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Old man

Vital statistics
Current Age: Born March 24 2003
Age: 15
Birthsign: Aries
Current Status: Alive
Also known as: The Upcoming Star
Appearences: If Mario Was In... Splatoon
SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2017
SMG4: Wild, Wild Mario
SMG4: The Movie Audition
SMG4: Mario University
Physical attributes
Friends: Mario, Splats Squad (Heavy Squid, Kenji, and Sam), Shroomy, Luigi, Toad, Fishy Boopkins, Bob
Enemies: Heavy, Bowser, Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Mario (formerly)
Likes: Turf Wars, target practice, competition

 Meggy is an Inkling character from SuperMarioGlitchy4 's series of bloopers. She first appeared in If Mario Was In... Splatoon, after Mario found her in her squid form in an orange paint, can and then she dragged him into Inkopolis, where Mario later joined her team to participate in the Turf War.


Meggy is a female Inkling who hails from Inkopolis. She is an active competitor in local Turf War battles and dreams of becoming a successful athlete. As such, she refers to herself as an "upcoming star."


Prior to her first appearance (If Mario Was In... Splatoon), Meggy was captured by an unknown adversary (maybe toadworth) and trapped into a paint can in the basement of Peach's Castle until Mario freed her out of the paint can. Afterwards, she returns home to Inkopolis, dragging Mario with her down a nearby drain. Upon returning, Meggy attacks Mario, believing that he was the one who trapped her in the can and quickly runs off for her training.

Mario eventually runs into Meggy again when he sees her walk down an alleyway. After watching her team, the Splats Squad, during their training, he asks if he can join them, only for Meggy to turn him down due to his lack of experience and their lack of an opening on their team. However, Meggy is eventually forced to let Mario in after his attempts to impress her leave one of her teammates injured. While Mario still proves to be inexperienced, he starts to show more commitment to practicing after seeing how serious Meggy is towards winning the Turf War. As such, the two slowly bond as they work together during the rest of the session.

The next day, the Turf War begins, and Mario and Meggy both work to best their competition. While Mario still struggles with following Meggy's lead and imitate her moves, he manages to come around once he starts to use his own skill set to help the team. Even so, the Splats Squad still manages to lose, leaving Meggy distraught. Mario manages to comfort her with his simple-minded humor, and she resolves to keep working hard to get better. The two eventually part ways as Mario head home, with Meggy now considering him her friend.

Meggy eventually reappears in The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE, as one of the many competitors that go through Mario's tower. She proves to be extremely skilled in most of the challenges (particularly the Slope, the Bullseye, and the Gauntlet), even making it all the way to the semi-finals. However, she ultimately loses the competition to Shroomy.

She appears once more in SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2017. Meggy serves as one of the challenges for SMG4 and Mario in a one-on-one shootout, where either one must land a hit on her in order to win. However, this proves to be difficult as her attacks frequently overwhelm them. SMG4 loses the match when he lunges out at Meggy, only to get hit by an oncoming train. Mario attempts to fake her out by pretending to surrender then shooting at her when she's not looking. However, Meggy doesn't fall for it and dodges his attack. She then shoots him, making Mario lose the match as well.

Meggy later participates in the rap battle, siding with Mario and Fishy Boopkins, while also displaying her skill at singing.


Meggy is frequently displayed as a tomboy who enjoys playing sports and competing in multiple challenges, her main sport of interest being Turf Wars. She will quickly take whatever challenge that is thrown at her. The most notable instance of this is in The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE, as Meggy, is one of the only few contestants who cares more about the value of winning rather than the prize that Mario promises.

Meggy also has a very smug sense of humor, as she frequently throws snide remarks and taunting gestures at her opponents. Particular examples include telling Mario that she mistook him for a big, red target when she accidentally shoots him, and when she sticks her tongue out at Bowser during Mario's Challenge after rebounding from his attempts to sabotage the Gauntlet. Meggy also seems to enjoy jokes based on stupidity, as she occasionally finds Mario's idiotic actions and phrasing to be funny.

However, Meggy also has a bit of a sensitive side, as she hates losing and is hard to herself when her best efforts still don't prove to be good enough. Even so, she is able to rebound and regain her confidence fairly quickly, which she seemed to learn from Mario's confusing but well-intentioned advice.



  • Meggy's eye color frequently changes throughout all of her appearances, ranging from pink to teal to purple. It is unknown whether or not this is just a production error relating to her various model types.
  • Her dream career is a lawyer.
  • She can't swim despite the fact that inklings are like squids.
  • SMG4 himself is revealed to not like Meggy's fans as shown in the captions for SMG4: Mario Preschool a photo can be seen to the right.