Retarded64: Boo Busters
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Retarded64 Boo Busters

Season 6, Episode 18
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date June 5th, 2016
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Retarded64: Boo Busters, It involves Luigi, Mario, Toad and Yoshi fighting Boos to rescue Princess Daisy from the horror of Big Boo's Haunt.


Princess Daisy was kidnapped by the Boos lead by King Boo, so Luigi, Mario, Toad, and Yoshi step up to rescue her and do some ghostbusting, or should we say "boo-busting"?


While Luigi is cleaning the house, he finds a letter from Princess Daisy asking him to stop spying on her. Daisy writes that she will come to his house if Luigi leaves her alone. Luigi then asks Mario to take out the garbage, but he refuses and breaks his own neck before falling asleep.

Luigi looks out the window to see Old Man Hobo, Waluigi, Enzo, and a Boo with a propeller hat running amok. He becomes frightened but nonetheless decides to take the trash out himself. He is further startled by a crack of thunder. Luigi makes a mad dash for the trash can and runs back to the front door. However, it is locked; Luigi rattles the door to no avail, and his brother is still asleep. A Boo appears behind Luigi and scares him just as Daisy arrives. Luigi punches the princess and throws her at the ghost, which traps her inside.

Mario has woken up as Luigi jumps back into the house through a closed window. The green-clad plumber sketches a plan, to rescue Daisy by vacuuming the Boo holding her hostage with his Poltergust 3000. He asks Mario , Toad, and Yoshi for their help and—to their disapproval—explains the specifics of his plan.

The four wore their ghostbusting attire; Luigi begins driving their van as Mario uses an iPad to play Angry Birds. Luigi becomes angry and distracted and crashes the van into a house. Yoshi sees the Boo carrying Daisy, so the four begin to chase it. Mario runs into a wall the Boo phases through. Yoshi attempts to eat it but it dodges and he attaches his tongue to a taxicab instead. Toad chases the Boo into the house to see Bowser doing something embarassing. Luigi ambushes the Boo. It spawns a Warp Pipe, which Luigi desperately holds open for his teammates before jumping in himself.

The ghostbusters land in Big Boo's Haunt. King Boo has Daisy trapped on the roof. The heroes line up as King Boo lets a creepy clown loose from a doghouse, spooking Luigi. Mario is unfazed by the clown. They enter through the backdoor and come across a Boo dance party. Luigi cannot stop himself from dancing, alarming King Boo and alerting his guards. Luigi incapacitates one with a Magic Rock and his Poltergust, while the other Boo flies off in fear. Mario wants the group to split up, but his brother refuses.

King Boo enters a room and stomps the bridge of falling blocks. Mario tells Luigi that he just needs to believe to get across, bringing the Believe Fairy to life. The Believe Fairy brings out his pingas to help them cross, but Mario ground-pounds it, causing them to fall to the basement.

Meanwhile, Toad and Yoshi have found the door to the roof, but there are swarms of Boos outside that they can't vaccuum. Yoshi has an idea, as he opens the door, gets on the floor, and walks the dinosaur. King Boo appears, announcing that the exit to the roof is hidden. Yoshi keeps dancing; King Boo spazzes out and crashes into the bookcase behind him. The bookcase blows up and reveals the exit. However, Daisy is not on the roof. In her place is the clown, wearing her clothes. King Boo gloats and powers up the clown to a ridiculous size.

In the basement, Luigi has lost hope, but Mario sings "Don't Stop Believin'". The Believe Fairy appears again, but refuses to help since Mario broke his pingas off. Mario tells Luigi that there's only one way out as he eats a Poison Mushroom and dies. Luigi mourns his death before Mario emerges from his body in Boo form. Mario phases through the mansion with Luigi before seeing the humongous clown.

Toad and Yoshi decide to help. Yoshi resumes dancing on the clown's head, while Toad kicks the clown in the buttocks. Mario tells Luigi he is their only hope. He then abruptly stops, sending Luigi flying into the clown's crotch. The clown keels over dead and crushes King Boo. Everyone celebrates. Luigi then tells Daisy that it is time for the date, only for the screen to switch over to show that the clown killed Daisy after he died. Luigi is rendered speechless in shock. Mario suggests they all get burgers, much to Toad and Yoshi's delight.




  • This video is an obvious reference to the Ghostbusters series of films.
    • A chiptune remix of the movie's theme is even used.
  • Strangely, two versions of King Boo appear, one being based on his appearance in the Luigi's Mansion series, and the other based on his recent appearances.
    • There is technically a third version of King Boo if one counts the N64 Boo edited with a crown.
  • When Luigi screams while taking the trash out, Hans Zimmer's Pirates of The Caribbean Theme can be slightly heard.
  • Luigi's scream during the scene where he is taking out the trash is actually Squidward's scream, when SpongeBob and Patrick burst into his house while taking a shower.
  • The dream Mario says when he is knocked out is the dream he says from Super Mario 64.
  • This is the first video where Princess Daisy gets captured, as well as the first where she is killed.

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