"Charming Peach" is SMG4's 14th blooper, in which Mario tries to win the affection of Princess Peach with Toad's help. However, Peach isn't as charming as Mario thinks.

Synopsis Edit

Mario tries to make Peach like him with the help of Toad.

Plot Edit

The blooper start with Mario looking a portrait of Peach wondering why she don't like him. Later Toad ask him why he seems not happy, he answer by saying that she don't like him and Toad find it normal because he is really a bad friend with everyone(Flash back in a Mario party she team up with Mario but he make everything failed). When Toad ask him if he know how she look like his answer prove that he don't(Flash back Daisy kiss Mario and he say that peach is sexier then last time). Toad tell him to apologize for everything he has done he do so but got slap because she didn't know that he broke vase, broke her mp3, having a secret girlfriend... Toad than tell him to give her a big surprise and Mario shows up naked to her and she ask him to get out. Toad than tell him to compliment her than Mario compliment her about how she sucks at everything and got shot. Toad tell him to get her a present and not a disgusting one Mario goes see her and she punch him because he gave her a horrible drawing of him because he forgot how he look like. Toad tell him to take her in vacation and Mario did but he make her angry because for fun he tried to kill her multiple time. Toad tell him that he must save her from a situation but he tells him what to do. He tells Peach to be in a train track but he forgot her here. Toad then tell him to do whatever he wants with Peach that will please him he than kill Luigi Because he think that he make the vacation goes wrong. In the ending scene Mario talk with peach but because she is mad at him don't answer and he throw her in the lake.




  • This is currently SMG4's least viewed video of all time.

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