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is a disease spread by Jigglypuff in SuperMarioGlitchy4's video "Super Pokéman 64 Bloopers: WELCOME TO POKEMANS!".

How it worksEdit

When Jigglypuff defeats a single Pokémon, it infects the Pokémon with Jigglyaids, causing the Pokémon to faint.


It's only appearance is in the blooper "Super Pokéman 64 Bloopers: WELCOME TO POKEMANS!", when Jigglypuff defeated Gay Luigi. When Mario commanded Gay Luigi to defeat Jigglypuff, Jigglypuff infected Gay Luigi with Jigglyaids and made Gay Luigi faint. Since Gay Luigi was Mario's only Pokémon, Mario blacked out and was immobilized. A few hours later, he finally woke up and went to revive his only Pokémon. Jigglyaids is a portmanteau of "Jigglypuff" and the disease "AIDS".