乁(´• ω •`)ㄏ

Vital statistics
Current Position: Ghost Hunter
Current Age: Born, January 1 1985 Nintendo Canon: >32
SMG4-verse: >86
Current Status: Living in the Mushroom Kingdom
Equipment: Poltergust

Plumber tools

Also known as: Luigi "Plumberguy" Mario Brother
Mr. L
Physical attributes
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73m)
Weight: 141 lbs
Likes: Justice
Mario (sometimes)
Dislikes: Being called gay
Dr. Pootis
“Go Weegee!”
Luigi (full name Luigi the Plumber, also known as Luigi Gaywalker), Mario's slightly-younger twin brother, is a green-clad Italian plumber from the Mario franchise and a secondary protagonist in SuperMarioGlitchy4's bloopers.

A running gag in the series is that Luigi is abused and humiliated. When not being physically attacked, Luigi is often the victim of verbal abuse, including accusations of homosexuality. However, he can also provide comic relief due to being the butt of so many jokes.

Originally, Luigi looked like a retexture of his brother Mario just like many other characters in SMG4's videos. However, beginning on March 7 2016, his appearance changed to match his current look in the main Nintendo Canon, but still as a Super Mario 64 Sprite.


The subject of this article exists in an alternate canon! Click here to read about Luigi at the SMG4 Fanon Wiki.



Luigi's current look in SMG4's videos. This model has been used since SM64 Shorts: The Plumber Problem

Luigi is kinder and more understanding than most of the other characters. He is often cheery, enthusiastic, fun, and ready to lend a helping hand. His main weaknesses are his cowardice, in which he gets very nervous when doing something dangerous or immoral, and his easily-exploited kindness, which often results in him being treated like a doormat.

However, when pushed too far beyond the limit, he has been seen to get angry. On these rare instances, he can be very unrelenting and mean, though he usually reverts back to his normal personality when he calms down.

Luigi has often been accused of being gay. He usually denies this, but he has shown homosexual behavior many times. He was attracted to Daisy in The Adventures of Mario and Luigi - Ep. 4, Awkward Weddings and also watched naked men on SMG4's computer, so he may be bisexual.




Mario heavily abuses his brother Luigi, often insulting him, beating him up, and in early bloopers killing him for no reason , although he always comes back to life for some reason. Why Mario does this is unknown, but it may be because he resents Luigi for outperforming him; Luigi always beats him in Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Mario Party, and Mario gets very angry when Luigi out-jumps him in Long Jump, causing Mario to overjump all the way out of Earth and into outer space. Luigi also gets angry at Mario when he is being too stupid.

Despite their rivalry, Mario and Luigi do seem to truly care for each other. This is especially apparent in Luigi's Retarded Mansion, when Luigi risks his life to rescue Mario. Another example exists in Ssenmodnar 9, where Mario cries after the death of his brother.

Mario and Luigi's true relation is unknown. While they are usually said to be brothers (which is true in the official Mario canon), there are two conflicting account of Mario and Luigi's relation. In How Mario was Born, Mario gave birth to Luigi, and in The (TOTALLY ACCURATE) documentary of Mario, the two met at an orphanage.


While he has sometimes called out on Mario for abusing Luigi, SuperMarioGlitchy4 very rarely has interacted with him, often hanging around with Mario instead. However, on the rare occasions that they do, SMG4 often treats Luigi in the same condescending manner most others do. However, despite that, he seems to care for him, as he tried to murder Mario with a chainsaw after that one killed Luigi in Luigi wants to build a snowman, and he stated in Meet the Luigi. that he feels bad about him being always beaten up and forgotten.


“Nobody wants to hear your sh*t, Luigi!”

Toad is yet another character who looks down on Luigi. Though they don't usually interact, Toad often is condescending and mean towards him. However, while Mario tends to abuse Luigi in a physical form, Toad prefers to do so verbally.

However in The Visitor, Luigi shows that he actually cares about Toad, crying over the fungus' apparent death.


