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Chica the Chicken asking SuperMarioFan590 "Would you like to see a magic trick?" after a pizza delivery that costed $85, which she couldn't or didn't want to pay.

Chica is an animatronic female chicken from the 2014 horror video game Five Nights at Freddy's. In SuperMarioGlitchy4's videos, she appeared especially in the episode "Retarded64: Freddy's Spaghetteria", along with the other Animatronics[1]. She loves pizza in SMG4's bloopers.

Physical Description  Edit

Chica is a fat yellow chicken wearing a bib with "LET'S EAT!!!" written on it. She has a second set of teeth and has eyebrows. In later videos, she uses her FNaF 2 appearance. Her FNaF 3 appearance is just a photo-negative version of her FNaF 1 model. She also uses her FNaF 4 model in her cameo in Ssenmodnar Deluxe Edition


Chica loves pizza as much as Mario loves spaghetti, and she hates spaghetti. She herself has said she is lonely, pretending that her stomach can talk to her. She can do magical things, like killing pizza delivery boys. 

She, like the other animatronics, burned inside the spaghettiria, but she came back to life when Mario asked for food.

Appearances in SuperMarioGlitchy4's videosEdit

Retarded64: Freddy's SpaghettiriaEdit

This blooper is Chica's most prominent appearance in SMG4's videos, along with the other Animatronics, she mostly says "Pizza" the whole episode.

SM64: The Retardness of 2014Edit

In the 2014 special, she makes three cameo appearances, one of them - the third - being a clip from the video "Freddy's Spaghettiria". The first one is when SMG4 aks for something to eat, minus spaghetti, Chica pops out of nowhere and says, "Pizza!", SMG4 says no, then Chica says, "PIZZZZAAAAA!", then she kicks her out. In her second appearance, she is with Bonnie and just says, "Pizza!"

Ssenmodnar 10 (350k apocalypse special)Edit

In Ssenmodnar 10, Chica makes a cameo as she punches the Purple Man while he's singing the purple song, she then shows a message saying "SEND YOUR PIZZAS TO PO BOX 1987 FATTYFEZBEER ST".

Retarded64: Return to Freddy's SpaghettiriaEdit

Chica reappears in the sequel to Freddy's Spaghettiria in her Five Nights at Freddy's 2 form. She first appears at 2 AM, in which she uses Mario's credit card to buy ten thousand four hundred thirty four pizzas (Not 1,000,000 Pizzas). When Mario escapes from the game he was in, Chica somehow managed to escape with her.

SM64: The SMG4 QNA (400k Subs :D)Edit

Chica appears when during a Q&A when a fan asked if Chica is still in the castle. SMG4 answers the door with Chica coming end to answer the doors seconds later for the Pizza Delivery Man.

Retarded64: Revenge of Freddy's SpaghettriaEdit

Chica appears in two forms in this video. Her first form is her appearance from the Return to Freddy's Spaghettiria video, and she is the main reason why Luigi and Mario cannot get up due to "raiding" a pizza truck, making it land in the exit. Her second form is supposidly her Phantom form, which is a photo-negative version of her instead of her Phantom appearance from FNAF 3. Her first appearance is at 4AM. She has the exact same personality to regular Chica, including her continuous speech of "Pizza".

SM64: War of the Fat Italians 2015 (600k Special)Edit

Chica makes a apperance as a challenge for Mario and SMG4. "Who can hold the pizza the longest while fighting off Chica". The challenge begins with Chica bursting through a door with a flamethrower. The two run as Chica sets tables and chairs on fire. Mario manages to briefly distract Chica with a decoy pizza box with a trap inside. Chica crashes through the celing in a attempt to get Pizza from SMG4, however it fails. Chica finally gets Pizza from Mario only to find out he eat the entire pizza, causing Chica to brutally assualt him.


While the real Chica does not appear, her nightmare form, Nightmare Chica, makes a cameo along with Nightmare Freddy in the FNAF 4 skit. She does nothing except appearing in the end of the skit whole Nightmare Freddy gets killed, saying the usual "Pizza" phrase.


  • She almost only says "Pizza", she apparently isn't able to say anything else.
  • Chica's voice saying "Pizza" is also from How to make Five Nights at Freddy's Not Scary, just like Bonnie's line: "OMG! JUSTIN BIEBERRRRRRRRRR!", and Foxy's lines: "Hey dude, your gonna finish that pizza? I'm sorry man I'm just curious." and "Hey dude, just wanted to let you know, the pizza's ready.".
  • Chica has the most lines of all the animatronics, even if nearly all she says is "Pizza".
    • She also seems to be the animatronic that appears the most. This is ironic as she appears often in the How to make Fnaf not scary series.
  • Chica also has the most weapons shown being a crowbar, pistol, and a flamethrower.
  • Some people mistake Chica for a duck due to her yellow feathers and orange beak.
  • She is the only animatronic that survived Mario's rampage at 6 A.M.
  • Like the other animatronics in Retarded64: Return to Freddy's Spaghettiria, she has suffered damage from Mario's rampage, and she is missing both her hands and may have broken her jaw.
  • In the episode "Retarded64: Revenge of Freddy's Spaghettria", Chica is the only animatronic to appear into two different forms of herself.


  1. The article for Animatronics can be found at Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki. (
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