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Fox shooting with his blaster

-Fox McCloud

Fox (full name Fox McCloud) is a minor character who appears in one blooper, SM64 bloopers: Kirby Phones Home. He appears chasing Kirby across the galaxy because Kirby stole his sandwich.

Personality Edit

Fox McCloud appears to love his sandwich a lot. When Kirby ate his sandwich in this blooper, he shot him down to Earth. Later in the blooper, Fox reappears, actively trying to kill Kirby to avenge his sandwich while Kirby and SMG4 are flying in the air on a bicycle powered by Kirby's poop. After Mario accidentally shoots Kirby and SMG4 to the ground, Fox tries to kill them. Fox escapes Kirby's 'Super Sucky Sucky Mode' and then flies into the spire of the castle, killing himself.

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Fox McCloud
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