Season 7, Episode 24
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date May 6, 2017
Idea by Luke Lerdwichagul
Directed by Luke Lerdwichagul
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MarioTube is a blooper by SMG4. After Mario release a popular video on Youtube, the rest of the gang try to make videos. But it all seems like nobody knows how to make a proper YouTube video!

Synopsis Edit

After Mario's huge success on his Youtube channel, the entire SMG4 cast want to give making videos a shot too... except everyone is stupid and their videos are stupid.

Plot Edit

Everyone is doing their casual stuff in the castle; SMG4 taking a nap, Toad is reading a mushroom pr0n magazine, Luigi and Fishy Boopkins are playing chess, Bowser is kidnapping Peach, Wario and Waluigi are stealing money and Bob is asking people to make a movie about him. Suddenly Mario opens the front doors and everyone looks at him. Mario said "Out of the way bishes! Rich, famous man coming through!" Mario had uploaded a viral video (CASTLE TOUUUURRRR!!! :D ) his channel theawesomario.

Mario shows the views, likes and dislikes of the video which impressed everyone. They decided they want to make a Youtube channel of their owe.The next day, SMG4 went on Youtube to watch some videos when Luigi, PeachFishy Boopkins, Wario, Bob, Bowser, Toad and Mario send a mesage on Skype to watch their videos. Saying there's nothing better to do, SMG4 started watching his friends videos.



WEEGEEPIE plays Minecraft for the first time. After hitting a cow, WEEGEEPIE called it the end but Mario forces him to play Amnesia The Dark Descent. After a zombie jumpscares him, WEEGEEPIE ended of the video. SMG4 found it boring.


Super BOB glitchy 4Edit

It is 1969, Bob (the sexiest man alive NOT!) save a girl from Evil Bob by shooting fireballs. Then Bob tells the girl to have sex with him. SMG4 (smack his face into his keyboard multiple times)


WARIO InvasionEdit

Wario greet the viewers and show his rich house but the real onwer came and took out a bat. Later, before Wario starts doing pranks he told that the video is by Wario's Microgame Emporium who's selling crappy games for high prices... SMG4 wanted to see the pranks as it turn out that the video is 10 hours long. SMG4 skips to 9:54:44 .It turn out that Wario is still explaining Wario's Microgame Emporium. He finally started doing pranks which was just Wario running over a Koopa Troopa . SMG4 said "I want to die"

Frozen Elsa Spiderman DisneyCarToys Toys Channel Parody Cookie Monster Barbie & ArielEdit

Fishy Boopkin's Toy Time :DEdit

Fishy Boopkins was doing a roleplay where Spiderman and Elsa kiss when Dr. Eggman attacks them but Fishy Boopkins ran out of ideas so he asked for likes. SMG4 (and his office are then seen on fire)

Cooking with bowser: The ultimate guideEdit

Chef BowserEdit

Chef Bowser puts tomatoes, lettuce, eggs and Secret Peach Sauce into a blender and blend it for 10 seconds for a "nice delicious meal". SMG4 (try's the same but it's different and it's on fire)

Goverment run by Illuminati?!Edit

The Toad TheoristEdit

This video has been taken down due to claims by the FBI and government.



Peach does a makeup tutorial on Waluigi by brushing his hair, clean his face, apply the lipstick and do everything else. After that Waluigi jumps out of the apartment. SMG4 find that one very boring.



Mario plays his intro and says he going to watch Who let the chomp out but he doesn't actually reacts to the video properly. "That what a lot of shit" said SMG4 so he went back to watch other videos on Youtube.



  • This video explores every flaws of video making, which include:
    • Not being original or interesting to play a popular game or being too much of a coward to play horror games: Luigi imitates jacksepticeye and PewDiePie shamelessly with any originality and gives up playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent after getting a jumpscare.
    • Not doing things properly in a cooking or makeup video: Bowser's cooking video makes a mess if tried in real life and Peach's makeup video makes people bored.
    • Utterly giving up in the middle of the video: Fishy Boopkins literally asks for likes in the middle of his story telling after being unable to think of what to do next with his story.
    • Shameless self-advertising: 99% of Wario's video is consisted of self-advertising rather than actually making a prank.
    • Unprofessional execution and too rushed production: Bob's "movie" is short, uses awful audio and visuals, and literally has no direction.
    • Dealing with a matter that would easily be taken down if not handled properly: Toad's theory video apparently tackles too deep about the theory without proper execution that the government takes down his video.
    • Lack of focus of what the video is about: Mario's not reacting to a video as he's doing his own antics.