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Old man
LP3-O is a robot version of Luigi.

LP3-O is a robot who is the Luigi version of CP3-O. He is golden, and wears Luigi's clothes. As stated by Mario, he is gay. He is first seen with R2-D2, where they run past the escape pods just as the guards on the Weegie Star try finding the robots. LP3-O and R2-D2 escape, and later land on Mario's planet. When they crash on his planet, LP3-O's head is not seen on his body, indicating he was decapitated.


He has the ability to piss, despite being an android.

Similar to Luigi, he is never thanked by Princess Peach for saving her due to his cowardliness.

He is known by Mario as gay. That was proven true due to LP3-O's actions throughout the series.

He is a rip-off of C3P-O.

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