Meggy is an Inkling character from SuperMarioGlitchy4's series of bloopers. She first appeared in If Mario Was In... Splatoon, after Mario freed her from a can of paint in Peach's castle. Later, she dragged him into Inkopolis, where Mario joined her team to participate in the Turf War.

Biography Edit

Meggy is a female Inkling who hails from Inkopolis. She is an active competitor in local Turf War battles and dreams of becoming a successful athlete. As such, she refers to herself as an "upcoming star." For that, she tries too hard and gets into lots of fiascos when trying to be too competitive.

History Edit

Prior to her first appearance (If Mario Was In... Splatoon), Meggy was captured by an unknown adversary (possibly Toadsworth) and trapped in a can of paint in the basement of Peach's Castle until Mario freed her. Afterwards, she returns home to Inkopolis, dragging Mario with her down a nearby drain. Upon returning, Meggy attacks Mario, believing that he was the one who trapped her in the can. She then quickly runs off to train.

Mario eventually runs into Meggy again when he sees her walk down an alleyway. After watching her team, the Splats Squad, during their training, he asks if he can join them, only for Meggy to turn him down due to his lack of experience and their lack of an opening on their team. However, Meggy is eventually forced to let Mario in after his attempts to impress her leave one of her teammates injured. While Mario still proves to be inexperienced, he starts to show more commitment to practicing after seeing how serious Meggy is towards winning the Turf War. As such, the two slowly bond as they work together during the rest of the session.

The next day, the Turf War begins, and Mario and Meggy both work to best their competition. While Mario still struggles with following Meggy's lead, he manages to come around once he starts to use his own skill set to help the team. Even so, the Splats Squad still manages to lose, leaving Meggy distraught. Nevertheless, Mario manages to comfort her with his simple-minded humor, and she resolves to keep working to get better. The two eventually part ways as Mario heads home, with Meggy now considering him her friend.

Meggy eventually reappears in The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE as one of the many competitors that go through Mario's tower. She proves to be extremely skilled in most of the challenges (particularly the Slope, the Bullseye, and the Gauntlet), even making it all the way to the semi-finals. However, she ultimately loses the competition to Shroomy.

She appears once more in SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2017. Meggy serves as one of the challenges for SMG4 and Mario in a one-on-one shootout, where either one must land a hit on her in order to win. However, this proves to be difficult as her attacks frequently overwhelm them. SMG4 loses the match when he lunges out at Meggy, only to get hit by an oncoming train. Mario attempts to fake her out by pretending to surrender then shooting at her when she's not looking. However, Meggy doesn't fall for it and dodges his attack. She then shoots him, making Mario lose the match as well.

Meggy later participates in the rap battle, siding with Mario and Fishy Boopkins, while also displaying her skill at singing.

In Mario and the T-Pose Virus, Meggy appears playing a card game with Fishy Boopkins and Bob when Mario and Luigi (being chased by T-Pose Zombies) break into the room. Meggy attempts to fight them off, but soon joins their ranks. Like all the others affected, she is returned back to normal.

In SMG4: The Mario Carnival, Meggy appears as one of the people in Bob's carnival. When Mario struggles with the Duck Hunt game while trying to get 100,000 tickets for the Eggman Football (and after Mario shoots Bob for making fun of his aiming skills), he encounters Meggy and asks her to help. She accepts, and she shoots the targets with perfect accuracy, scoring Mario a lot of tickets. However, SMG4 arrives with Tari, causing Meggy and Tari to meet for the first time. Meggy tells Tari to show her what she can do, and SMG4 orders Bob to raise the difficulty. Tari proves to be even more of a challenge. Meggy, not willing to lose, orders Bob to activate her gun, and when Bob asks for the money, she angrily repeats the order, and Bob obliges. Meggy and Tari shoot the targets with the same accuracy, while at the same time scoring Mario and SMG4 even more tickets (thus causing Mario and SMG4 to say "Yeah, boiiiiiiii" in unison). Bob panics, saying that at this rate, they will clean him out of his tickets, but Bob proclaims to have a little trick up his sleeve. As a last resort, Bob flips a switch to activate "POWER DRIVE" difficulty, which causes the targets to move at such a fast speed to cause Meggy and Tari to have difficulty keeping up. The speed of the targets forces Tari to activate Expert Mode, causing her to shoot all of the targets without fail, shocking Mario, SMG4, and Meggy. After Tari ends up scoring infinity points, Meggy is at first distraught at being defeated, but is amazed by Tari's skills and begs her to teach her, causing Tari to reveal she is a cyborg. Meggy then carries Tari off to get started on practice while Mario and SMG4 go to be the first to claim the Eggman Football for themselves.

