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Bowser's Lair

Bowser's Lair

Bowser's Lair is the residence of King Bowser. In Super Mario 64 it serves as the arena for the final Bowser boss battle. Its current appearance is of a floating black platform with green lines high in the sky, and is surrounded by multiple explosive mines. In some videos, it is the lair of SuperMarioGlitchy3.

Bowser's First Lair Edit

Bowser's Lair

Bowser's Original Lair.

During the earlier bloopers, Bowser had a different home. It was a blue rocky platform located in the center of Dark Land, similarly surrounded by multiple explosive mines.  This arena is actually the arena for the first Bowser boss battle in Super Mario 64.

It is unknown what led Bowser to change to his newer lair, although it is possible that it eventually got destroyed during one of Mario and SMG4's "visits"

Appearances Edit

Bowser's Lair has appeared many times throughout the series, It usually appears when the characters have to meet up with Bowser, although it tends to also appear in other scenes. It frequently appears when Bowser or SMG3 are plotting an evil plan.

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