Creeper soldier smg4

Creeper Soldier is a guard of the Nether Castle that only appears in The Nether.


The Creeper Soldier appeared in The Nether, where he summoned a series of orphan Zombie Pigmen to chase Starman3, SuperMarioGlitchy4, and Mario after he caught them stealing Nether Warts. Starman3 later shot The Creeper Soldier and he was destroyed.


  • The soldier might be FightingMario54321, because he was the one to give Smg4 the idea for The Nether Blooper and the Minecraft Skin is similar, perhaps same, as FM's Skin in Minecraft.
  • To further prove this, FM's Minecraft is Dommyrocks and has a similar skin to the Creeper Soldier, look for yourself!