Geofcraze634 (as known as Geoffrey Sampaga) (born on May 15, 1996 and he lives in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong) is a Hong Kong-Filipino Super Mario 64 machinimist and the creator of the series, Splatoon in the Nutshell, who makes SM64, GMOD and SFM videos and collaborates with the other YouTubers. He is OnyxKing67's best friend.

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  • Although he appeared in two SM64 videos of SMG4, Geofcraze634 collaborated with him to make some bloopers, and he created some things such as (inter alia) a few skits for the Ssenmodnar episodes since Ssenmodnar 9, and SMG4's pose from the thumbnail of Can the Villager come out to play?.
  • He has 45,444 subscribers on YouTube.
  • He joined YouTube on September 17, 2012 but started making his SM64 videos on April 14, 2014.
I have absolutely no idea what's going on "I have absolutely no idea what's going on.
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