishy Boopkins, much to SMG4's annoyance. Fishy proves to be no help in navigating the car, as he either keeps getting distracted with wanting to play games or second-guesses himself on directions. This goes on for some time, until he gets Mario, SMG4, and Toad lost in a desert. Fishy then decides to get out his own GPS, which is revealed to be another Fishy Boopkins GPS. As the two Fishies get distracted with talking to each other, SMG4 finally has enough and throws the GPS out of the car.

SMG4 blames Mario for even buying the device in the first place (to which the latter reveals that the GPS was only worth a pack of peanuts), but Mario reveals that he also brought a map for backup. However, the map turns out to be just a play mat, and he points in a random direction. Toad questions if they're even going the right way, pointing out that the only thing in sight is a taco stand that Waluigi owns. Excited, Mario forces SMG4 to drive near the stand, running over Waluigi in the process, although Mario still manages to get tacos for some inexplicable reason.

SMG4 decides to turn on some music to lighten the mood. However, nobody can agree on what to listen to as they flip through various channels, until they eventually start fighting over the radio. They finally calm down after the radio lands on "What is Love?"; but it changes to a song that none of them care for when the car hits a speed bump. SMG4 then throws the radio out as well, and the trio agree to forget that this never happened.

All of a sudden, the car's engine dies, and Mario, SMG4, and Toad end up getting stuck on the side of the road. Mario spots somebody in the distance and suggests that they ask the person for help. Unfortunately, the bystander turns out to be Bob, who immediately recognizes the trio. He eagerly runs towards them, claiming that he has been alone in the desert for days. Obviously not wanting to put up with the wizard, SMG4 frantically tries to start up the car again and luckily manages to get it working. Mario thinks that they were able to lose him, but Bob is revealed to be hanging on to the roof of the car. SMG4 tries to force him off by turning on the windshield wipers, and Toad finally gets Bob to let go by poking him with a stick. Mario, SMG4, and Toad all take a brief moment to celebrate, but in their distraction, they drive the car off-road and ram it into a telephone pole, busting the engine again. As the trio sit there in shock, Bob mocks them from behind, claiming that they deserve it for rejecting him.

Mario, SMG4, and Toad all get out of the car and try to figure out what to do about the busted engine. SMG4 checks the trunk for anything useful, only to find it filled with Mario's "luggage", which consists of nothing but several plates of spaghetti. Recalling his experience with kart races, Mario believes that he can use mushrooms to jumpstart the car and tries ramming Toad head-first into the engine. However, this only makes the situation worse, as it causes the engine to combust and the car to explode.

SMG4 suddenly spots an oncoming truck and tries to get the driver's attention in order to hitch-hike. The truck luckily stops, and the driver turns out to be Steve, who agrees to give the trio a ride in the back. When they eventually stop, Mario thinks that they made it to Didney Worl, but it is revealed that they have stopped at Steve's Meme Farm. Unnerved by Steve's strange job and the reveal that his family consists of a pair of chickens, the trio decide to leave by stealing his truck.

As they continue to drive away, SMG4 suggests that they give up on finding Didney Worl, causing Mario to throw a tantrum and cry. Finally fed up, Toad stops the truck (accidentally knocking Mario out in the process) and gets out to ask for directions, but SMG4 doubts he'll find anything, causing the red plumber to start crying again. Toad then comes across a nearby Goomba, who reveals that the amusement park is right in front of them, much to Toad's fury. Mario cheers as they finally drive over, and the episode ends with a sequence of photographs with Mario, SMG4, and Toad enjoying their time at Didney Worl.

Characters Edit


0:04 - Montage - Team America

0:15 - Hotel Mario Theme

0:34 - Bomberman 64 - Green Garden

0:42 - Mass Effect - Elevator music

0:46 - SMB - Overworld (Willrock Remix)

1:04 - Rhythm Heaven Fever - Greetings!

