Portal M4R10 - If Mario was in... Portal
Portal M4R10 - If Mario was in..

Portal M4R10 - If Mario was in...Portal

Season 6, Episode 13
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date April 17, 2016
Idea by SuperMarioGlitchy4
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Portal M4R10 - If Mario was in... Portal is the 271st video released by SuperMarioGlitchy4, and the third blooper in the If Mario was in... series.


Mario wakes up in the world of Portal, where rogue supercomputer GlaDOS tests him while plotting to murder him.


At nighttime, Mario starting to get hungry and decided to sneak into a kitchen, where he is not allowed. Mario looks around until he sees a cake. He ate the cake and got knocked unconscious. Mario woke in in a science facility as prison subject "M4R10".

GlaDOS tested Mario to place a storage cube to a button, but Mario ends up crashing to a glass wall. With the portal opened, Mario manages to bring a cube out, but his butt ends up blocking the hole. After completing the test, Mario was rewarded with a Portal gun. He thought it was camera, and used it for a selfie, only to get his face smugged with a gun. He began to have fun using the new Portal gun he has in his hands. Incomplete Section




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