Mickey Mouse is a character that made his first major appearance in SMG4 Mario goes to DIDNEY WORL. He works at DIDNEY WORL.

Personality Edit

In his original incarnation, Mickey Mouse is a nice guy who helps stop bad guys and is generally pleasant. However, in SMG4's bloopers, instead, Mickey Mouse is angry and hates a few people. Everytime the ticket man tells Mickey Mouse a problem, he solves it.

Trivia Edit

  • Mickey Mouse is also known as the angry mouse because of him hating a few people.
  • While Mickey Mouse hates a few people and is a villain, he is still a nice guy only when he meets a bad person, then thats when he kills them just like in SMG4 Mario goes to DIDNEY WORL, since Mickey Mouse hates Mario, SMG4, Toad, Fishy Boopkins, and Bob.
  • The model used for him is a Garry's Mod skin of his appearence in the videogames saga Epic Mickey

Gallery Edit

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