Baby Luigi

Baby Luigi as seen in How Mario Was Born.

Baby Luigi (also called Billy in Retarded64: Mario Goes Shopping) is a baby who is Luigi when he was a baby. He appeared in How Mario was Born, where Baby Mario took a dump on him.

He later appeared in Retarded64: Mario Goes Shopping, where X calls him Billy, saying to him that he can't play in the street. Mario then runs over X, prompting Baby Luigi to say "Dafuq?". Later, X crawls back to warn him not to play in the street, only to be hit by Mario's car again. Baby Luigi responds "Surprise, motherfucker."

The next time that he appeared was in the (TOTALLY ACCURATE) documentary of Mario where he meets his brother, Baby Mario in an orphan.

In Mario 64: M. K. Nature Channel, he is "scared out of his soul" by boos so the boos have their baby.

In SM64: Meet the Luigi., he was taken by a vulture and got scared.

In Ssenmodnar 11, Baby Luigi is sitting on a piece of granite doing nothing, but Waluigi then appears and makes a scary face, making Baby Luigi cry.


  • In "when Mario was born" SMG4 says that Baby Mario is his mother but in the "(TOTALLY ACCURATE) documentary of Mario" it is stated that he met him as an orphan.
  • X warned him to not to go on the street (Despite X being evil).


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