Mighty Morphin' Mario Rangers
Mighty Morphin' Mario Rangers

Mighty Morphin' Mario Rangers

Season 7, Episode 29
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date June 10, 2017
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Mighy Morphin' Mario Ranger is blooper made by SMG4. As the title suggest, it's a parody of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Mario and the gang have been made into super heroes! Will they be strong enough to defeat the evil Dr. Pootis?


At the mall, Peach, Luigi, SMG4, Toad and Mario are hanging out. Mario attempts to order spaghetti at McDonald's but the cashier refuses since they don't serve it. Mario throws a spatula at him resulting a cop appearing. Mario punches him then runs to his friends for help but they didn't care and throw him into a corner. The cop surrounds him so Mario calls for Jeebus for help. Someone answers and wrap Mario and SMG4PeachToad and Luigi as well. They reappear in a base in space and The Great Shigeru Lord introduce himself as he summon them. He wanted them to protect the universe but the gang didn't care as they were about to leave.

Shigeru Lord convince them to stay as he shows a video of Dr. Pootis wrecking Nintendo City. Luigi ask why did he chose they as he believes they have special powers but Shigeru Lord replies that he was looking for retards with nothing to do. Shigeru Lord called Regigigas to help they prepare but Mario got scared so he killed he. The gang walk into another room as Shigeru Lord gave a Mighty Mushroom Morpher to each of them so it can give the user strength when needed.

The team made their way to Nintendo City and encountered Dr. Pootis but their attacks did nothing. Dr. Pootis blasted them with a Bullet Bill knocking them back. Peach suggest to use the Mushroom Morphers which they do become the Mario Rangers. The villain send X-Nauts to attack but Mario, Peach, Toad, Luigi and Toad fight back and win. Dr. Pootis flees to another part of the city but the gang follows him.

Luigi suggests a surprise attack but everyone else has left him. Mario jumped at him but Dr. Pootis grabbed Mario and threw him away. Toad brought a tank but Dr. Pootis blew it up and kicks SMG4 and PeachShigeru Lord calls Mario telling him he and the gang can summon mechs. Shigeru Lord was about to tell what they are or they'll summon random some but Mario already run off and told the others. Mario summons a bowl of spaghetti, Luigi summons a vacuum cleaner, Peach summons a frying pan, Toad summons the best chips in the world (doritos) and SMG4 summons Hank Hill. The team go and beats Dr. Pootis but he summons a 2nd mech so Mario suggest to combine the 5 mechs.

Nobody takes action so Mario tries to attach them together the best way. He is done 2 hours later and attacks Dr. Pootis. Dr. Pootis fires a energy ball but Mario jumps to avoid the attack. Suddenly, Mario's mech started falling apart so Mario charges at Dr. Pootis who fall out of his mech once again. Dr. Pootis reached for his remote to summon another mech but Mario stops him by throwing Luigi. The Mario Rangers returns to base with Dr. Pootis tied up and Shigeru Lord thanked them. Luigi asked what he's going to do with Dr. Pootis and Shigeru Lords replies that he's going to sell him on Ebay. Shigeru Lords tell Mario and the gang that justice is always needed which reminds Mario that somewhere needs it. The scene cut to Mario back at Macdonald's to demand for spaghetti before the blooper ends.



0:07 - Mario RPG - Mushroom kingdom

0:27 - Mario RPG - Rose Town

0:50 - Mario RPG - Slope

1:00 - Mario RPG - Amred boss

1:23 - Mario Galaxy - Nostalgic souverign

1:46 - Paper Mario TTYD - Grodus's room

2:03 - Underground Riddims - Mcvaffe

3:20 - Rock theme song

3:55 - Paper Mario TTYD - Rawk Hawk battle

4:08 - Rower Rangers - Extended club mix

4:25 - Simpsons hit and run - Milking the pigs

4:58 - Mario Sunshine - Pinna Park

5:26 - Mario Party Advance - Shroom city

5:38 - Heavy breafast machine

6:15 - Earthbound - buy something will ya

6:41 - Sailor Moon - Moon prism power

7:25 Mario Party 4 - To the final duel

8:18 Mario Party 4 - Thwomps backroom ball

8:42 - Overwatch menu screen


  • Along with ♫ The Ultimate Smash Bros ♫, this is one of the first few episodes on SMG4's channel to utilize the GlitchyBoy intro.
  • The episode's name is a spoof to the first power rangers season from the 90s, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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