Hank Hill
Hank Hil is a tool in SMG4's videos. He was first seen in the episode Mighty Morphin' Mario Rangers. In the video Toad's Garage Sale || HOBO THEATRE, SMG4 mentions that Hank Hill is toad 's mother and though it was not on a SMG4 video SMG4 metioned it was cannon and could be put on the wiki. He is not a Nintendo character. His catchphrase is "Propane".


Not much is known about Hank Hill's personality apart from the fact that he or she is willing to make bombs for Toad 's garadge sale.



Acoording to SMG4 in the video | HOBO THEATRE , Hank Hill is Toad 's mother. Hank Hill seems to have a god relationnship with Toad for he or she even made bombs for Toad 's garadge sale.



- Hank Hill is SMG4 's weapon in the episode Mighty Morphin' Mario Rangers even though he or she is a mother.

-Hank Hill was called That One Guy from King of the Hill until the episode| HOBO THEATRE where SMG4 calls him Hank after summoning him.