1:40 - Sad Dong - Super Mario RPG

1:46 - Rhythm Heaven Megamix

1:59 - O fortuna (Carmine Burana)

2:03 - Mario Party 2 - Laboratory

2:43 - Wii Shop Bling [ToonLink]

2:34 - Super Mario RPG - Monstro Town

2:43 - Wii Shop Bling [ToonLink]

2:53 - NHK - Purin Purin Purin

3:02 - Toad Sings Pokemon By Toad

3:10 - IceJJFish - On The Floor

3:13 - Chicken Nuggets song - Sean Bean

3:14 - Toad Sings RidinDirty by Orca Whatever

3:19 - Haddaway - What is Love

3:28 - PPAP Romatic Version

3:57 - FNAF 2 Trailer Music

4:21 - Legend of Zelda - Middle Boss Battle

4:41 - Dream A Dream - Captain Jack

4:56 - Paper Mario - Goomba Village

5:24 - Mario Kart 64 - Circuit theme

5:41 - Karma Charmeleon (16 - Bit)

6:02 - Paper Mario - Koopa Village

6:27 - Glitter Gulch Mine - Banjo Tooie 

6:58 - Spongebob - Day Drama

7:09 - Pokemon Diamond - Eterna City

7:23 - Super Mario Land Remix (Level 1)


  • This reveals that Mario can't drive, though he has a car. However, he could drive perfectly back in the earlier bloopers and even had his driver's license, so it's possible he forgot how to do it.

This was the first and only time that a GMod sprite was used when Mario cries, inside the car when SMG4 suggested that the group give up in finding Didney World. In other videos, a SM64 sprite of Mario with tears building up in his eyes was used when Mario was crying.

|-|Gallery Edit

(Retarded64 intro)

Mario: Mama F*cker

(It all starts at the driveway, Mario, SMG4, and Toad walks in slow motion, Mario got the keys, and the Mario Mobile makes an old fashion honk)

Mario: OH BOY! Who's ready to go on a vacation to .... DIDNEY WORL!!!

(SMG4 and Toad sarcastically cheers)

SMG4: Yoohoo...

Toad: Yayyyy...

Mario: YOU ARE GONNA LIKE IT ..... Okey Dokey, Let'sa go, F*cker

(Toad pulls out a gun)

Toad: Quick, shoot me with this gun. Then I'll shoot you with it.

Mario: Come on

Toad: Wait .... Mario is driving .... F*ck. That. S*it.

Mario: Shut up! I have lotsa driving experience, Biotch

(A flashback shows Mario on a Cheep Cheep shaped kiddie ride)

Mario: Weeeee, This-a make me so happy

(Flashback ends, SMG4 punches Mario out of the driver seat)

Mario: Oof

SMG4: Just to avoid death, I should drive

(The Mario Mobile deos an old fashion honk as it leaves the driveway)

(Mario hums the Super Mario Bros. theme)

SMG4: Well, I have no idea where this place is. Do you have GPS, Mario?

Mario: Of course! I just bought a rare GPS from Ebay!!

(Mario turns on Wire GPS BOOPKINS)

GPS (Fishy Boopkins): Hi guys! It's Fishy Boopkins. And today I'll be you're GPS.

(SMG4 gets mad)

GPS (Fishy Boopkins): I hope I could be friends cause I'm so lonely. Do you guys play any games? I got.. I got this new Hello Kitty phone. Please call me guys.

(SMG4 stare at GPS)

GPS (Fishy Boopkins): Oh okay, okay. Uuuu... So uuu...might wanna...take a left?

(Mario Mobile turns left)

GPS (Fishy Boopkins): Wait! Wait! Wait!

Toad: (flies out of the Mario Mobile) AHHHHHHHH!!!

GPS (Fishy Boopkins): Right? Oopsies Poopsies! Ahh, silly me. Take a left turn?

(Mario Mobile is moving while background changes to city)

GPS (Fishy Boopkins): Or it...