But it turned out the Eggman Football Mario and SMG4 wanted to get was actually 100,000,000 tickets instead of 100,000. Bob offers Mario and SMG4 a plastic toy comb, but Mario and SMG4 start to cry. However, Meggy and Tari come back with a lot more tickets. SMG4 asks if the tickets were for them, and Meggy agrees to give the tickets as long as SMG4 shares the prize. With the Eggman Football at long last obtained, Mario and SMG4 happily leave the carnival, with Meggy following.

In SMG4: The Mario Convention!, Meggy appears alongside Tari on Glitchcon 2018, bored with all the pop culture on the convention. Later, she tries to teach Tari how to aim and throw a basketball correctly, but gets hit on the face by the ball on the process. When Tari wanted to get Hideo Kojima's autograph she tried to bring him over Tari so she could meet him. But after a bit of a “fight” with Mario to get Kojima, she realized Kojima pulled a T-Pose mushroom to try to use on Mario, and pushed him out of the way before the Shroom exploded, sacrificing herself for Mario's safety, ending up as Patient 0 of the 2nd outbreak of T-pose zombies. Later, when Tari emerged from the bargain bin, she found, to her horror, Meggy among Waluigi’s T-posing zombie army alongside Luigi and Bowser.

Appearance Edit

Meggy by kuby64-dbpvltm

Meggy's usual appearance

Meggy is an Inkling girl with long orange tentacles, light skin, and pink eyes. Unlike other Inklings, she usually wears three pieces of head equipment as opposed to only one. They are the Studio Headphones, Pilot Goggles and the Short Beanie. The rest of her gear set contains the Zink Layered LS and the Octoling Boots. The Studio Headphones and the Octoling Boots are the only gear pieces that appear to be retained throughout her other appearances where she wears different gear sets. She usually uses the Splattershot as her weapon of choice. She sprays orange ink with it.

In SMG4: Wild, Wild Mario, Meggy's Short Beanie is replaced by a typical cowboy hat, something that is not found in both Splatoon and Splatoon 2.

In SMG4: The Movie Audition, Meggy wears four pieces of headgear. In addition to her usual three, she also wears the Tinted Shades but colored black. She does not wear any clothing gear. Instead, she wears a simple black shirt.

In SMG4: Mario University and SMG4: The Mario Hustle, Meggy wears four pieces of headgear again. However, this time, she also wears the Black Arrowbands. The rest of her outfit consists of the School Uniform.

In SMG4: The Mario Mafia, Meggy's Pilot Goggles are absent while her Short Beanie is replaced by the Special Forces Beret. However, unlike in Splatoon, where its color is always set to match the Inkling's ink color, it appears as pink instead of orange. Her clothing is the Black Inky Rider. She has the same headgear set in SMG4: Final Fantasy Mario while her clothing is the Blue Sailor Suit and the skirt from the School Uniform.

Personality Edit

Meggy is frequently displayed as a tomboy who enjoys playing sports and competing in multiple challenges, her main sport of interest being Turf Wars. She can be very competitive and will usually take whatever challenge that is thrown at her, but she is a huge tryhard and fails. The most notable instance of this is in The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE, as Meggy is one of the few contestants who cares more about the value of winning rather than the prize that Mario promises.

Meggy also has a very smug sense of humor, as she frequently throws snide remarks and taunting gestures at her opponents. Particular examples include telling Mario that she mistook him for a big red target when she accidentally shot him and when she sticks her tongue out at Bowser during Mario's Challenge after rebounding from his attempts to sabotage the Gauntlet. Meggy also seems to enjoy jokes based on stupidity, as she occasionally finds Mario's idiotic actions and phrases to be funny.

