Vital statistics
Current Age: Born, June 1 1985, age, 32
Current Status: Alive
Equipment: Chainsaw
Physical attributes
Height: 4'4
Weight: 62 lbs
Friends: Mario, Luigi, SMG4, X, Cap'n LardButt, Toad, Mr. Squidge, FightingMario54321, Fishy Boopkins
Enemies: A.S. Swipe, Teletubbies
Likes: Squids, Sea, Gambling
―Ben in The Pirate Plumbers.

Ben in Nintendofan997's house, in the video "Two Great Friends!".

Ben is a yellow Toad who currently appeared in a few of SuperMarioGlitchy4's most recent videos since 2014. He is Nintendofan997's "roommate" (or "housemate" as Xboxfan997 said) and is mentally unstable.

Physical Description Edit


As any other Toad, Ben is a living fungus who has a big mushroom head with the face on the stem, and a small body, with short arms and no legs between the feet and the body.

Ben is one of the several Toad to not have the regular white head pattern covered of big red dots: instead his hat is badly painted in yellow and covered all over with the red word "boobs", which gave him the nickname "cute yellow boob toad" by Mario when he first saw him, in the blooper "The Toadassass-ination". He has unibrow, and he also wears sunglasses. He wears the same clothes as the other Toad(s).

Personality Edit

Ben is mentally unstable and retarded. Though the multiple words "boobs" written all over his head pattern can let guess that he's obsessed with breasts, he has never actually shown that addict in none of. As seen in the video "Two Great Friends!", he likes drugs and can burn down an office if he isn't given any. In "The Toadassass-ination", it's seen that he hates Mario and is able to point a gun at somebody. For example, he tried to kill Toad with it because the other Toad(s) organized a Mario Kart 64 party without him in Mario's House, and he also pointed his gun at Mario after this one called him "Cute Yellow Boob Toad", and finally fired on the red plumber when this one was leaving his house (however, Mario didn't die, but got a brief hallucination of himself in Heavens, in which the Steve-Dorrie Hybrid made him wake up). In the blooper "The Pirate Plumbers", he cares very deeply about his pet: Mr. Squidge, that he considers as his wife, and is always careful about it. When someone touches his pet, he would most likely kill them.

Appearances Edit

Ben debuted in "Two Great Friends!" as Xboxfan997's roomate. He was first seen when FightingMario54321 met him for the first time at Xboxfan's after he went there due to his own landlord Ruffman8890 being on drugs. When FM54321 saw him, he got scared and mistook him for a "Crazy Mexican". Later, after a short conflict between X and FM due to the latter entering in the toilet room while X's other guest, the Princess Daisy, was in the middle of using it, they both went out to find a place for FM to stay at, as he couldn't stay in his friend's house due to the amount of housemates he had. But FM had decided to take Ben with them, much to X's dismay.

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Major appearances Edit

Two Great Friends! Edit

This is Ben's first and main appearance in SMG4's videos. In this blooper, he appears as X's housemate, and FM took him for a Mexican. Ben wants some drugs in this blooper.

The Toadassass-ination Edit


Ben having a gun in Mario's house, in the video "The Toadassass-ination".

In this other video, he appears as Toad's best friend, and Mario is his enemy. He complained because the other Toads didn't invite him to their Mario Kart party.

The Pirate Plumbers

Ben's pet Blooper, Mr. Squidge, gets flushed down the toilet due to Mario's incompetence, and later joins Mario, Luigi, and Cap'n LardButt on a quest to retrieve him.

Minor appearances Edit

Ben also made a few other appearances in a few bloopers other than "Two Great Friends!" and "The Toadassass-ination". In fact, he doesn't really appear physically in those ones.

Super Mario Attorney Edit

Every recent video of SMG4 have a clip of the previous one. Then the blooper "Super Mario Attorney", which has been made just after the video "Two Great Friends!", has a clip from this last one. We then can see, for a few seconds, Ben in one of the two washing mchine of X (the right one, which was in operation).

Who let the Chomp out? Edit

In this blooper, Ben appears on the DeviantArt picture shown at the ending of this video.

The Retardness of 2014 Edit

In this video, Ben makes one cameo appearance in two clips respectively from the bloopers "Two Great Friends!" and "The Toadassass-ination".

Seaside Stupidity 1 Edit

In this video, Ben is on SMG4's cruise. He wastes 500,000 coins and ends up gambling his mom. A while later, he uses his mom again, except as a weapon against the sea monster. The boopkins fish turns him into a mermaid.

Seaside Stupidity 2 Edit

Ben is trapped with SMG4 and his friends in a cage. His mom shows up and yells at him for gambling her, throwing her at the sea monster, and becoming a fish. He tries to stay in the ocean after they sink the teletubmarine, but his mom doesn't let him.


  • Ben is the second Toad character to have a different head pattern besides the white/red spots, the first were the Toad Guards from the blooper "A Fungus Among Us" (their hat were black instead of white and they wore glasses (different to Ben's)).
  • In the blooper "Two Great Friends!", Ben has OG Loc's voice. That character is from the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (also called GTA SA for short).
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