If Mario was in... Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
If Mario was in..10:22

If Mario was in... Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time

Season 7, Episode 13
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date March 4, 2017
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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If Mario was in... Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is the 6th episode of the If Mario was in... (Series). Mario find himself in Hyrule to help Link defeat Ganondorf.

Synopsis Edit

Mario takes a trip to Hyrule... and screws up everything.


Please complete this section The episode begins at Peach's Castle, where Mario is playing hide-and-seek outside with Luigi. While Mario tries to look for his brother, he gets the idea to lure Luigi out by exclaiming that Daisy is here and "naked." This does catch Luigi off guard, as the green plumber reveals his hiding spot from inside of a nearby tree. Mario claims that he has won for the fifteenth time in a row; though Luigi tells him that it's because he keeps cheating with random outbursts. As Luigi takes his turn to count, saying that he'll look extra hard, Mario runs off to find a good hiding spot. He leaves Peach's Castle, Smexy Town, and even The Mushroom Kingdom, until he finds himself in the middle of a random forest. Mario accidently slips off a cliff and lands in another part of the forest: Kokiri Forest. He walks until he finds the forest village, and he is shocked by the new surroundings. Meanwhile, Luigi is finally done counting and begins his search to find Mario while the episode's title appears.

Back in Kokiri Forest, Mario makes his way down to the village and spots one of the Kokiris. Thinking they are "Oompa-loompas," Mario tires to blend in until he bumps into Saria, who tries to greet him. Mario tries to act natural by "humping" rocks like one of the Know-it-all Brothers next to him, but he eventually runs off to hide. He eventually comes across a treehouse and goes inside to lie down. However, once he gets in bet and shuts off the like, Mario turns around to find Link sleeping next to him. Link suddenly wakes up, and the two of them scream at the site of each other.

Navi suddenly arrives at the house and tries to wake Link up. Instead she finds Mario in bed, who reveals that he knocked Link out and stuffed him into a nearby trash can. Navi manages to pull Link out and warns him about Mario, whom she classifies as a "fat retarded Italian" that could physically hurt Link with his stupidity. The two of them leave, while an insulted Mario tries to find his own way out. Mario finds the forest exit, but he is stopped by Mido, who refuses to let Mario leave until he's fully equipped. Mario tries a few more times to get around Mido until he resorts to jumping over him.

As Mario enters the Fields of Hyrule, he is confronted by Kaepora Gaebora. The owl tries to give Mario advice for his adventure, although the plumber is not in the mood to listen. After Kaepora finishes, he asks Mario if he needs to hear it again, to which the latter accidentally says yes, forcing him to hear the lecture a second time.

Two hours later, Kaepora is STILL talking, while Mario has fallen asleep. Link comes by and tries to sneak past both of them, but Navi appears and warns Link not to wake Mario up. Ironically, her shouting immediately wakes up the plumber, and Navi pins the blame on Link.

The two of them run off towards Hyrule Castle, with Mario hot on their tail. Navi orders Link to try and shake him off of them by throwing various objects. However, none of the objects seem to slow down Mario. Link eventually pulls out the Kokiri's Emerald and throws it despite Navi's protests. Because Mario is running with his mouth open, the Emerald goes straight in, and he swallows it. Navi demands that Mario throw it up, as they need it to save the world, but Mario refuses. As a result, Navi is forced to drag Mario with her and Link on their quest.

The trio eventually arrives at Hyrule Castle, where they find Zelda in the courtyard. Initially, Mario is the one to greet the princess, which startles her. After a second try, she is introduced to Link, who she believes is the hero from her dreams. While they are talking, Mario is constantly chatting and wandering around in the background, completely bored by the conversation. Navi eventually pushes him out of the way. He is forced to wait next to Impa, whom Mario tries to get the attention of due to her stoic demeanor. After some excessive mocking, Mario does finally get Impa's attention as she throws him over the castle wall. Back in the courtyard, Zelda turns Link towards the window, where she believes someone evil is. It is revealed to be Ganondorf, who dances and holds up a blatant sign saying that he plans on taking over Hyrule.

Mario demands to be let back inside, but nobody listens to him. He suddenly spots Talon standing next to him. As the two of them take a moment to look at their similar features, they both complement each other on their style. Link and Navi eventually exit the castle, and Navi orders Mario to help them gather the other two Spiritual Stones. However, Mario refuses to move because he's too lazy to do so.

Eventually, Link and Navi somehow manage to drag Mario all the way to Goron City. They meet up with Darunia, who asks if they are there to save his people. While Mario insists that he doesn't care, Darunia is convinced that they will take this quest, and he starts to dance as a montage starts.

The trio enter Dondongo's Cavern, and Mario eventually comes across a chest full of bombs, which he becomes a little too trigger-happy with. He uses it to blow up several enemies, even attacking Link at one point. They eventually confront King Dodongo, whom they manage to scare by having Mario ride on top of him, eventually driving him into the lava pit. Afterwards, Darunia rewards the trio with the Goron's Ruby.

They later meets King Zora to help to find his daughter Ruto. They find the biggest Baby Dodongo who suck them in him and meet Princess Ruto. Mario starts throwing her in holes multiple times and hits Navi with his mustache. Eventually, the four get spited out with the Sapphire. Mario, Link and Navi go to the Temple of Time next and place the ruby, the sapphire and Mario on the pedestal. The door opens and Link was about to pull the master sword the sage but Mario does it instead. Having pulled out the sword, Mario starts to do random stuff until Ganondorf appears.

Mario gives the master sword to Link and the battle of Link against Ganondorf begins with a game of Death Tennis. Link misses and gets electrocuted with Navi disappointed. Link gives Mario the Ocarina of Time with Mario use to play the song of TAKE ONNN MEEE. Ganondorf destroys to Ocarina and becomes mad. Suddenly Luigi appears, finally finding Mario and Mario swears to himself that he should had hid somewhere else. Ganondorf gets mad that they are ignoring him so Mario made him count. Mario sneaks TNT into Ganondorf's butt and the two brother walk home.


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