How Mario was Born
Super mario 64 bloopers how mario was born11:28

Super mario 64 bloopers how mario was born

Season 2, Episode 2
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date Oct 21, 2011
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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How Mario was Born is SMG4's 51st blooper in which SMG4 and Mario read a book detailing Mario's origins and how he was born. Who knows if it's at all true.


The blooper starts off with SMG4 preparing to tell a story (with Latiku apparently editing the footage to put stuff like gay and old man besides SMG4), even after Latiku says only gays tell stories (like he's one to talk considering nobody loves him). Of course, Mario immediately comes and wants to hear the story. 

While SMG4 reads the book, Mario constantly interrupts to say stupid stuff about the tale, but ultimately, it goes like this: One day long ago, Dialga and Palkia were discussing stuff. A while later, Wario immediately comes and poops while "shaking his booty". Unfortunately, the poop lands RIGHT on Palkia's head. Not knowing Wario was the culprit, Palkia immediately insults Dialga, which leads into a fight.

The battle ends with the two opponents firing Boom Sha Woop lasers at each other. As they collide, it creates a cosmic event... in the form of a tubby baby (Baby Mario). He was rude and stuff, and fell down towards Earth.

After somehow not burning up in Earth's atmosphere, Baby Mario happened to land in Nintendo HQ, where the boss (Shigeru Miyamoto) is taking a dump. After seeing the tubby baby crash through the ceiling (cuz he's fat), he screams like a girl (while the Psycho theme plays) and runs away (due to Mario's insane ugliness, or the jumpscare due to falling). Deciding to confront the creature, he charges in and shoots the baby's head off (not actually, it was Mario being a dumbass and adding that in so it would sound cool). What actually happens, is that he walks in calmly, and Baby Mario pulls out a knife, with evil laughter. Awed by the adorable, ugly baby.  The boss needs a new character for his company. He needs to know if Baby Mario has what it takes. Baby Mario dances, and it's good, he then names him Mario, and asks if he has aids. Baby Mario has Missingno aids, and the boss makes a game. He then put baby Mario in baby Bowser's 'playground', and Baby Bowser gives out the rules, but Baby Mario poops on baby Bowser's leg. It also turns out Baby Mario actually gave birth to/shat out Baby Luigi (which possibly makes him his mum as well, but who knows by now, it's possible he reproduces by budding). The Boss was done with the game and needs a song for it. He gets one and Baby Mario drives a delivery truck and crashes. The boss looks at the results and fails. It was all Baby Mario's fault and the Boss kicks him out. Mario and Luigi live by a dumpster, but Mario does not want to give up. He blows up Nintendo with a bomb, and the two brothers sat smoking, and eventually grew up as two fatass Italian guys (presumably plumbers). While Mario's fussing at Luigi to stop wearing a dress


  • The episode being a retelling of Mario's origins may reference a Superman storyline Superman: Birthright, which itself was a modern reimagining of the origin of Superman. Also, both stories are retconned and redone yet again, spinning a different take on their childhoods (The (TOTALLY ACCURATE) Documentary of Mario and Superman: Secret Origins respectively).
  • Mario's original name was Boob Man (rather than Jumpman, or maybe he was called that to), before the boss legally renamed him Mario.
  • The sprites for Baby Mario And Baby Luigi are from Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island.

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