Retarded64: A Theatre Mario.
Retarded64 A Theatre Mario

Retarded64 A Theatre Mario.

Season 6, Episode 9
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date March 14, 2016
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Retarded64: A Theatre Mario is the 267st video released by SuperMarioGlitchy4, and the 17th episode in the Retarded64 series.

Synopsis   Edit

Princess Peach wants to watch "Super Mario Twilight 6" in the movie theater, and Mario was forced to watch that movie with her. Mario must find away to escape from her before he is scarred for life. 

Plot Edit

Mario is at the castle watching TV while eating spaghetti. The Super Mario Areobics Program turns on and Mario participates in the nude, making Toad question life. Peach runs in to Mario and tells him that Super Mario Twilight 6 is out. Mario does not want to go, making Peach threaten Mario with killing his spaghetti. Mario finally accepts the invitation to prevent Peach from doing this. Mario is stuck in bad traffic, angering him. He drives off a steep cliff, thinking he can escape. After he crashes, he is horrified to discover that there's a movie theater in front of him. Peach is very excited to see it, rushing in, while Toad pushes Mario in. Mario is depressed, but instantly gets happy from a poster to Spaghetti A Mezzanotte. Peach is about to ask for the SMT6 tickets, but Mario bursts in to try to demand tickets for his movie. Peach uses a blood-thirsty creature to stop Mario from getting his tickets by making it do a big gay dance. Mario, Peach and Toad are at the concession stand with Donkey Kong as the vendor. Toad asks for the "spiciest and hottest chicken." DK then spawns a burning Chica, who burns Toad alive because she thinks he has her pizza. Mario appreciates Toad's suffering, but gets burned alive by Chica. 

Afterwards, they all went in a movie room, where Mario was forced to sit next to Peach, who became exited to watch the SMT6 movie, while Toad sits a little far away from them wearing 3D glasses. Before the movie even began, there was a commercial about "Friendship Candy", even though it looks more like a "Super Smash Bros." commercial, where the Mario in that commercial, Yoshi, Pikachu, and Donkey Kong fought each other. Mario is happy to see that commercial, while Peach is outraged and complains that the movie hasn't started yet. Then, there was another commercial, and this time it's about "Toast", with Shy Guy. As Peach still demands that movie to start, Mario needs to find a way to escape before the movie starts, saying that he couldn't survive the last 5 times. A flashback occurred when Mario was watching "Super Mario Twilight 5", and he felt disgusted to see that scene, while Peach enjoys it. In fact, it was so disgusting that Mario puked on SMG4's popcorn, making SMG4 cry. As Peach ask Mario how "romantic" it is, instead of the real Mario, she turned and saw Ugly Mario next to her, and she screamed in terror, realizing that the real Mario somehow escaped from her.

After killing Ugly Mario, Peach gets mad and goes out to find Mario, unaware that Mario knocked Donkey Kong unconsious. Then, Frankie showed up and Mario acts like a vendor, asking Frankie what would he like to order. Frankie wants a "new toy", so Mario gave the unconscious Donkey Kong, as Frankie gets happy and took DK to watch "50 Shades of Grey" with Dr. Robotnik's face, as shown in the poster. As Mario sings about how "smart" he is, Peach finally found Mario and angrily ask him about ruining the night. Of course, Mario doesn't even care, so Peach took out her "Waluigi Launcher" and fired a horde of Waluigis at Mario, though Mario managed to evade them all and went inside another movie room, where Steve is watching a movie that shows nothing, and he still laughs. Mario immediately asked Steve what will he do to escape from that "psycho Princess", Steve said his own name, and for some reason, Mario said that it's "genius".

After that, Peach is now happy that she thanked Mario for being with her, unaware that it's really Steve, disguised as Mario when he wore Mario's clothes. As Steve screams in terror, unable to move from the seat, the naked Mario is relieved, even though he told Steve that he can't move anywhere. Then, Toadsworth appeared and asked Mario where Peach is. As Mario moved back to the "VIP section", Mario tells Toadsworth to look over there. As Toadsworth turned, Mario gets away while singing the "Trololo" song. Toadsworth saw Luigi wearing Peach's dress and told him to stop wearing that, and then Luigi starts crying. Soon after, Mario went to the elevator and still sings about how "smart" he is, while the other two guys and a Goomba are shocked to see Mario naked. After getting in the VIP room while somehow wearing shades, a Whomp asked him where his VIP pass is. So Mario gave Whomp a "pass", even though it's really a "Spaghetti Strip Club Memeberiship Card". After that, Mario saw Bowser, watching a movie about himself celebrating his victory against Mario. Mario then shouts "boring" and Bowser screams after seeing him naked, as Bowser shoots fire. Mario backed away and he told him that they should watch a movie together. The one movie that Mario held was "Barbie and the Magical Pegasus" and throws it away, asking Bowser why would he watch that. Bowser gets mad and chased after Mario, as Mario somehow ended up on the top of the movie room where "Super Mario Twilight 6" is on now.

During the "romantic" part, Peach, with her boxes of tissues, starts crying, while Steve claims that he wants to die. Back on top, Bowser found Mario, and as Mario backs away, this pushes the movie projector off, falling slowly as Mario, Bowser, and Peach gets shocked. And then, the movie projector breaks into pieces, causing Peach to roar loudly. Mario then blames Bowser for doing that, as Bowser panics about it. Then, Bowser placed the old movie camera and, with the help of Mario, he placed one of the reels in that camera and it shows some gay guy singing "California Boys", causing Mario and Bowser to scream, and it also caused SMG4 to cry until his head explodes.

Peach is still angry about the projector breaking, so Mario, desperate, changes the movie the projector's playing. First Nyan Mario, then Morgan Freeman saying "Titty Sprinkles". Bowser uses his own camera to project Mario and Bowser, leaving Peach puzzled. Bowser then tells Mario to pretend she's watching the movie, and Mario humps Bowser's shell. Peach then wants Mario and Bowser to kiss, causing both to look into each other's eyes. Bowser calls Mario "Mario-Senpai," and Mario refuses to kiss him, punching him off of the top of the movie room, eventually crushing Peach. Steve somehow gets where Mario is, and Mario questions himself not figuring it out earlier.

Mario then tells the cleaning guy to clean up what was in the room with a hurt Peach. When Toadsworth tells "Peach" where she was, Mario pretends Peach is speaking to Toadsworth, and eventually dropping her. Toadsworth excepts this, and when they're ready to leave the theater, Mario says they might have forgotten something. It cuts to Toad still waiting for the movie to start, along with a sad SMG4, Bowser on the ground, and Steve. 

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • When Mario said that he couldn't survive the last five times, this could probably mean a reference from the scenes of Retarded64: Son of a Bowser, where Mario and Bowser watched the first Super Mario Twilight movie with Bowser Jr and were disgusted.
  • It was revealed that Peach has a huge crush, huge addiction, and huge fan of Super Mario Twilight.
  • The Mario Aerobics Program is actually the routine for Just Mario in the Wii version of Just Dance 3 as an exclusive DLC for said console.
  • Steve's scream came from the Loud Nigra, a popular internet meme.
  • Peach was known to use Waluigi Launcher Cannon that shoots multiple Waluigis.

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