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Vital statistics
Current Position: Bowser's identical twin
Death count: Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Just Like Any Other Day
Physical attributes

Bowsar is a character debuting in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Just Like Any Other Day. He is Bowser's identical twin brother, and was killed by Mario causing an explosion.


Bowser introduced Bowsar to Mario after the plumber entered the sole platform in Bowser's Lair. Both twins tried incinerating Mario but the plumber grabbed Bowsar by his tail and hurled him to one of the mines at the tips of the platform, killing him. Bowsar's cadaver was blown to the other side of the platform. Bowser tried to retaliate but Mario threw him at a bomb as well.

Bowsar also makes a cameo appearance in Mario's Guide to Defeating Bowser 2.0

Bowser and Bowsar

Bowsar's cameo appearance.


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