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Cake is a common item in the Mario series. It is mentioned several times in the SMG4 universe, but actually isn't physically shown in the bloopers it's mentioned.

In SMG4's bloopersEdit

The Cake Is A Lie!Edit

This blooper is mostly based on this food. Peach sends a letter to Mario saying that she has cake. But the cake isn't there and, according to Toad, was just a lie. This sent Mario mad and threw Peach away upon seeing her.

Mario's reaction to Peach's letter in The Cake Is A Lie!.

The Lie that was the Cake that is a LieEdit

This blooper is a remake of The Cake Is A Lie!, so the info of cake's appearance in The Lie that was the Cake that is a Lie is mostly the same as The Cake Is A Lie!.

Ssenmodnar 3Edit

Cake is mentioned in this blooper, when Peach says to the guy, "Let's make a delicious cake...for Mario."

99% berokenEdit

This food is also mentioned in 99% beroken, the same way as in Ssenmodnar 3, except Mario interrupts Peach before she says "...for Mario".