Retarded64: Mario's Boat Trip
Retarded64 Mario's Boat Trip

Retarded64 Mario's Boat Trip

Season 7, Episode 28
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date June 4, 2017
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Retarded64: Mario's Boat Trip is a blooper created by SMG4 as an episode of the Retarded64 series. It is essentially a follow up to Retarded64: Mario's Road Trip, in which Mario, Toad and SMG4 are finding another Didney park. In the case of this blooper, the three are on a boat trip to find Didney Sea.


Mario, Toad and SMG4 are back on another trip! This time they're on a boat... pretty sure we all know how this is gonna turn out.


The episode begins in the harbor of Delfino Plaza, where SMG4 is forcing Mario to travel by boat for their next vacation, seeing as how badly things turned out the last time they went by airplane (referencing the events of SM64 Christmas 2015 - Christmas Crazies). The two of them meet up with Toad, who plans on taking them in his own boat. At first, Mario thinks that it is the yacht behind Toad, but is disappointed to find that it is actually a tiny, old motorboat.

Mario continues to whine as the three of them leave the harbor. SMG4 tries to get him to stop by reminding him that the vacation there going to is at Didney Sea. Mario quickly becomes excited and eagerly bounces around the boat, eventually invading Toad's personal space. Toad pushes him off and asks SMG4 to keep Mario as far away from him as possible so he can focus on driving the boat.

They all sail further out to sea, with Toad driving the boat while listening to music, SMG4 gaining seasickness and vomiting over the side, and Mario being restrained inside of a life preserver. Mario eventually interrupts Toad once more, complaining that his butt is itching and demanding Toad to scratch it for him. Toad begs Mario leave him alone, but the plumber's only response is to taunt him by saying that he doesn't care. Toad ultimately gets fed up with Mario and throws him into the water, keeping him tethered to the back of the boat with a rope. As Toad drives the boat faster, dragging Mario behind him, SMG4 pulls out of piece of candy to distract him from his seasickness. However, as the boast ends up running over SpongeBob, who is wandering around in the ocean, the resulting bump causes SMG4 to lose his balance, and the candy falls out of his hands and into Toad's mouth. Toad suddenly becomes hyperactive from the sugar and starts spinning the boat out of control, flailing Mario in the air and making SMG4 even more seasick. They eventually stop after the sugar wears off and Toad falls asleep. SMG4 collapses as well, due to his nausea and dizziness.

Mario lands in the boat, now free from the life preserver. He tries to revive SMG4 and Toad with "CPR," which involves nothing more than slapping the two and humping them. Mario then tries to see if he can drive the boat by himself, but the steering wheel falls off the moment he touches it, and he decides to just throw it overboard. Looking around the boat to see if there is anything around to fix it with, Mario then gets the idea to use the boat's engine as a substitute for the steering wheel. He yanks the engine out and starts banging it into the control panel. SMG4 and Toad then wake up to find the boat on fire. Furious, they blame the whole situation on Mario and start tackling him.

Two hours later, the trio continue to float aimlessly around in the ocean, not knowing what to do. Mario's stomach suddenly growls, and he asks SMG4 if there's any food around. When the latter replies that their only option would be to fish for food, Mario attempts to use Toad as bait by dunking him in the water. Toad retaliates, and the two of them get into a scuffle. They accidentally hit SMG4, prompting him to join the fight as well. While the three of them are distracted, a pirate ship suddenly sails towards them in the distance and shoots a cannon ball at them. This catches the trio's attention, and the cannon ball destroys the boat, throwing them into the water.

Eventually, Mario, SMG4, and Toad wake up to find themselves being held captive by Shy Guy pirate crew, who have tied them to a stake and are roasting them over a fire. Toad tries to free them by getting Mario to reach into his pocket for something useful; however, Mario tosses out Toad's cell phone and shotgun in favor of eating his sandwich. Mario then tries to convince the Shy Guys to release them by singing, but they shut him up by threatening him with a sword. Finally, SMG4 suggests that they just try screaming as loud as they can, to which they do so.

Their screams travel in the form of sound waves across the ocean until they reach Fishy Boopkins, who is at home watching TV. Realizing that his friends are in trouble, Fishy runs to his "Boopkin-mobile" and heads off to rescue them. However, it takes longer than expected, as Fishy is concerned about speeding.

Meanwhile, the Shy Guys try to speed up the cooking by using a flamethrower to strengthen the flames, which sets Mario, SMG4, and Toad on fire. As the three of them panic, Toad questions why they haven't been saved yet.

It then cuts back to Fishy, who has just made it out of the "Boopkins-Cave." Realizing that he is taking too long, he decides to summon other sea creatures to save his friends by using his "Boopkins Sonar." However, this proves to be ineffective, as the sea creatures that he sends are too small and weak to penetrate the pirate ship, to the point that the Shy Guys don't even notice what is going on.

Fishy Boopkins eventually makes it to the pirate ship himself and jumps aboard to save his friends. However, it is revealed that he is too late, as Mario, SMG4, and Toad are all unconscious on the ground and still on fire. The Shy Guys prepare to attack Fishy, who tries to fight them off with "Fishy Kung-Fu"; although it merely involves him flailing about aimlessly. One Shy Guy slaps him, prompting him to start crying for his daddy.

Mr. Boopkins suddenly emerges from the water, and Fishy asks his dad to take out the pirates for picking on him. Mr. Boopkins manages to smash the ship in one-hit, which sends everyone flying. He catches Fishy, as well as Mario, SMG4, and Toad, who are all revealed to still be alive. The trio tell Fishy about how they are trying to find Didney Sea, and Fishy asks his dad if he can go with them. Mr. Boopkins tosses them all in the air, and they eventually land on the shore of the theme park. They happily run towards Didney Sea, and the episode ends with a series of photographs depicting the fun they have on their vacation.



  • Along with ♫ The Ultimate Smash Bros ♫, this is one of the first few episodes on SMG4's channel to utilize the GlitchyBoy intro.
  • References to Past Bloopers:
  • This video is the final video in the Retarded64 series. On June 12, 2017, SMG4 formally announced that due to YouTube’s video policy, Retarded64 would be discontinued. However Marios train trip could be a Retarded64 episode considering that its in the R64 playlist.
  • The name of Didney Sea might have been from Tokyo DisneySea.