However, Meggy also has a bit of a sensitive side, as she hates losing and is hard on herself when her best efforts fail or don't prove to be good enough. Even so, she is able to rebound and regain her confidence fairly quickly, which she seemed to learn from Mario's confusing but well-intentioned advice.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Transformation: Like all Inklings, Meggy has the ability to transform into a squid when she is over a large ink covered area of her same color.
  • Martial Arts: Meggy is shown to know some form of fighting.
    • Tryhard Kick: In SMG4: Wild, Wild Mario, she roundhouse/spin kicks a cowboy in a saloon who is threatening Shroomy.
    • Uppercut: In SMG4 Christmas 2017: The XMAS Discovery, she was able to perform an uppercut so strong it caused Waluigi to go straight through the roof.
    • Channel and Sweep Ability: In SMG4: The Mario Mafia, she was able to channel her inner Johnny Lawerence and sweep Wendy’s leg before kicking her out a window.
    • Karate Skills: In SMG4: Mario and the T-Pose Virus, she used her martial arts skills to fight back against the T-Pose zombies. Unfortunately, she ends up infected anyway.
  • Accuracy Enhancement: Meggy has been shown to be able to hit practically any target at any range.
    • Tryhard accuracy: In The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE; she aces Mario's bulls-eye challenge- a feat that was so amazing, Heavy attempted to prove she was cheating somehow, only to be disqualified when he used his Minigun in a fit of rage.
    • Button Hitting: In SMG4: New Year, New Mario; she manages to hit the stop button on a microwave from the other end of the room with very little effort.
    • Multiple Bulls-eye: In SMG4: Stupid Mario Sports Mix, she hits multiple bull-eyes in the archery competition.
    • Disarming: In SMG4: The Mario Mafia, she has no problem disarming Wendy's multiple weapons one after the other.
    • Bucket Throwing: In SMG4: Wild, Wild Mario, she is able to hit a bucket across town and knock it down to prevent DK from escaping.
    • Tryhard shooting: In SMG4: Final Fantasy Mario; When Meggy received her Firegun, she is able to hit multiple targets- most of which she did while looking at her phone.
  • Weapon Mastery: Ranged: Meggy is shown to have an instant mastery of nearly any ranged weapon.
  • Inhuman endurance: Meggy has shown to be able to withstand strenuous challenges with ease. In If Mario was in... Splatoon 2, Meggy is more than able to pick up the difficulty, while Mario only wants to get some food. However, this is because Mario is fat and lazy.
  • High Intelligence: Meggy is not only athletic- she has shown to be quite smart as well. In SMG4: Mario University, she is able to quickly deduce that the culprit who trashed the campus kitchen was SMG4 and not Mario because the culprit threw a plate of spaghetti away.
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Trivia Edit

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  • Her dream career is a lawyer. Although her goal is to become an athlete.
  • Her name comes from the names Meg - short for Megan, and Maggie.
  • Her eyes are sometimes miscolored in some scenes in some episodes.
  • Meggy become second best rock seller in SMG4: The Mario Hustle
  • She is unable to swim in Stupid Mario Sports Mix. This is most likely a reference to Splatoon, where Inklings would dissolve if they touched water, leaving their clothes behind. However, SMG4 hasn't shown this to be the case with Meggy or any other Inklings.
  • She doesn't like watching tentacle anime and has to be dragged by her feet to be made to watch some.
  • Her voice seems to alternate from Callie's to Marie's and sometimes an Octoling, possibly because SMG4 wanted to give her some variety when she talks.
  • When she was auditioning in SMG4: The Smash 5 Trials, she was unable to reach the first platform and gave up (contradicting her competitive personality) due to the platforms being far higher then she could physically jump. Mario helped her by throwing her to each platform. Master Hand was going to deem Mario's help illegal but allowed it anyway.
  • Unlike most reoccurring characters, such as Bob and Boopkins, Meggy probably does not reside in the Mushroom Kingdom, but in Inkopolis. This could be why (story-wise) she is in fewer videos than the other two previously mentioned.
  • She often gets called an Octopus, despite Inklings and Octarians having evolved from two different species.

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