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LP3-O is a robot who is the Luigi version of CP3-O who appears in Mushroom wars: that space series. He is golden, and wears Luigi's clothes. As stated by Mario, he is gay. He is first seen with R2-D2, where they run past the escape pods just as the guards on the Weegie Star try finding the robots. LP3-O and R2-D2 escape, and later land on Mario's planet. When they crash on his planet, LP3-O's head is not seen on his body, indicating he was decapitated.


  • He has the ability to piss, despite being an android.
  • Similar to Luigi, he is never thanked by Princess Peach for saving her due to his cowardliness.
  • He is known by Mario as gay. That was proven true due to LP3-O's actions throughout the series.
  • He is a rip-off of C3P-O.