Luke Lerdwichagul (born May 24, 1999) is an Australian/Asian Super Mario 64 machinist and the creator of the Super Mario 64 Bloopers and SMG4. He is represented in videos as SuperMarioGlitchy4, a blue-and-white color-swapped Mario and the main protagonist of the bloopers. He is also the voice of Shroomy.

As stated on his channel, a new video that SMG4 makes airs every Sunday (or Saturday) depending on your region.

Presence in bloopers Edit

At the end of the blooper Da Glitch, after the virus is destroyed, Toad is warped to SMG4's room in the real world. His identity as of then, was, unclear – SMG4 teased the community about this with the Facebook message "It probably could be me"; although it was finally revealed to be him in Smg4 vs ALS Ice bucket challenge. In SMG4's deleted prank video, he was ostensibly revealed to have the first name Ryan; however, in Mario in real life!? (200 vid special), he is referred to as Luke, confirming that his real name is really Luke Lerdwichagul, as PathboyJosh found earlier.


Luke/SMG4 as seen in "Mario in real life?".

In Mario in real life!? (200 vid special), the real life SMG4 made his first main role in his blooper series. The special involves Mario and several other major characters getting warped to his house, making it necessary for him to get them back to their world before anyone finds out.

In Ssenmodnar 10 (350k Apocalypse Special), he enters his computer room, only to discover a clone of himself is sitting in his computer chair and licking his Waluigi plush doll.

In SSENMODNAR Deluxe, Real Life SMG4 is zapped by the Dab gun and dabs multiple times.

Evidence of his identity prior to the ALS videoEdit

  • On the (now deleted) video of some of SMG4's friends playing a prank on him, the real SMG4 looks sorta like this guy, though his face is never seen.
  • In the "SUPAH SMG4 PACK" on Google+, a picture states that he looks Chinese, in the many pictures on this page and in the video, he may look Chinese to some.
  • SMG4 lives in Australia at the Southern Hemisphere, and the blooper where the guy appeared (Da Glitch) is made near June, since Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere where June-August is Winter and December-February is Summer, the time in Australia near June becomes cold due to winter coming, the guy is wearing jeans probably due to the cold.
  • In the end of "ÐД gℓђ", the guy's computer shows Sony Vegas that is open along with Starman3 with golden glowing text in the preview box. This may have been SMG4 in the process of making the blooper before it was uploaded.
  • In Yoshrooms., a Mii looking similar to SMG4's real life self makes a cameo appearance at the end after Weegee has taken over the Castle and some of its residents.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • His real name is Luke Lerdwichagul.
  • SMG4 actually hates spaghetti.
  • He is scared of Teletubbies.
  • He spends most of his life indoors to avoid danger or rain and to make more bloopers.
  • He has an older brother named Kevin.
  • According to the video How Mario was Born, he is ostensibly gay.
  • It's possible that Luke has an Indonesian descent. In the video Super Caveman Bros., the Barney video has Indonesian subtitles and the footage probably comes from a DVD Luke bought from Indonesia.
  • In one episode of Hobo Bros, Kevin stated Luke is actually color blind.

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