Mario's Pokemans Edit

This is a list of Mario's Pokemans throughout the Super Pokeman 64 series.

Super Useful Luigi <---> Weegee Edit

  • History:

When Mario starts to battle Gary's Groudon, Mario sent out his starter Pokeman Luigi. But Mario finished Gary's Pokemon by shooting it. It travels throughout the series. It can Mega Evolve into Weegee by Mario's Spaghetti (which acts like a Mega Stone). After he had seen Pengaz is chosen to be Mario's favorite Pokeman, he was abandoned.

  • Personality and Characteristics:

Luigi is a very timid, and a cowardly Pokeman, but he often helps Mario. Luigi becomes sad when he was abandoned, as shown in Super Pokemans 64: Legendary Pokemon. As Weegee, he has no emotion, but he can send a person flying with just a wink.

  • Moves used:

Cry- function unknown.

Punch- Uses his hand to punch the opponent.

Spaghetti- function unknown

Kick in the Nuts- function unknown

Thunder Smash- he turns into Fire Luigi, then he creates a fireball at his left hand and an electric ball at his right hand. Then mixes both and throws to the opponent.

Attract- Luigi dances to attract the opponent.

HammerLuigi brings out his hammer, and repeatedly hits the opponent with it.

Scratch- Luigi scratches the opponent with his two hands.

Spin Attack- Mario grabs Luigi, then Mario spins and throws Luigi to the opponent.

Mentally Pissed Off Toad Edit

  • History:

At first, it was a Foongus, until it evolved into Toad. It chased Mario to the lab, then it was caught. When Gary declares a rematch with Mario, Gary's Weedle sends Toad flying. After Gary's defeat, Toad returns panicking, attacking Mario in the process. It returned in Super Pokemans 64: Legendary Pokemon, it was sent out by Mario to kill Gary's Machoke in battle.

  • Personality and Characteristics:

Toad is a very wild Pokeman when it was encountered, but it was calmed when caught.

  • Moves used:

AK-47- Swag glasses falls into Toad's eyes then brings out an AK-47 and starts shooting the opponent.

Magiderp Edit

  • History:

It was caught during the events of Super pokeman 64 bloopers: GYMS AND BADGES. It embarrassed Mario in front of strong trainers. It flew away while chasing Blaine.

  • Personality and Characteristics:

The trainer gets embarrassed when it was shown to stronger trainers.

  • The moves are unknown.

Pengaz Edit

  • History:

It was first heard by a man who suffered from a heart attack. Mario tracked it down by the man's diary, which led him to a cave. It kept running to the deepest part. Gary went to look at it, but after he had seen it, he angrily left it alone, then it was caught by Mario. Then Mario used it to destroy the girl blocking the path.

  • Personality and Characteristics:

Pengaz usually runs away from trainers when in the wild. Pengaz is a very useful Pokeman as shown in Super Pokemans 64: Legendary Pokemon, even though it looks a "lameass" Pokeman.

  • Moves used:

Egg Bomb- Pengas releases an electrical shock from its mouth then the opponent explodes if hit.

Gary's Pokemans Edit

This is a list of Gary's Pokemans throughout the Super Pokeman 64 series.

MLGSexyWife Edit

  • History:

Gary obtained this Groudon from Professor Oak. He nicknamed it MLGSexyWife. When battling Mario's "Super Useful Luigi", Mario shot the Groudon, resulting a victory for Mario. Not much of what happened after it's death.

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