(Mario Mobile is moving while background changes to frozen forest)

GPS (Fishy Boopkins): Or it...Or it straight?

(Cut to SMG4 with his hand on his face while Mario sleeping in a desert)

GPS (Fishy Boopkins): How bout go that way I guess? Hhhmmm... Ah crap, I'm lost. Can't do anything right. I'm so bad. Wait hold on, let me get my GPS out. (takes out Wire GPS BOOPKINS)

GPS 2 (Fishy Boopkins): Oh! Oh hi Fishy Boopkins!

GPS (Fishy Boopkins): Hey Fishy Boopkins! Can I get you'll help?

GPS 2 (Fishy Boopkins): Sure! How it bin lately?

GPS (Fishy Boopkins): Oh, very good, I bought some new games. You wanna play with me? Let's start over on Minecraft!

(SMG4 is mad screaming with fire in the backround)

(Glass breaking noise)

(Wire GPS BOOPKINS is throw out of the Mario Mobile)

GPS (Fishy Boopkins): Ahhhhh!

SMG4: Thanks to your stupid GPS, we're even more lost, Mario!!!

Mario: Hey! That GPS cost me a pack of peanuts!! But it's okay, cause Mario has his backup map!! (take out map)

(Mario reads his map which is actually a play mat)

Mario: (points right) That way!

(The Mario Mobile drives off the road)

Toad: Are you sure this is the right way? There's nothing out here...except for that one taco stand. (looks to his left)

(cut to Waluigi's Taco Stand)

Waluigi: Waluigi's Taco Stand!

(cut back SMG4, Mario and Toad)

Mario: Whoa! (grab the steering wheel)

(Mario Mobile runs over Waluigi's Taco Stand)

Waluigi: AAAHHHHH!!

(Mario is eating tacos while SMG4's eyes are wide open)

SMG4: You know what will lighten the mood? Some music! (turns on radio)

Radio: You used to call me on my cellphone.

SMG4: Oh Yeah!!!

Radio: Late night when you need my love.

Mario: Bleck! Boring! (changes channel)

Radio: Buddy, buddy, buddy!


Toad: Ha! Gayyyy! (jumps from his seat and changes channel)

Radio: Pokémon! Gotta catch them all!

(Toad is dancing with sunglasses)

Radio: It you and me! I know it's my destiny.

(Mario and SMG4 are on fire)

Radio: Pokémon, Ohh-

(SMG4 changes channel)

Radio: Is something about ya girl-

(Mario changes channel)

Radio: If you like chicken nuggets-

Toad: No!! (jumps from his seat and changes channel)

Radio: They see me rolling. They hate it-

Mario, SMG4 and Toad: NO! NO! NO!NO!NO!NO! (repeatedly change channels)

Radio: What is love?


(Mario Mobile hits a speed bumps which changes the channel)

(Everyone stares at the radio)

(Glass breaking noise)

(The radio is throw out of the Mario Mobile)

SMG4: Let's pretend none of this ever happended.

Mario: (agrees)

(Mario Mobile stops)

Heavy (offscreen): DEAD

SMG4: AH crap! The engine died!!!

Mario: Maybe that guy can help us?

(Zoom in to the unknown character who turns around)

Bob: Oh my god! Is that you SMG4 and Mario?


(Bob approaches the Mario Mobile)

Bob: I been lost in this desert for days.

(SMG4 tries to start the Mario Mobile)

Mario: Hurry up already!

Bob: You come to rescue me.

(Toad is holding a cross)

Toad: The power that save us compels you.

(Bob is on the road and Mario close his window)

SMG4: C'mon already.

(The Mario Mobile takes off)

Mario: OK... I think he's gone...

(Bob is hanging on the windshield)

Bob: Hellooo!!

(Everyone except Bob scream)

Toad: Aahhhhhh!! Get it off! Get it off!Get it off! Get it off!

SMG4: Get the f*ck outta here!

(SMG4 turns on the windshield wiper)

Bob: Senpai! Why won't you notice me-e-e-e-e?

