SM64: Meet the Cast is a series created in 2014 by SuperMarioGlitchy4. The associated bloopers are documentary-like episodes focusing on the life of a major character in the bloopers e.g. Mario. They also provide details about that character's relationships with other people and appearances in the bloopers, and aim to teach the viewer more about the subject. Also, a pattern has developed for when SMG4 will make a video in this video series, being that a SM64: Meet the Cast has been posted (about) every 6 months (and probably will also depend on the popularity of the series).

Episodes Edit

The miniseries started in June 2014, and so far has only five episodes. However, SMG4 has stated that he plans to continue making entries in the series, with more such bloopers to come.


  • This series is heavily based on the Meet The Cast series from Team Fortress 2.
    • It even uses the same music from the said series.

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