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Guards N' Retards: The Butt Ninja
Guards N' Retards the butt ninja06:52

Guards N' Retards the butt ninja

Season 4, Episode 8
Episode info
Series Guards N' Retards
Air date February 23th, 2014
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Super Mario Attorney

Guards N' Retards:
First Episode

Super Pokeman 64 Bloopers: WELCOME TO POKEMANS!

Guards N' Retards:
Pointy Things

Guards N' Retards: The Butt Ninja is the 166th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4, and also the first episode of the Guards N' Retards series. This is the first video of SMG4 that is made mostly from the video game GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64.

Transcript Edit

The transcript for this episode can be viewed by clicking here.

Plot Edit

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  • This is the first ever Blooper of SMG4 in which the Mario characters didn't appear.
    • This was also the only video without SMG4 if not counting all bloopers before the episode "Account Loss".
  • Swag Master's real name is unknown.
  • This is the only blooper that shows another blooper in a different perspective.
  • This is the first episode of a spin-off involving Chris and Swag Master.
  • This was possibly inspired by the ended Machinima series "Arby 'n' the Cheif" a series about two action figures in the likenesses of Master Cheif and Arbiter from the HALO series, As Chris and Swag Master, like Arbiter and Cheif, are respectively voiced by Microsoft Mike and Sam, this is also evidenced by the fact that Chris and Arbiter, both voiced by Mike, are the Mature ones (albiet Chris is a little bit eccentric on a few occassions) and Master Cheif and Swag Master, both voiced by Sam, are the immature and profane ones. The series ended with Arbiter and Master Cheif commiting suicide, but that's not likley to happen to Swag and Chris.
  • While the original guard who said "titty sprinkles" was only voiced by Morgan Freeman, in this blooper he actually is Morgan Freeman
  • In the scene where Swagmaster confronts the Butt-Ninja, the font color describing his words are brown, like Morgan Freeman's, when it should be red.
  • In two scenes, a factory worker can be seen playing "Flappy Bird", a short-lived game made famous by it's rage-inducing gameplay. However, the gameplay shown was that of the PC version (hence the "Tap Space to Continue" rather than "Tap to Continue"), because the game was quickly pulled from the App Store due to the fact the creator was recieving death-threats from raging players.
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