(Bob is pushed off the windshield)

(Bob is hanging on the back of the Mario Mobile while Toad is poking him with a stick)

Bob: Senpa-i! I thought what we had was special.

(Bob fall on the road)

(SMG4, Mario and Toad look at Bob and dance)

(Everyone then turns around)

(Cut to SMG4's POV to see they're going to crash into a power line)

(Everyone screams)

(The Mario Mobile crash into the power line then does a old fashion honk before the sound is broken)

(Everyone is surprise and Bob run past then in the background)

Bob: That what you get for rejecting me scrubs!

(SMG4, Mario and Toad are outside)

SMG4: Godammit... the engine is really busted now...

Mario: R.I.P. Mario Moblie

Toad: We're all gonna die!

SMG4: Do you have anything that can help us?

(SMG4 opens the trunk and spaghetti flies out)

(SMG4 is crushed by spaghetti)

Mario: Oh, thanks for getting my luggage out! :D

(Mario looks at Toad who is next to a grave with "Here lies Toad's Hopes and Dreams" on it)

(A lightbulb appear next to Mario)

Mario: Wait a minute.

(Toad looks at Mario)

Toad: The f*ck?

Mario: Wait a minute.

(A flashback appears which Mario is using Mushrooms in Go-Karting)

(Cut to Mario pushing Toad at the Mario Mobile's engine)

Mario: Mama F*cker!

(Toad screams)

Mario: Mushrooms boost my car right?!

(Mario throws Toad at the engine and it is set on fire)

Mario: Oh s*it.

(The Mario Mobile blows up knocking Mario)

(Mario lands on the road)

(Karma Charmeleon (16 - Bit) can be heard)

SMG4: ?

(A truck is seen)

SMG4: Ohh yeah!

Notice me senpai! Please notice me senpai! Notice me senpai! PLEEAASE!!!

(Truck stops)

SMG4: Senpai noticed me! Yes, yes!

SMG4: (to truck driver) Thank you!

(Truck window goes down to reveal it's Steve)

Steve: Hi guys!

SMG4: Hiii Steevee.

Mario: Yo Steve, Mah man you think you can give us a ride?

Steve: Okie Dokie!

Cut to Steve driving with SMG4, Mario and Toad in the back with a pig.

Pig: How you're doing?

(Pig licks Toad)

(Cut to Steve stopping the truck)

Mario: OOH, are we here yet!?

SMG4: Nope!

(Carema angle change to reveal SMG4, Mario and Toad are at Steve's Meme farm)

Mario: WHAT?!!?

(Cut to Steve watering his plants and giving food to Sanic and Pookachu Cage)

(Cut to Steve walking pass packages)

Chicken: Honey, I'm home!

Steve: Chickens! My family has arrived.

(Cut to SMG4, Mario and Toad)

Steve:(offscreen) Wahoo!!

SMG4: Let get the f*ck out of here.

Mario: Okie Dokie!

Toad: Yep!

(SMG4, Mario and Toad leave with Steve's truck)

SMG4: Sorry Mario... but it looks like we're never going to find Didney Worl.

Mario: Nooo! Waaahhhh!Waaaahhhhhhhhhh!

Toad: I'm sick of this s*it!

(Toad jumps on the brake pedal which stops the truck)

(Mario get hits by the window)


(Toad leaves the truck)

Toad: That's it, I'm asking for directions!!!

SMG4: Well... he's not going to fing anything.

(Mario who is still whining hits SMG4)

(Cut to Toad walking to a Goomba)

Toad: HEY YOU! Where the hell is DIDNEY WORL?!

Goomba: Oh, Didney Worl? It's right over there.

(Toad sees Didney Worl)

Toad: F**CCKKK!!!

Mario: WHOA! 


(SMG4, Mario and Toad go to Didney Worl)

(Mario jumps in a pink background)

(Cut to a number of photo of SMG4, Mario and Toad at Dindey Worl)