—The policemen's catchphrase

The Policemen (also known as Officers and Cops) are the law enforcement in the Mushroom Kingdom. Whenever they appear, it is often out of nowhere and proclaim "STAHP RIGHT THERE!" upon doing so.

The policemen are notable for their overly violent behavior when handling crimes. Due to this, their actions come off as less like justice and more like police brutality.

They appear in a number of SuperMarioGlitchy4's videos. The policeman's color code is blue all over, except his skin which is left at the default color.


List of crimes you can get arrested for or sent to community service in the SMG4-Verse Edit

Accidental Murder-Luigi

Bank Robbery-Mario and Toad

Attempted Murder-Enzo

Reckless Driving-Mario

Animal Theft-Mario

Demonic Rituals-Luigi

Public Nudity-Mario

Using Confiscated Stuff-Mario and SMG4 

(More to be added)


  • In Crime Time, they mostly appear as Garry's Mod models.
  • The policemen are an homage to Sergeant Anous (played by Ian Hecox) of Smosh fame. Even using the same voice clips of the latter.
  • The Policemen have a new custom model as of SMG4: The Mario Café.

    New custom model for the Policeman in The Mario Cafe.

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