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President Toad Washington is SMG4's 107th blooper.


Toad wins a "president for a day" contest and begins to use it against Mario and company. However, a bomber threatens to blow up the White House, as well as everyone inside.


This blooper begins with a sad Toad, once again being tormented by Mario . After he leaves, SuperMarioGlitchy4 asks Toad why he is sad, he says that he's sick of living with idiots. After kicking Starman3 out of the bathroom, Mario tries to cheer him up, only to admit he accidentally killed his parents. Afterwards, the gang turns on the news, where they announce the winner of the "President for a day" contest, which turns out to be Toad.

Toad assumes his place at the White House and orders for the destruction of the Castle. SMG4 tells Starman to stall the demolition crew, while he and Mario go stop Toad. After failing once, they see a man plant bombs in the White House.

After getting in again, SMG4 lures Toad out with the promise of a (another) naked old man, only to find that the room he has been lured into is rigged with bombs, so he leads him into another room. Afterwards, the bomber breaks into the surveillance room, and traps SMG4 and Mario where he planted all of his bombs. After escaping, they warn Toad, who finally gets to the bomb shelter as the White House is obliterated. Despite killing many people, Toad is not charged, but is informed that the day is up, and is stripped of his powers. The gang returns to the castle, only to find that Starman failed, and the castle is completely destroyed. Mario once again starts tormenting Toad, who explodes.



  • This is the first time where the destruction of Peach's Castle is not Mario's fault.
  • This is one of the episode where Toad appears as the main antagonist.

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