Master of Fail Disguises
Super Mario 64 Blooper Master of Fail Disguises

Super Mario 64 Blooper Master of Fail Disguises

Season 1, Episode 16
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date July 9, 2011
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Master of Fail Disguises is Supermarioglitchy4 16th Blooper. In this blooper Mario gets kicked from Peach's birthday party and uses disguises to get in. He fails at making disguises.



Mario is seen jumping out from the pit that leads to Bowser's arena holding a key. He also mentions that he gas the key to the castle's kitchen and Peach's Bedroom. He then looks for his gun. Toad then reminds him that the next day was Peach's birthday. Mario then plans to give Peach a butterfly. The butterfly then starts to fly away and Mario chases it, making a mess in the castle. The butterfly had supposingly grabbed Mario's gun and punched him. Mario then kills the butterfly. Peach hears the commotion and goes inside. Mario then blames it on Toad. Peach then says that Mario AND Toad are't allowed to go to her party. At some point, she uninvites Luigi.

The next day, Mario watches the news about Peach's birthday. Mario then talks to the castle guards. Mario then uses multiple dusguises to try to get inside.

When he got inside, using his "secret" way, Mario finds out that the party was over. He then finds Peach outside and apologizes. Peach forgives him and asks for a present. Mario then brings Lakitu and throws him to the castle. Peach then walks into thee ground and the video ends.


  • Toad wants to marry Peach, so he wants to give her a wedding ring.
  • A butterfly is dangerous, it can punch you in the face...
  • Mario used the next disguises (Hidden in his overalls):
    1. Fly-Guy
    2. Bob-omb
    3. Goomba
    4. Princess Peach
    5. Yoshi
    6. Toad
    7. Castle Flag
    8. Basement Door
  • The title is referencing to the worst comedy film: The Master of Disguise featuring Dana Carvey.

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