Vital statistics
Current Age: Born: December 29 1500-1599 Age: At least 500 Birthsign: Capricorn
Physical attributes
Friends: He's looking for them, Fishy Boopkins (in theory)

Not to be confused with Mr. Bob.

“Ow! My ovaries!”

Bob is a new character in SMG4's Super Mario 64 Bloopers, introduced in SM64 Bloopers: Can Ganondorf come out to play?. He is a cloaked weird Garo hobo who lived in the sewers of Ganondorf's castle. Bob's first appearance was in SM64 Bloopers: Can Ganondorf come out to play? where he helps Mario and Luigi out of the dungeon and defeats Ganondorf with his terrible singing. He reappears in "DerpTV: Mushroom Kingdom's Got Talent", where he tells horrible jokes. He reappears again in "SM64: Mario joins the Circus", where he helps Mario do his work at the Circus, though it ended up badly for Mario. He then saves Mario from Waluigi who was trying to prevent Mario from going home, but after he accidentally shot a baby doll at Donkey Kong, Bob ended up getting mauled. He, alongside Fishy Boopkins, have appeared in many of SMG4's newer videos, and both have a lot of trouble finding friends.




Although Bob is a really big fan of SMG4, SMG4 really hates Bob. He constantly annoys SMG4, and constantly ask him to be in his video. He even goes as far and hurting him, stealing his laptop, and even following him every place he goes. Bob really wants to be the main star of the SMG4 video but SMG4 always says no. This cause Bob to try crazy tactics to be his video.


Although Mario finds Bob annoying, he is still much more tolerable toward Bob than SMG4. Mario has been shown to work with him in SMG4: Mario The Boy Scout and has shown to help him become famous in SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2017, compared to SMG4 who tries to use him as Product sales. He is also much more welcome to Bob compare to SMG4. Bob also likes Mario considering he is the first person he has met in over 500 years as SMG4’s show.

Fishy BoopkinsEdit

Bob and Fishy Boopkins are good friends (Bob’s only friend) Bob has shown to hang out with Fishy Boopkins a lot ever since SSENMODNAR 12 - STOLEN SPAGHETTI EDITION. They both work together and hang out with each other most of the time and both are annoying toward SMG4. They even star in a mini-series on TheAwesomeMario known as Boopkins and Bob, short skits involving Boopkins and Bob doing random things together.


  • Bob is not crazy; he's just lonely.
  • Bob is an expert on garbage.
  • He has not showered in 24 years.
  • Bob's model is a Garo from The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
  • Bob's voice is as same as to Purple Shep (albeit Bob's speech is slightly slower), a character in ExplodingTNT's videos. This is due to they use the same speech program and caused quite a backlash among SMG4 and ExplodingTNT fans.
    • Even more so, Bob and Purple Shep are quite similar in character, as they are silly and not very bright (Purple Shep thought A in grades stands for aliens while Bob has no concept of good work, thinking cleaning poop is an essential part of working at a circus). However, Bob is more profane due to SMG4 being not for kids unlike ExplodingTNT, such as threatening Mario to take off his clothes with a gun, while the worst Purple Shep ever did was acting tyrannically after turning everyone's skin to look like him during his ownership of Minecraft.
    • The two also have very few or no friends and are both considered annoying by almost everyone.
  • Everyone seems to hate him. This includes non-human things, as seen at the end of SSENMODNAR DELUXE - 1 MILLION SUB SPECIAL, where a tumbleweed refuses to be his friend.
  • Bob is voiced by Will From Afar from acapelagroup.
  • In Hobo Theatre: THE ORIGINS OF BOB, Bob's stolen computer breaks, and Luke makes a side comment as Bob's persona saying "At least I learned Russian." suggesting that he learned Russian by playing Counter-Strike: Global Offense (CSGO).
  • Bob is quite literally the embodiment of garbage. This has been shown or referenced to in many of SMG4's videos like SMG4: Mario University, where the teacher categorized Bob as a "special type of garbage".
  • Bob appears to be a replacement for SMG69. They both are fans of SMG4 and frequently ask him to be in his bloopers, although SMG69 only once appeared outside of videos involving blooper production, that being SM64: Ssenmodnar 8 (150k Special), where SMG69 asks SMG4 to be in a video before SMG4 throws him into the sun, killing him off. It is possible that this is the reason Bob replaced him.
  • According to (fan-contributed) closed captions, Bob's speaking subtitles use an alternate typesetting of uppercase and lowercase text that represents a mocking tone.
  • In SMG4: Mario's Train Trip, he returns as the main antagonist, which is the first time he reappears as an antagonist.
  • As of SMG4: Mario Battle Royale, Bob now has an SM64 Mario mod like his (friend?) Fishy Boopkins, though it's unknown if it'll appear in later videos alongside his usual GMOD ragdoll.
  • In SMG4: The Mario Mafia bob said he survived Vietnam, this could mean he was in the Vietnam war
  • bob claims to have been an Indian/Native American