Crystal funhouse
Super mario 64 bloopers Crystal funhouse

Super mario 64 bloopers Crystal funhouse

Season 2, Episode 13
Episode Info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date Dec 3, 2011
Idea by Unknown
Directed by SuperMarioGlitchy4
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Crystal Funhouse is a Super Mario 64 Blooper made and uploaded by Supermarioglitchy4. When Smg4 and others find a mysterious crystal, they touch it, thinking they'd get something good, but the exact opposite happened.


The blooper starts with a hole digged by SMG4 Xboxfan997, MejiaCantilloGustavo, FightingMario54321, EpicYoshiFan and Ruffman8890. X is doubtful if it's going to work, but SMG4 answers yes, and questions if he has ever let him down(with X answering all the time). MCG says there is bound to be gold in that mine, but FM notes that all they have found are rocks with faces. RM questions what would happen if someone found out about it, and SMG4 answers that Mario and Luigi are guarding the entrance(although they are actually playing Star Wars with Mario as Darth Vader and Luigi as Luke Skywalker). Metal Mario then appears, and discovers that SMG4 and the gang are in his cave(referred to as his "apartment"), and gets worried about his rock collection. SMG4 then throws one of his rocks to the water, making Metal Mario desperately chase after it. X wonders how much rocks he owns and if they are done yet, but SMG4 says he can't because his banana won't dig. RM then goes to SMG4 and tries to open the entrance by saying "OPEN SESAME!"(obviously not working). MCG then tries to dig with his pickaxe, but he accidentally made it go off his hand, hitting Metal Mario on the head. FM then finds a button written "press and i cut you! >:(" and presses it, making an entrance appear. Epic Yoshi goes to see what's in the entrance, and sees a picture of a really ugly woman, claiming to be Bowser's mom. The gang then goes in the cave seeking for treasure. X sees something(which turns out to be a Toad), and MCG claims it's a hobo. FM claims he got a bad feeling about this, but SMG4 then says there's nothing there, and walks until he falls in a pit. The rest of the gang then jumps on it as well. SMG4 questions why he's still falling, and X answers that he thinks they fell into a bottomless pit. FM is worried about when they are going to land as SMG4 then notices light, and the gang falls above each other, except for X(and probably RM, since he fell breakdancing). The gang then see ancient writtings and a large mysterious crystal. However, FM warns that they don't know what the stone might do, while SMG4 uses an old man to see what the stone can do. The old man then has his colors reversed and falls on the floor, with SMG4 claiming it's safe. He then tries to munch the stone and claims it does not taste like marshmellows. RM then tells to everyone to touch the stone. X notices that the stone is glowing. The stone then glows a pink circle and glitches out the ambient, panicking the gang. Meanwhile, Luigi asks if he and Mario should check the gang because they haven't returned yet. Mario refuses, though, and wants to continue to play Star Wars. Luigi tries to correct Mario when he said black guy instead of Darth Vader, but ends up getting a lightsaber on his belly. SMG4 then wakes up in another black place, and finds X. The rest of the gang are shown playing poker, while SMG4 tells them to stop to find a way to exit that place. Then, the lights turn on, revealing the other dark, black place to be the Castle Grounds. SMG4 notices a black guy atop the castle roof. The guy then jumps in the ground and is revealed to be SMG3. He tells the gang that he wanted revenge for what happened in the last video and reveals that the crystal is the The Nightmare Stone, and that he used the Nightmare Stone to trick them into getting trapped in a nightmare controlled by him. X then tries to attack SMG3, but he makes the place go distorted and fly into a wormhole tunnel (a reference to Doctor Who). SMG4 then notices they are in another black room, and a series of random happenings start: RM sees a trio of Luigis dancing, SMG4 and X watch a video with Mario using a bikini (from Brother love), FM sees the Crazy toilet dude and is hit by his toilet, MCG is chased by a white and black guy, SMG4 and X are surrounded of Toad zombies, Bot appears with an army of Gay Luigis, EpicYoshi is chased by Santa Claus on a bike and RM can't win a Ping Pong game with Gourmet Guy(while EpicYoshi is chased by Ronald McDonald on the BG). SMG3 says he's not crazy, and it's not like he steals magic rocks and lose a twister for living, and SMG4 says he's not getting away with this and is telling his mum. SMG3, hearing this, then teleports the gang to the hallway of the forgotten door. Everyone is afraid of opening the door, but they choose FM to open. When he opens the door, red angry eyes appear. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi are playing Star Wars. Mario tries to throw his lightsaber at Luigi, but it hits Toad's afro head(revealed to be fake). Later, some green and blue dudes appear, and Mario tries to hit the green one with his lightsaber, but it's reflected right back at Mario(although he dodged). They then go all the way back to the Nightmare Stone. Back to SMG4 and the gang, they wonder what's in the door. The red eyes disappear, and a little girl appears. FM asks her name, and she yells "YOUR MOM!". She then glitches out and jumps, revealing to be the carpenter who was trapped in the door. Just as he was about to kill the gang, ADD and GD appear, and fight the carpenter. The gang then goes to search for SMG3. Then, Luigi and Mario are shown playing Star Wars. Luigi Gaywalker is about to let Mario Vader fall, and Mario says to get tic tacs, that he is his mother and he is gay. Back to the gang, they are searching SMG3(who is shown kissing a Justin Bieber picture). SMG3 then sends his Robot Clones to destroy the gang. X then asks "how much chuck would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood", and the robots answer 10, but X says that it's 2 because his arm was broken, making the robots malfunction, allowing path for the gang to get SMG3. They then find SMG3 in the woman bathroom and beat him up. They then force him to bring the gang back to real world or he will swim with the Magikarps. SMG3 then teleports them out. SMG4 ultimately thanks ADD and GD. RM wonders what Mario and Luigi are doing. Mario admits defeat to Luigi and lets him be Darth Vader, but Luigi says he wants to be Gaywalker, and that Mario sucks at being Darth Vader. The video ends as Mario claims war with Luigi.