Though she doesn't return his feelings, Luigi is in love with Daisy. He has occasionally tried to romance her, such as in The Adventures of Mario and Luigi - Ep. 4 and Awkward Weddings. Despite this, Luigi claims Daisy doesn't like him, which implies that it is the truth and/or Luigi got over Daisy. However the events of Mario 64: Love for Luigi (Valentine's Special) contradicts this, where Daisy becomes Luigi's girlfriend.


While Waluigi is Luigi's self-proclaimed rival, he has only been seen antagonizing him during Ssenmodnar 9 and during the end if we are number one.


Go Weegee

Go Weegee

  • In "Crystal Funhouse", Luigi is called "Luigi Gaywalker", but it is likely that "Gaywalker" is referring to his role in Mario's Star Wars battle as opposed to being his actual surname. The line "No! I like being Gaywalker!" further supports this possibility.
  • Luigi owns a Nintendo 64 (and a Nintendo 64DD).
  • He apparently has a PhD, as shown in "Retarded64: A Dose of Dr. Mario"
  • It's revealed in "Operation G.A.Y" that he wears female underwear (Princess Peach dress). This fact is showed many times in other episodes.
  • In "Guards N' Retards: Prisoners" and in "SwagQuest", Luigi is seen driving a kart and making an angry face at the prisoners (to Mario in SwagQuest). This a reference to his "Death Stare" from Mario Kart 8, which is very popular on the Internet. The Music playing while luigi doing it is "Ridin'" from Chamilionaire.
  • Luigi doesn't have a big brain, as seen in "Toadassass-ination" when Mario tells him to throw a bunch of Koopas at Toad, but he instead protects them (as shown in the picture below).
  • It was revealed in "How Mario was born" that Mario actually pooped Luigi out, meaning that Mario is technically Luigi's mom but in "The (TOTALLY ACCURATE) documentary of Mario" the two meet in an orphanage.
  • On some bloopers the characters says that Luigi is a girl (Though this might be a lie) like in "Ssenmodnar 5 (WAT (shocked face) Edition)" one of the facts about Mario says that Luigi is actually Mario's sister and in Bowser and the nightmare stone Bowser says to Smg3 "I already zapped Mario and his sister" (Luigi).
  • In SwagQuest, Luigi said that he was in love with Daisy, however he says that Daisy does not love him as he could have gotten over Daisy.
  • Luigi seems to have a thing for Luigi dolls, as in Meet the Luigi and Mario Simulator Interactive, he's seen making out with one.
  • Luigi tries desperately to gain swag, as shown in "SwagQuest".
  • Luigi sometimes have grey overalls.
  • Luigi has been doing nothing in the episode DerpTV: Mushroom Kingdom's Got Talent. This is a reference to the popular "Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing" in the Mario Party Series. Obviously, Luigi Does nothing, and the audience is suprised.
  • Luigi has feelings for sexy men for what X said in Luigi's clothes in The Switcheroo-Overalls.
  • Luigi is a skilled dancer, as seen in the videos "Love for Luigi. (Valentine's Special) and Meet the Luigi.." He's also a professional Casino gambler, as shown in the blooper "Casino, Cards and Chaos."
  • Luigi might have got his cowardice by the fact that he was carried by a stork as a baby, being afraid of heights. He might also have it from the time when he accidentally got a Luigi Doll stuck in the toilet, and when reaching it to get it, Wario came along and sat on the toilet, ready to do his business. This is shown in SM64: Meet the Luigi.乁(´• ω •`)ㄏ
  • In the same blooper, it's shown that he does do some weird things from time to time, like humping Luigi Dolls.
  • Luigi's model has been updated since SM64 Shorts: The Plumber Problem. This means he is no longer a palette swap of Mario.
  • In Luigi Labyrinth, he is a special luigi to buy in The Luigi Doll Shop, but he isn't a clone of all the luigi dolls, just the real Luigi himself, with Mario carrying him with SMG4's Minion announcing in the background.

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